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  1. Ummmm....North African Theatre...Martlet...Hurricanes...P-40s...Spitfires...
  2. Let me guess cause... "clicky cockpits" right .... The DCS version doesn't even have a complete FM and probably won't for another 6 months (being generous there...) and ED didn't even bother to include rockets in their $40 module... but yeah, its totally "better"...
  3. Blasphemy! The Mustang looks beautiful with ANY kind of canopy LOL....well, maybe except for those extended "birdcage" two seat versions ๐Ÿค”
  4. It's really weird its hasn't been added already especially since the 1C Game Studios page features it.
  5. Thanks SO much!!!! Really appreciate this
  6. 1000x Yes, definitely buy this sim! This dev team is doing amazing work. IMHO, IL-2 in its current iteration is the best WWII Air Combat sim out there by a mile plus it is consistently and competently updated at a reasonable pace, not a single other air combat sim platform out there can honestly say that, full stop. There should be another sale around the corner as they come pretty frequently ๐Ÿ‘
  7. Pretty sure he was joking. ๐Ÿ˜†
  8. Can't wait for the Razborback to drop!!! That'll be my signal to pre-order BON
  9. Bismark always produces solid content, this didn't disappoint!
  10. Solid episode, definitely liked hearing about ongoing projects. Definitely need more spotlight on IL-2, it's a great sim that gets overshadowed unfortunately by that "other Russian based sim"....
  11. 1. RX 580 8GB 2. 20.2.2 3. Yes artifacts just like in the screenshots above 4. It makes it better, there isn't as much shimmering on the aircraft but the terrain still looks the same 5. Haven't tried 6. No mods
  12. HAHAHA Chappelle is always good for a laugh And no worries, I'll just check out the notes when they are ready, tell the team thanks for all this hard work with this patch, it's much appreciated!
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