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  1. My subtitles go blank on occasion lately anyway. I do not think it is update related. Maybe a previous one, but not this one.👍
  2. Genuine issues that (maybe can be solved): - the disappearing planes. - the wierdness at short ranges Genuine issues (that are probably unsolvable) - the differences between peoples set up and hardware Other than that i think spotting is dead on. As described above, and borne out by my experience, spotting anything when airborne is insanely difficult. I feel this is borne out well in game
  3. Autosave can cause functionality problems if it happens during other activities, so it can do more harm that good: Example: If i run an SQL query in excel while its autosaving the whole thing crashes. I'd imagine the same thing would happen if it tried to autosave when the ME is doing the big flickery refresh thing whenever you copy and paste a lot of objects. What happens if you are in an advanced properties menu? or something else where you are in a menu within the ME: selecting planes for an airfield?or editing the weather? Autosave could be more of a curse than a blessing, and would almost certainly be a painful feature to add for the devs. I suggest using a timer on your phone to remind you to save every 10 mins.
  4. I flew a p47 last night. Works fine.
  5. in terrain editer you can copy and paste an airfield - give it a go and you'll figure it out. you cannot change the terrain, so you must paste onto flat land. (or you can have a slanted runway!) Your changes save, but they can only be seen in game with mods turned on in settings. I created a suggestion in the suggestions thread to allow this to be used outside of the "mods on" mode where most MP players play, or to include something like marston matting as a placeable and playable object so we can create runways in the game. this would make the underutilised corners of some maps (SE kuban, and NE stalingrad) more usable. I cant find my original post now, but i suggest you do the same! EDIT: found post:
  6. I think someone has done the maths and 10% fuel is enough to travel the entirity of the largest map in Il2, but I may be mis remembering. I think full fuel is somewhere in excess of 4000L for a H6 - so assuming 0.8kg/litre, if you're taking off with 40%, thats 30% = 1200L = roughly a metric ton of fuel you dont need. I typically take off with 7-8%, and then its fine to fly. H16 has a more normal size fuel tank. EDIT: flew the H6 last night, all my numbers are wrong.
  7. For a multiplayer server with 20 players and maybe 8 AA units active, 12-15 is about your limit before you have issues. Note that larger aircraft with more gunners have a higher impact. - B25s and He111-6s seem to be the biggest hogs. - Ju88s and Pe2s/A20s seem OK. (with these you can push towards 15 or 16 without issues.) For a single player, as evidenced above, you can go much bigger. I had a simular experience where the framerate was directly correlated with the amount of bombers in view, and my distance to them dropping from 60 to 35ish when in the gunners range. I believe that a 30-40ish formation would work for most people in SP in a proper mission as long as it was set up correctly. (Assuming no escort fighters, but with mission logic and some AA) - I found that splitting the formation up yielded some performance benifet - so breaking the formation up into groups of 8, separated by a few hundred metres will help FPS a lot, while still giving the impression of a larger formation. ("groups of 8" = 2 flights of 4, one covering the other, or following the same path). V's bigger than 4 look silly to me anyway. - Dont turn the bombers, change their altitude or manouvure them in any way other than a straight line (i had mine do one u-turn after target, but it took ages to get right. The main thing here is to make it easier to troubleshoot when you have many, many overlapping bomber formations in the editer)) - Activate and deactivate the bombers at their bombing altitude (no taxiing or landing) - Use a force complete to ensure they all drop at the same time (if having them bomb) so you dont get an overenthusiastic few who feel the need to go around. (depends how you set up the logic) - If in doubt, go less. its surprising how few bombers you need to create them big formation feels. Spacing them out helps with the illusion also - Contrailing is an unknown factor but i think it affects frame rate/servor load, so drop altitude/increase temperature to get rid of them if needed to improve things. I didnt go above contrail alt so as not to deal with this so i dont know. Just my experience and opinion.
  8. I think this may work: - right click on the planes, and go to "on destroyed", event link the 3 of them to a counter. - set the counter to 3 - point the counter to a 3-6 minute timer, which triggers a spawn command object linked back to your AI planes - Spawned Planes wont follow formations or each other, so you'll need to make waypoints for each plane individually. I dont normally use the spawn command tho - so i may be wrong. Also come along to the Unprofessionals flyout on sunday nights. (im also in brisbane)
  9. note that when updating missions some blocks appear to have changed/disappeared: specifically: barrels 4x4 fence_stone Fence_brick and at least one other that i have forgotten alonzos script returns that these objects are not found - and the easiest way to track them down is using Tools> start integrity test. This generates a txt file listing the problems - i do not remember it doing this before or maybe i hadnt noticed or used it. either way, useful feature.
  10. I apologise. My tone was unwarranted. I was annoyed by the repetition.
  11. This driftaholic person was bitten by a tech chat message as a child. Everywhere you look on this forum he's campaigning about turning it off. I fly a different plane every flight, I like it as it enables variety. Now please wait while I repeat this message loudly and endlessly
  12. the unprofessionals has continuous AI patrols, plus human players
  13. Counterpoint (with caveat): Vis is awesome I actually think that vis is very very good right now. I fly hang gliders in real life (10M wingspan, same as a 109 but with no fuselage) In recent years there has been a fad towards "smoke" or semi transparent glider sails - in effect camouflage which makes it harder for your competiters to see and follow you in competition. When i fly in game i get a very simular visual picture to when i do this in real life. I feel the ranges i can track targets at is appropriate, and that the difficulty is hard but realistic. Aircraft stand out aginst the sky, but become VERY difficult to track when below the horizon if camouflaged, just like IRL. Hovever it can be done, and many in game pilots clearly do it - if they couldnt booming and zooming would be impossible. Just like in game i dont know how many times i have though i was tootling along alone, and then suddenly noticed that there are gliders scattered everywhere all around me in my RL "view bubble". You notice one and then suddenly you start to see heaps! There are surely specific things that need work (dissappearing planes?), and some tweaks that can be made, but for me i'd prefer to see the devs working on content and developing new features, rather than throwing effort into a problem that is (IMO) solved from a realism perspective, and unsolvable from a "gamey" perspective. I know AnPetrovish flies hang gliders and light aircraft in real life also, and i like to think i can see his experieince showing through in the current vis system. In addition there is deferred shading and who knows what that will bring? Caveat: for a monitor i use an old large screen TV (very early .model Sony Bravia) which i got for free recently as a friend was throwing it out (they are online for AU$50). This has made things easier certainly, but i stand by my points. I await the flaming rebuttals
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