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  1. i like them, also a new tier for regular owners i guess, bronze BOK for me since i didn't preorder.
  2. Are you aware of Cliffs of Dover Blitz?
  3. So i tried to play Il-2 BoS/BoM yesterday after a while, thought i might give the new "Ten days of Autumn" campaign a spin, which i had preordered early december. I fired my non-steam version of the game up simply to find myself stuck on the login screen "#5 license not activated". Ok fair enough i suppose, i head to the profile page to see if i have to activate the campaign manually, to my surprise however there was no method of doing so. Naturally i submited a support ticket afterwards, being quite confused... The support team replied quite fast which was nice saying that i have to activate the game on steam to fix it. Tried that afterwards, clicked on "Get BOM on Steam" and 2 license keys for steam activation appeared, eager to try the new campaign i continued with the activation only to stumble on another hurdle, apparently the license keys are already in use. Another support ticket was therefore neccessary. Il-2 team replied: "Probably someone from those who have access to your account is already activated your key on Steam. This issue falls within the competence of the Steam." Which came as a surprise to me since nobody else has access to my account, absolutley none of the people that have used my computer even care what Il-2 series is. Now i have a few questions after all of this: Is everything lost, do i need to buy the game again to play? Is it not at all possible that the key generator generated duplicate keys, because the only way someone activated the game on steam without my knowing is if they somehow hacked my profile page. Why isn't there any information about Steam version being required on "Ten days of Autumn" store page? Sorry for the wall of text.
  4. I agree with the OP, very annoying in ROF as well...
  5. Indeed, i still have IL 2 installed. So much fun even after all these years.
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