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  1. Hello! I am writing to thank everyone involved in the creation and administration of the server Tactical Air War. In my opinion, at the moment, this is the best server on the IL2 platform. Your work really makes me admire and respect! Also, I want to speak about the new rules concerning the limitation of pilot's lives. For me, after the introduction of these restrictions, fly on this server has become even more interesting. Now every time you cross the front line, you get a shot of adrenaline in the blood, as if this is the moment when you first shot down the enemy online (maybe here I exaggerate a bit, but you understand what I mean). With the increase in the value of the life of the pilot, the picture of air combat on this server has become even more believable and has become even more radically different for the better, from the one that can be seen on other servers. Many pilots have tried to fly neatly on this server before, but they still could afford reckless actions, which greatly alienate the picture of air combat from reality. Now this is becoming less common. New rules make the pilot think carefully about what he is going to do and no less carefully think at the time when he does. New rules make the pilot to interact more with teammates and less to fly alone. I very much hope that the administration of the server will not go in the wake of those who ask for indulgences and are afraid of difficulties. Anyone who complains about the ban because of death, I would advise to spend time with benefit. Practice your personal skills. Think over your tactics. Singles stop being shy and go into teamspeak already. I really hope that the mitigation of the rules will not happen, because it will only increase the Berloga-style on the server. The increase in the value of the pilot's life / ability to make a new departure, to a large extent, added to this server the uniqueness among those that are now available to IL2 players. Now the gameplay on Tactical Air War is the most interesting, exciting and forcing your blood to boil. P.S. In any case, I thank you for your work and sincerely wish you success in the future!
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