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  1. Will it ever be overhauled and refined?
  2. Hello friends, would it be possible to add an encyclopedia of all combat vehicles in the game through the game menu options? With virtual 3D models and historic-pictures, short videos maybe and a brief description. Like in old IL-2 1946.
  3. Thank you, sir but this option is for the IL-2GB not in CoD or I’m blind?
  4. Hello friends, can you help me please, how do i change a map for quick battle with different season (autumn, spring...)?
  5. Great, because there is still a lot of space and of course, I mean fully player-controllable models, not AI vehicles.
  6. Hello friends, is there any chance that armored cars like Sd.Kfz 251, a variant with the gun or M2 will be added to the game?
  7. Mostly on SP. Is that FW190 A3 very different in playstyle from other FW's?
  8. Hello my friends, could you advise me in the order which collector’s plane buy as first? So far it looks like Yak-1b and La-5FN will be the first, don't know which then but I'd like to get any advice from you guys.
  9. On such a large map like this it would be interesting to have dynamic weather or something like that to enhance the experience. Imagine battles in a heavy storm/strong wind and after that a flight to another sector, where it is sunny. 😊
  10. Thanks for info, friends. I'm glad to hear this and more curious to see fresh screenshots from development. It will be probably the biggest addition to the Il-2 GB.
  11. Hello, my friends, I want to know, will we have access to the Bodenplatte map before release? And will this dlc contain multiple maps or just one large only?
  12. For Stalingrad map, I think, maybe little color correction is needed. Probably an unnecessary thing, but that's just my point of view. Anyway, I´m looking forward to your work!
  13. And PicksKing, do you also plan to edit the Stalingrad map?
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