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  1. Dburne thank you very much I will try this! As well as the advice of the others below who were kind enough to reply! I apologize for my late reply! Thank you Chilliewilli69! I just may do that, or go to a higher CPU if possible! Sorry for the delayed reply! Thank you very much for your advice SCG_Fenris_Wolf! Again, I must apologize for my late replies!! I dont know how I missed all your help but I greatly appreciate all of you for helping me!
  2. I realize that this is an older post now, but I am in total agreement with you! I only got back into il2 because of VR! I had to upgrade my video card, and went with NVidia's GTX 1660 Ti. In part due to budget restraints, and as I was installing it in my Dell XPS 8900, space was very limited as well. My system specs are i7-6700, 16gb memory, 2tb ssd and a same fir mechanical drive which was original so my Samsung 860evo ssd was added after. I ended up buying the Rift S after i helped a friend set up his cv1 Rift and installed a gtx 1660ti for him so he could fly IL2 with another friend and I was blown away by it in vr. But then they stopped selling the Rift so I waited until the S came out. I get lower fps with my S and I think that's in part at least in how the Rift S is designed, but I still get some jitters from time to time even though my CPU is a later model than my friends. Now I've heard about Vulkan for some time now because i originally got into XPlane11 and it was unplayable to me in VR. I dont know if vulkan will ever be able top be used with il2 but I sure hope so! As it stands now I'm looking into my ability touse it for any other VR titles as I've seen it recommended to be used in anothertitle i have that just washes the color out so bad that settings are almost unreadable and I was told to select vulkan api in settings, but as I havent installed it yet it sounds like I really need to. As long as it does not affect my ability to run other games in vr that require DirectX.
  3. Here it is December 28th 2019 and I have a Rift S, i7-6700, GTX 1660 ti, 16gigs of ram and a Samsung 860 Evo SSD and have been messing with my settings in il2 Sturmovik BOS off and on ever since I bought my rift s last August and still have the jittery FPS, and more so now that I tried something with settings recently that did not help. So while I may not have the i7-7700 or the GTX 1080 ti, I can't help but think a fair amount of the settings tips in your post will have to have a positive affect on my game! right away I see some things to do different such as not use the Oculus Tray tool, so I am going through all of my settings that apply and making these changes that you recommended. I have nothing to loose! I'm tired of just going into a dog fight and watching my frame rates drop from 39/40 to 12 sometimes less!!! 2 friends of mine that got me back into Il2 because of VR both have the cv1 and they get 80 fps or close to it. Oddly enough there have been a time or two when i made some adjustments to settings and saw my FPS miraculously reach up to 70-80 for a moment or 2 and occassionally flutter around at other fps higher than the regular 39-40 i get. Since I am not in a position to upgrade my CPU and GPU I'm going to give this a shot. I've spent hours looking for settings info but this is the 1 st time I've seen this post and it looks to be very helpful so I'll see what happens!!!! I'll come back and post how it works out!! thanks for sharing this info very much!!!
  4. Go into settings, then click on "flight interface" on the left you'll see mini map size, choose compact. Options are hidden, compact, and full. I have mine set to hidden because I like using the full sized map, I used to hate it because it took up so much space. But once I started flying without GPS and having to navigate, I need to see the map areas enlarged quite a bit so I bound the map to a button on my throttle. If you choose "Compact" it displays a small version of the map off to the side that dosent take up your whole screen. Good luck!
  5. Is there a stats page for this server, and a website? Forum? thanks for any info!
  6. Thanks AKA_Scorp! I have noticed in the last few days the expert server was up again, I've been on it a time or two now. Now that I'm gaining a little experience, the expert servers, or those that are at least icon's off, and maybe not full expert mode are getting slowly easier to play on as we gain experience. Thank you for the reply and update on the servers situation.. Sorry to hear it died! Glad it is back up!
  7. Hi Coconut!! Sorry to bother you for clarification bu at 1st I thought you meant that the TS3 server only was down. But sadly we haven;t seen the AKA Coconut Normal OR Expert server up for the past week or so.... I sure hope it will be coming back online at some near point in the future as we (a couple friends and I) have really enjoyed this server very much, as well as the website, which has also been down. i was asked about whether if i knew if the whole IL2 AKA coconut server is down as well as website and I didnt know as I was not sure so pardon me for coming back to clarify, Are the Normal and Expert il2 servers and the website all down for good? Or is it going to be a temporary thing? Thank you for your patience! I just had to know as we really came to enjoy this server and the people on it very much! Thank you for all you have done for the community and thanks in advance for any info you can provide! Clyde
  8. Thanks for the info Coconut. I noticed the server (normal at least) has been down, seems like it's down on weekends but maybe down longer now? Cant get on website today. I hope it's not down long, I really enjoy the server and the pilots I've met are great people! Thanks for all the work you have done!
  9. SCG_Fenris_Wolf. Thank you very much for your reply!!! I'll keep an eye out for an update if fixes will be made. This really has me hopeful so thanks to you and all who make it possible!! Clyde =BES=Savage-6 - Thank you for the tips! Makes good sense to me! Back in the day when I flew with the GR142 Squad, I dont recall having difficulty in identifying friend from foe, but that was quite a few years ago and definately not in VR. Few things bother me more (in gaming at least) is opening fire on a plane then seeing the warning "Clyde has fired on a friendly!" After that happened, I've tried to get much closer but am usually shredded before I can ID friend or foe lol. I think too that alot has changed in the newer VR enabled program, because inthe past everything was easier, have a landing gear shot off, no problem we could land on the good wheel and float it all the way until lift gave out on that wing and it came down. Now, everything in VR was much more challenging including landings, and especially take off's with planes that want to spin like a top, even after locking the tail wheel. But I feel it's more realistic! Thanks again for your reply and advice =BES=Savage-6!!!
  10. This would be of great help to me, to be able to determine friend from foe in dogfights when no icons to identify them are available, as in full real. Will these same setting/config mods work with the Rift S? I have 2 friends that fly il2 with the rift cv1, their fps are always better than mine, but we all have same trouble in full real or expert mode hoping to not shoot a friendly by mistake but if we wait until close enough to tell for sure we have been killed already. Thanks for any info!
  11. My friends and I have enjoyed this server very much! Thank you for your efforts, your work is greatly appreciated! I tried to use the teamspeak channel a couple of times but always get an error message using the IP address that was posted on the website, which I pasted below, sorry for the dark text as its directly pasted from your website. Is part of the IP missing? I have the password as its posted on the site as well, perhaps this is for aka team members only. Thank you for any info you can provide! Also I have tried to register to your forums but always get an error message. I was able to register on your website however, but the forum info is different?
  12. Links to the stats for the normal server are not working....
  13. Unfortunately it does not appear that this forum is being monitored by the server admins as I haven;t seen any replies to any of the posts , and they are mostly from 2016. I've been flying there with a few friends since getting back into the IL2 flight sim thanks to VR, and the server has been a great place for us to relearn our old flying skills, but there have been some problems, error messages saying contact the admins, server giving the score for my kill to one of my friends who is flying with me at the time, AI planes coming in and stealing our kills before they can go down LMAO they've been real aggressive about that! LOL we enjoy flying there as it seems to have an ok ping even thought we are in the USA and it has enemy planes that are AI and don't out class us TOO bad. Someone must be looking out because last week the server seemed to be down for a few days and unavailable, but it has since come back up but gets many multiplayer error messages saying contact admins. I can't remember exact wording. I can take a screen shot and post if if it would help but I'll see if I even get a response first. Hopefully someone will see this....thanks!
  14. Beautiful video! The P51 has been my favorite all time plane since I was about 6 or 7 years old, back then many were still flying too! It's a beauty of a plane in every aspect! I agree with whoever 1st posted about its spirit carrying on in the F16 as well. I've always seen a connection between the 2, and the scoop is one.
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