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  1. Hello everyone! Just because I enjoy doing a bit of writing from time to time, I've decided to write a fictional story behind a J-26 skin I made. It's a timeline in which Sweden joins the war, and allows for Female pilot's to fly in combat. I hope you enjoy! Again, the units and pilots in this are fictional, based off of WW2 Sweden. Here's a link to my Discord if you'd like the PDF version: https://discord.gg/7X7MdMf Chapter 1:
  2. Hello everyone! As I really enjoy IL-2, and flight simulation in general, I've made a discord server for skins and other content I make. Here are some examples of my skins. Hope to grow this!
  3. Hey all! I thought, given it's my most flown plane in the sim, I would make a guide for the P-51D. I've started making IL-2 guides as with someone with a deep passion for aviation, I've wanted to help the flight sim community as much as I can. I'm still learning, so feedback is 100% accepted! Available here https://www.patreon.com/siv5122
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I completely forgot about the radiator lol. I mainly just based that part of my own experiences with the plane, but this all totally helps. As Swayne Martin "There's no better way to learn about aviation than by teaching it" lmao.
  5. A little guide made by me, first time doing so so let me know if I can make any improvements. I hope this can help those looking to learn the aircraft! https://www.patreon.com/posts/39898002
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