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  1. Jason sent an email with a news update: Update 4.6 Coming in April We plan to release version 4.6 later this month assuming testing goes well. In this update, you will find an astonishing load of new content - Spitfire Mk. XIV for Battle of Normandy, Nieuport N.28 for Flying Circus: Vol. II and GAZ-MM 72-K AAA Collector Vehicle. In addition to these great war-winning machines, we’ll have many tweaks, improvements and fixes as usual - the most important ones are Tactical Codes and our new Dynamic Visual Damage already working on tanks, GAZ-MM AAA, P-51D-15 and Nieu
  2. Looks like 2.7 is going to be amazing with all the content they've packed into it!
  3. I hadn't even noticed you hadn't pre-ordered BoN 😔 The Spit XIV, Typhoon IB and Mossie didn't get those historical RCAF juices flowing? I've definitely have my qualms with how things are currently going with Great Battles too but I couldn't pass up a Normandy map on top of the P-47D-22, P-51B, Typhoon IB and Mossie. But I see you did get Tank Crew so we even each other out I guess LOL. Yeah, I've played around with both mission editors and unfortunately the Great Battles one is just so dense. You definitely earned more than a few free beers making Hell Hawks with it! I hope you
  4. imminent Yeah, it's a bummer. This is only going to hurt them in the end. There are currently a whopping total of 7 payware campaigns for sale...how long has Great Battles been around again???... If the mission editor was a bit more user friendly like the DCS one, they'd probably have more users stepping up to make more campaigns which would lead to more opportunity to sale payware campaigns..ie more PROFIT. There was the sale yesterday which I would've happily bought any campaign (or collectors aircraft for that matter....) if I didn't already own all of them and I have no d
  5. And...FINALLY 😁 ARMA is officially going to Vietnam! In DLC form ...but still, definitely looking forward to this DLC and its evidently coming out this year! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1227700/Arma_3_Creator_DLC_SOG_Prairie_Fire/
  6. Happy Birthday Jason! 🎂 Question - How are DLCs and collector releases typically decided on ? Do user requests/polls hold any weight? Who determines, "what will sale well?"
  7. Bruh...you haven't even bought BON 😂 no on has a free Spitfire XIV for you.
  8. None of us not actually working on the dev team know how decisions are made on what will be the next collector item or DLC will be. I'm still shaking my head on some of the recent decisions made here as far as what it getting sold as collector products... but it is what it is. When they announce whatever the next thing is they've decided to make a collectors item, if it interest you personally, buy it, if it doesn't, don't buy it. It's really that simple.
  9. Does anyone know if the devs have acknowledged this as a bug?
  10. I think they are focusing more on the A-7E for DCS https://flyingironsimulations.com/blogs/news/flyingiron-2020-beyond-dcs-a7-news-xp11-plans-more A P-38 in DCS is probably still several years away unless someone else is developing it
  11. Awesome to see the first FC II aircraft in game, I'll be getting that one once a few of the first aircraft drop and the progress on the BON paratroopers! I'm really excited to hear they are hiring too! I really hope they are looking to bring on some folks with business development and marketing backgrounds instead of just more coders and/or 3d modellers/artists though. A permanent and more active community manager and someone focused on marketing of the sim in general would be awesome!
  12. Version 2.7 has now been pushed back to April 14 with a "subject to change" notice. I do appreciate them having confidence enough in the product to publicly announce release dates they are aiming for, even if they have to bump them around as things change. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/233848-patch-status/?tab=comments#comment-4613645
  13. The F-104 just gets you the crash site at a really high rate of speed 🤣 The F-104 is a very cool looking jet, just doesn't have the a proven combat record and pure sex appeal of the F-4. If they are doing one, I'm hoping the E model which would make the most sense from a use standpoint, we'll see though...
  14. Hmmm good point, this just might be their way to surprise folks with a pre-order or even Early Access drop. Evidently there was also teasing of a Phantom of some type on their discord yesterday
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