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  1. I've got nothing positive to say about GR or Pudknocker... But there are several really good options out there too: RedKite, Tactical Pascale, Fast Jet Performance, Overkill, The Air Combat Library, The Air Warfare Group and Ralfidude are all really good.
  2. It looks like the update may have made one of my payware purchases (DRZEWIECKI DESIGN Washington Landmarks) obsolete as well as the freeware Kittyhawk scenery from Vertical Sim. Waiting for the update to download to confirm though...
  3. Bismark did a really good video covering June 1944 from the documented perspective of SG4 and uses Great Battles footage to help tell the story:
  4. Seems to have flown more than once, not by accident:
  5. Have to agree. Another recent production used a good mix of CGI and real aircraft properly was "Catch 22" on Hulu, hopefully whenever Apple TV "The Mighty Eighth" is finally released its more along these lines instead of complete CGI fest which I'm fearing it may be, hope I'm wrong though...
  6. There are frequent sales through the main store here as well as on Steam. Give it a couple weeks and there should be a new sale running
  7. Redtails is a bad movie. But I'm still glad it was made. I just wish they would've used a better director and not as much CGI. A decent director like Zwick, Coogler, Fuqua, Spielberg or Eastwood would've done wonders for the film. The HBO made for TV "Tuskegee Airmen" is a much better film and sticks more closely to their actual history and what they had to go through: The US Air Force just released a free docu-series on their website covering the Tuskegee Airmen as well:
  8. Opinions vary, you'll have to make up your own mind. I prefer IL-2 WWII over DCS WWII, but you'll see others who prefer the opposite. Here are some comparisons of the applicable aircraft, These are most most unbiased comparisons I've seen to date they were made prior to updates of both sims though: BF-109K FW-190 Spit IX
  9. It definitely looks better than it was! But they've got a ways to go before its anywhere near on the level of IL-2. I do REALLY wish we had some AI B-17s in IL-2 though.... maybe someday hopefully....
  10. Very nice Monday surprise!!! Thank you to the devs for getting this out so quickly!
  11. You've also gotta remember that folks like us that come to the forums daily and buy up almost everything released for BoX are the exception and not the norm. Most customers are probably only buying the theaters they are most interested in, I'd venture to guess BoBp and BoN are a lot of western based customers first venture into the BoX series and for them, there are currently only 3 (4 if you include the collectors G6) available variants of the 109 for those customers. Would I love for the devs to be investing time into a flyable C-47 or B-25 instead..yeah but I'm looking forward to the G6 Late too nonetheless. The 109 is my favorite Luftwaffe aircraft so the more the merrier 🙂
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