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  1. Dear God, please NO. Having a beta and stable is near the top of the list of things wrong with DCS. Definitely don't want to see IL-2 go down that horrendous road.
  2. Hopefully it'll eventually be flyable down the road along with the B-25 and B-26... time will tell
  3. All versions of the Merlin could use some work/updating ingame, they just seem off, hopefully they'll get a rework eventually like the DB engines did
  4. Highly recommend the remake of Catch 22 if you have Hulu, they did nice job with it!
  5. All of those medium bombers would be awesome as playable, hopefully a playable B-26 will eventually come since we're getting an AI version with Normandy.
  6. Made me realize I actually didn't have a couple: BF109G-6, Yak-1B and LA-5FN with them so cheap with the sale now decided to pick them up and finally get Flying Circus
  7. An overpriced "pay to play alpha-ish beta" .... It does make pretty screenshots and videos though 🤣
  8. I can respect this, at least you guys are open and honest concerning costs putting this stuff together unlike other similar studios 😉
  9. Hopefully they''ll reconsider and add either the B-17 or B-24 as AI, they are really needed to do this theater any justice.
  10. The Hurricane is definitely on the "to purchase" list along with Battle of Normandy! Kudos to the dev team deciding to do these upcoming projects!
  11. Couldn't be more excited for this announcement!!!! Really stoked for the Razorback versions of the P-51 and P-47 as well as the Mossie. Also glad to see the B-26 Marauder is finally getting some love in a WWII flight sim even if it just as AI. Hopefully it'll eventually become a full fledged collector plane somewhere down the road. My only gripe has already been mentioned by several, there really should be an AI B-17 or B-24, both of these are really needed to properly depict this theater of the war.
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