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  1. Do they work if you select “normal” or “expert”? just wondering if there is a setting in “custom” that has them turned off?
  2. Here is the first skin for a Sopwith Camel B5423 white 6 of the 54th squadron I'll post a link, at the end, that contains all the Camel skins together This skin is B7407 of the 54th squadron. This is the only picture that I could find of it. I've assumed that it was number 8 This is B5417 number 11 of the 54th squdron Here is the download link for the 3 skins above and a generic skin for the 54th sqd. https://app.box.com/s/1usvf4stoprtaolvynjhbuk3xrhsqne4
  3. The Sopwith Camels of the 54th sqd are now nearly complete. I’ve just got to tinker with the base colour and the shine on the alpha channel.
  4. https://app.box.com/s/9xmlmin0bniukuf4zouv1wikr4d044i3 The squadron leader and generic 48th squadron skin can be downloaded by clicking the link above.
  5. I love that skin YoYo. The German skins are so colourful and look fun to do. Two Brisfit aircraft skins are now done. One, un-numbered, skin for the squadron and one skin for the squadron leader. Once I have approval then I’ll post them here. I’ll start on a couple of camel skins later today.
  6. Cheer gents I've started work on the Bristol. I'll check back before I start work on the camel.
  7. Sounds great Vander I'm looking at skins for you now.
  8. I was wondering this too. I currently have an i7 7700k running at 4.2Ghz with a GTX 1080ti I was looking at an i9 9900KS Not sure if this would increase my VR FPS more than replacing my graphics card with an RTX 2080ti
  9. I've painted another Bristol F2BF2 skin. It's numbered B1288 and was nicknamed the Brisfish. It was from RFC No7 Training School. You can download it here https://app.box.com/s/4z0qtcvlhc66rz3403bfxutv53kj62wv
  10. I’ll be there, if I can back from Alton Towers firework display in time. If not I’ll meet you all on FC. 😁 Let’s hope FC takes off. WW1 kites are my favourite.
  11. Another Bristol F2BF2 to go with D8084. Here is D8096 https://app.box.com/s/ignebouuzak0oxgbsqjag3v9pukguo5b
  12. SE5A - RFC 56 Geoffrey H Bowman https://app.box.com/s/ctgbw348lj128cii0ykoyws6zknyisi2 This is a 4k remake that someone had done for Rise of Flight. It will overwrite the original but it is pretty much identical, just in 4k.
  13. You should get Flying Circus.......Especially if you fly in VR.
  14. Yeah, well spotted. I was just being lazy. I used the default roundels and tail markings. I'll update the file. Thanks Updated the markings colour 😁
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