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  1. C6_Pips, on 24 Jan 2014 - 06:51, said: Two Words.... Mavis Beacon.....
  2. Well, at my job I work with 3d visualizations for interiors and furniture, which has nothing to do with flight simulators/aircrafts, but I am hoping that I can translate my skills to contribute to the modding community. I am already studying a few tutorials on different kind of modeling so I can start sharpening my skills in low poly and organic/hard surfaces. I will check ROF forum for sure, so I can start getting the hang of poly counts, needed plugins and what not. Nothing outstanding but these are some of my latest project following some tutos.
  3. Quick question: Are we going to be able or be allowed to make custom 3d objects (static and damage models)? I do 3d modeling/texturing/animation and I would love to do some work for custom ground models so Mission builders and Mod makers could use them. Probably too early to talk about it, and I think ROF allows it, but I was just wondering if that would be the case in BOS. Thank you.
  4. Great Video, I also watched some of the COD videos you have, love them. Oh by the way, just reporting that daily motion have adds at the beginning AND half way thru the video, at least on my side. I would stick with youtube for now, at least people is used to it and know what to expect and is more broadly supported on different devices. Again, great editing.
  5. Great Idea Hersey, I hope you don't mind if I copy it :-) ... I think I have a few things that I can part with and probably someone could use. I will make a new topic so I don't feel like I am hijacking yours... Cheers.
  6. Hi, In the spirit of following the good gesture of another fellow Vir-Pilot, (Heresy) which I thought it was a great idea: I just upgraded my Computer to 2 internal 256 SSD's and I was going to sell my WD Caviar Black 500gb, but if someone is struggling to get some space on their PC and can't afford a new one, I would like to offer mine. Just PM and it is yours, please be someone who really can not afford it so we all know it will go to good use. Also, Please be someone in the Continental USA as I will ship it via USPS. It is in 100% perfect working condition, I had it in my PC for about 6 months only and like I said, I just took it out to upgrade. Specs: WD Caviar Black 500gb SATA / 32mb cache . Hope it helps someone out.
  7. I know this is a flight simulator and efforts should be concentrated on the sky features of the game, but all the screenshots and videos I've seen are featuring an all white and black terrain. I know it is due to the time and location of the war being simulated but, honestly it looks so boring down there with everything white and black on the ground below. I would love to see some rivers and grass and multicolored landscapes, it just adds so much to the experience. It would be a shame not to take advantage of all the eye candy this Game Engine can produce, I love flying low in Rise Of Flight (which I also own), and enjoy the landscape, the rivers look gorgeous too. I would love to enjoy the same experience from this game as well. I mean, the snowy landscape looks awesome too, but way too boring if is the only thing we can look at on the whole game. Maybe variety added as an option for single player flights or maps add on? Probably a whole new map would be too much to ask because of the development costs and timeframe, but at least a retextured/populated of the same region would suffice. Any way, if it is offered as a MOD, or as an add-on pack or as a in game feature, I am fine with either one as long as is offered :-) .
  8. Well, Today I finally had the chance to see what all the fuss is all about.... and I am so glad that I decided to Preorder and find out by myself. I have Rise of Flight, FSX with lots of scenery add-ons, DCS FC3, DCS Black Shark 2 and IL2 COD with TF 4.0 Mod so I have a quiet a few sims to compare with and let me tell you, the first experience I had flying my first 20 minutes playing around the little map and the 2 planes included so far left with a really good taste in my mouth, wow!!! I can't point what it is but it feels so like you are actually flying a plane (I think since I have never piloted one myself), don't get me wrong IL2 COD with TM mod is great, but I really believe that this simulator will be so much better, at least for my first impression. Sure there are some glitches here and there, but this is only in Alpha stage an I am already impressed, can't wait to see what the final version will be like :-) ... The only thing is.... I really hope they provide us with some different kind of maps that are not all full of snow and white, I almost hurt my sight when looking down when in flight, so bright down there :-P ... Anyway, I really like what I am seeing here so far... Big thumbs up for the developers. See you guys in the sky. By the way, is that condensation building up in the cockpit's glass? and is it evaporating away when the air blows it off of the glass? wow :-O
  9. I'm not sure how young you are, but allow me tell you something. I really thing that the attitude that you are showing here with these words will take you far in life :-) . Making mistakes, acknowledge them and learning from them is what life is all about. Not need to apologize and I hope to see you around in the sky once the project is able to do multiplayer :-) .....
  10. wow really? It was the freaking hollydays, Christmas eve, New year, time to spend with your loved ones and enjoy life. Developers are entitled to have a life outside the project too, yes we chimed in some money to help with the development of this great Simulator, but that does not make them our slaves. They are actually being very communicative and they keep us pretty informed of the whole development process and they are also doing an awesome job. I am actually amazed at how fast they are progressing. So, please lets back up a little and allow them to do their job, They've already showed us that they know what they are doing. Happy new year to the team and all the forum members.
  11. I personally would love to see more variety on seasons for the maps .
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