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  1. You are right. We will take into consideration your idea.
  2. I would not say it is a crazy high streak, but it is not easy to achieve them. So far, I've seen only one player who was close to get all medals.
  3. Little girls do not kill chutes. Little girls cry on the forum that they were chute killed.
  4. It's a really interesting phenomenon.
  5. At this stage it is difficult to make new maps. It is possible that we will make a new map of Kuban with the Kerch Peninsula. But not in the upcoming campaign.
  6. Of course, we take this pony into consideration.
  7. For now we are considering adding some BOBp planes to the last maps. Will probably appear Spit IX and G14, mayby A8.
  8. We have already seen a very similar situation. But unfortunately, no one has recorded it. It was the same player. Thx Norz.
  9. The campaign will start in a few days. LG will fly RED.
  10. We planned to add a new mission for transport aircraft. Medical evacuation. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time and laziness, these types of missions will be available from the next campaign. Personally, I'd rather see Li-2 as a new plane than Po-2 as the first. We also plan to create a more historical plane set. However, there is a small gap in planes( Yak-1 earlier version for example) If you have any solutions, we will be happy to hear. Now however the plane set will not change much. Registration will be available in a few days and I suggest to set a whisper on teamspeak, with friendly teams. This time =LG= fly on the Bluewaffe side.
  11. No worries. We are aware of the bug. Kathon is working on it.
  12. LG will support red side. So, beware blue players!!!
  13. I assure you that we plan to remove technochat as soon as possible. I do not know if this possibility exists after new patch releas, but if so, the new campaigns will be without technochat.
  14. Your mistake is not ignored. The rules are simple. If a player has been shot down by friendly fire, he has the right to report it. You can apologize to him, send flowers, etc., but if he reports here, then = ban. It's only 3 days. C'mon man, You can live with it.
  15. Columns have the ZIS5-72K, the only available truck with an anti-aircraft gun (in game) made in CCCP.
  16. I think you should not panic when playing BoX. If you know what I mean. Anyway, we are considering this.
  17. Read quickly, because some of the posts disappear quickly.
  18. New supply warehouse objective is placed on the map once every 4-5 real days (about 50 missions). If not destroyed then it increase global limits for planes, tanks and trucks by 80, 150 and 240 respectively. Supply warehouse consist of several different hangars and other buildings. You must destroy as many hangars as possible.
  19. This only applies to supply column. If the tanks limit is reached, tanks column are not generated.
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