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  1. Hey guys, Thanks for the replies, I tried the .net 3.5 before but it didn't help me. However since you mentioned the regional settings and I remember messing with them when I first installed Windows 10 I decided to reset those to default. And after a reboot it booted up the launcher just fine. Thank you so much for your help. I can finally get into my trusty 109 and go make the skies unsafe Cheers, Vincent
  2. Hello all, I recently upgraded my pc and I am running a fresh install of windows 10 64-bit. I tried to install IL-2 BoS and after the installer is finished it asks me to open the launcher, when I do so I get an error message. After thinking this must be a fluke I rebooted and loaded the launcher again to find the same message. I've included a screenshot of the error. Has anyone encountered this before?
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