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  1. It's been mentioned above already, but the ability to take off and land certain A/C from fields would be fantastic... po2 for a start, but even some others.
  2. Roads. i think due to the small size, the Po2 wheels get stuck more so than others if you go off roading. Its been a while since i was testing it properly, but when i've done it lately in a Po2, i get stuck every time i go on the grass. The only plane that can take off and land "anywhere" is the Ju52 in my experience. Sketch is right - Landing in towns, or on the long wide tree lined roads in kuban is super fun. The long tree lined roads on kuban may be the winner for you (central NE) in this case - i made up logic to do something simular there.
  3. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/er/353-duncan-5jan44.jpg This guy said he wanted more AP, instead of incendary, as he implies they are better a making some "pieces come off" Discuss...🤪
  4. Am I correct in saying that the gunners bombsight still does not work?
  5. Have the ondestroyed event message from each object that may be the "thing" feed into a non repeating randomiser, as provided by SAS storebought on this forum.
  6. My subtitles go blank on occasion lately anyway. I do not think it is update related. Maybe a previous one, but not this one.👍
  7. Genuine issues that (maybe can be solved): - the disappearing planes. - the wierdness at short ranges Genuine issues (that are probably unsolvable) - the differences between peoples set up and hardware Other than that i think spotting is dead on. As described above, and borne out by my experience, spotting anything when airborne is insanely difficult. I feel this is borne out well in game
  8. Autosave can cause functionality problems if it happens during other activities, so it can do more harm that good: Example: If i run an SQL query in excel while its autosaving the whole thing crashes. I'd imagine the same thing would happen if it tried to autosave when the ME is doing the big flickery refresh thing whenever you copy and paste a lot of objects. What happens if you are in an advanced properties menu? or something else where you are in a menu within the ME: selecting planes for an airfield?or editing the weather? Autosave could be more of a cur
  9. I flew a p47 last night. Works fine.
  10. in terrain editer you can copy and paste an airfield - give it a go and you'll figure it out. you cannot change the terrain, so you must paste onto flat land. (or you can have a slanted runway!) Your changes save, but they can only be seen in game with mods turned on in settings. I created a suggestion in the suggestions thread to allow this to be used outside of the "mods on" mode where most MP players play, or to include something like marston matting as a placeable and playable object so we can create runways in the game. this would make the underutilised corner
  11. I think someone has done the maths and 10% fuel is enough to travel the entirity of the largest map in Il2, but I may be mis remembering. I think full fuel is somewhere in excess of 4000L for a H6 - so assuming 0.8kg/litre, if you're taking off with 40%, thats 30% = 1200L = roughly a metric ton of fuel you dont need. I typically take off with 7-8%, and then its fine to fly. H16 has a more normal size fuel tank. EDIT: flew the H6 last night, all my numbers are wrong.
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