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  1. Thank you very much Oyster, it is greatly improved over the original D9. Finally it doesn't disturb me more.
  2. Hi Oyster, thank you very much!! It's a huge improvement! Can you fix these screws too?
  3. Beautiful clouds rowby, thank you for new update, these pictures look like old oil paintings with landscapes. 👌
  4. Hi Adler, JSGME is an extended application that allows you to activate custom mods. Installation is easy, download it, extract and put that files in the game folder. After that you will have a folder called MODS, where you can put every mod you download here, then run JSGME.exe and activate it through that aplication. P.S.: Don't forget to enable mods in game settings at first.
  5. Hello, when will it be possible to play the early version of Normandy map? I assume that the aircraft will be accessible sooner than new map, but I'll be glad if I'm wrong.
  6. Hello friends, I don't know if you found this and agree with me, but I hope they can fix it. Oh, and I really like new BOB map. Beautiful job, devs.
  7. Hello rowdyb00t, what is the difference between v1 and v4? Do I have installed all these versions or only the last?
  8. Hello friends, would it be possible to add an encyclopedia of all combat vehicles in the game through the game menu options? With virtual 3D models and historic-pictures, short videos maybe and a brief description. Like in old IL-2 1946.
  9. Thank you, sir but this option is for the IL-2GB not in CoD or I’m blind?
  10. Hello friends, can you help me please, how do i change a map for quick battle with different season (autumn, spring...)?
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