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  1. Turn on light rain. Full overcast, light rain. Unprofessionals server has a mission like that. Vis about 5km.
  2. @[DBS]airdoc did you sort this out? Just happened to me....
  3. Check if the people who can't hear it are using the game via steam. That will make the file path much longer. I 've seen that problem at work: on certain applications if a file path gets longer than x characters (256 i think) the link stops working...
  4. To add to the suggestion: a possible simpler option would be to just provide the existing maps split into quarters. In MP we rarely use more than 1/8 of the large maps, and the improved loading times and ease for mission building would be nice. Want not a need I think though
  5. What does this add to the clear and generally correct instructions that are provided in the in-mission specifications screen and here?: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25993-aircraft-flight-and-technical-specifications-and-operational-details/ And the multiple extemely detailed videos already created by Sheriff, Requiem, Central and others on how to fly any aircraft that has difficulty in operation, and which just needs practice and patience to learn anyway? Not trying to pick holes or shoot you down, any effort to create for the community is highly commendable. Just wondering why spend the effort on a solved problem (the operation of existing planes) when you could channel the energy into something new?
  6. What i have been doing is just tuning the number until it feels right - so for 6 ships the number might be 12, a big building with 4 small outbuildings/vehicles the number might be 10. Not perfect, but it gets closer to "reality" I have a target where i used once of the huge bodenplate city buildings as a country manor that the gestapo have taken over as their headquarters. It seems to me that the building is actually made up of a number of "sub buildings" all of which issue an on-destroyed event when hit. So i set the counter and attacked it, over and over until i got something that felt right - the main building is burning, the outbuildings are 50% out, the gardens a mess, and the kubelwagans in the driveway are the worse for wear. I'll be revisiting it with some ideas about tuning the durability and/or using a counter just for the building that counts it as destroyed and puts a city fire on it.
  7. I found this with large buildings too. Does this not mean that you could end up with all 8 ships still afloat but the objective "completed"?
  8. Type of improvement: Mission editer Explanation of proposals: Allow fuel to be locked for individual aircraft Benefits: Currently fuel load can only be locked for every aircraft or none. Enabling Fuel load locks on individual planes could be used as a balance mechanic: Example: 262s locked to approx 30 mins flight time (due to shortages of jet fuel.) That would mean more people could have it, but they would be more vulnerable launches and landings that they would have to endure.
  9. I think the current vis is almost perfect, based on real life experience and the reasons above. The loss of contacts at short/med range against the ground (the moving target as described above) is the only problem I have, and even that has improved in the short time I have been playing.
  10. @Southernbear @Tyberan If you are on the unprofessionals discord there is a nascent "weekly fly out" that just started going... Sunday night's at 7pm Sydney time. Come along tomorrow and/or introduce yourself on the discord at that time😊 Might be lower numbers due to Xmas, but we had about 15 pilots the other week. https://discord.gg/47BQc3a
  11. @kennel Try the unprofessionals for learning on, aussie server with a mix of AI and real players.
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