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  1. I understand that the reasons, for original post, wanting the “exit plane” to end the mission, but I would think getting out of the plane and being able to walk around after landing would be extremely immersive. We could have walk and run, whatever is necessary. We already have animation for walking and running characters in game. I don’t think it would be a big waste of resources tbh. I think it would be sufficient to exit the aircraft and stay within the vicinity of it (This would save time on the making the whole map accessible on foot etc). Being outside your aircraft would allow you to inspect your own aircraft, and also watch other teammates coming into land etc. We often remain in our aircraft, whilst watching our teammates land, but with limited view. Having the ability to stand outside the aircraft would be much better. In VR it would be a blast. Imagine now..... lining up your aircraft, after completing a sortie with teammates. Then exiting your plane to stand next to a team mate, whilst watching the remainder of your flight coming in. Now that sounds immersive and fun. It gets my vote.
  2. Great video. My my favourite thing I love about the 28 is it’s engine sound.
  3. Two wonderful planes. Great work team. Any news on the SE5, to cure my WW1 addiction?
  4. You may be looking at the wrong “Jugs” 🤣
  5. They did it..... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pathfindergames/vanguard-normandy-1944/posts/2307932
  6. They only have a £10k target to hit and have already passed the £8k mark, so I hope they make it. I think they will. The game looks like it has protential. I’ve made a pledge, £10 for a game seems like a bargain to me. They have only got 5 days to go, so if you have a spare £10, go to Kickstarter and make a pledge. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pathfindergames/vanguard-normandy-1944/comments
  7. I like the idea of smaller squad based battles, where tactics matter. I’ve pledged my £10, for an early access copy. Hope they hit their target.
  8. How to create a symbolic link, in windows 10, so that you can use your "Rise of flight" skins in "Flying Circus" without using up any extra drive space.I chose to do each aircraft separately as they are released.Before commencing make a backup of the original skins. In my IL2 skins folder I renamed mine "FokkerDr1 original" etc1) Type in Command Prompt in the bottom search bar.2) When the command prompt pops up, right click on it, so that you can run it as an administrator3) Click yes on the windows pop up and your command prompt window will pop up.I have my IL2 stored on my "C" driveeg - C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\skinsand my RoF skins stored on my "H" driveeg - H:\Program Files (x86)\Rise of Flight\data\graphics\skinsThis means I want to place a shortcut (symbolic link) in my IL2 folder directing to the RoF folder4) You will need to type the following information into the command prompt window.mklink /d (this is the command for the symbolic link that we require)the location of the IL2 skins folder (eg C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\skins)the location of the RoF folder (eg H:\Program Files (x86)\Rise of Flight\data\graphics\skins)This means, for me, I would need to type the following, to create a FokkerDr1 symbolic link in my IL2 folder.mklink /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\skins\FokkerDr1" "H:\Program Files (x86)\Rise of Flight\data\graphics\skins\FokkerDr1"Please note the quotation marks at the start and end on both addresses. This is because of the spaces in the address. Without them the command prompt will give you a syntax error.Hope this helps
  9. Is it because the people who bought RoF items more than 5 years ago paid more than those than bought them within the last 5 years? Just a thought. I may be wrong
  10. Tried both the Spad and DR1 in VR today and what can I say.......but wow It was as good as I had hoped and expected. I think a lot of things have been shared from the WW2 stuff for now though. Not just the maps and AA guns but the tracers and hit flashes too. I find it is a lot easier to see where the bullets are landing in FC compared to RoF. Whether that is because of it being in 3D or because of the hit flashes, I’m not sure. I’m very much Looking forward to more WW1 content being added, especially the SE5
  11. Quick trying to build a self stable inverted pendulum. Roulette can be beaten btw
  12. I use a chair that stands on rails either side. They are a little wider than my MFGs and can slide forward and tucked away when not in use.
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