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  1. @[DBS]Browning Here's my Altitude and Speed Record for the P-51 (Can probably be beaten but would like to hold a record while I can lol) Altitude: 10,101m Speed: 812 km/h
  2. I'm going to start a few different series on each of my careers with the mod, hope you like them 😄
  3. So sorry, I meant Gruppe Kampfgeschwader 27 (I'm used to fighter squadrons lol)
  4. It was Jg.27 on the 20th of September, 1944. No other mods used.
  5. Might have found a bug XD
  6. I'm loving this so far! I haven't tried out any of the new squadrons yet, but the new Operations makes it feel more like WW2. I'm not sure if ferrying aircraft was part of the original career system, if it wasn't, nice addition! Here's a post about my first flight
  7. Here's what my MODS directory looks like now, mods enabled, still not working.
  8. I used this tutorial but mine still doesn't work, here's what the directory looks like, did I do something wrong?
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