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  1. I get lots of microstudders when getting shot at or flying low to the ground ever since bodenplatte came out.
  2. I'm running a i7 4790k at 4.5 GHZ 16Gigs of ddr3, SSD and a 1660ti 6GB XC. I play on a single 27" monitor at 1080p 60HZ with no desire to get into higher resolutions or VR right now. I run most triple A titles on high/ultra with good performance and IL2 ran good on ultra until bodenplatte came out. I would have thought my pc would be more than enough for 1080p ultra settings but I assume they are making changes to the game engine now? I was gonna wait until Christmas next year to build a new rig to stay ahead of the next gen consoles but I also like playing il2 with its stunning visuals.
  3. Been playing a lot of Bodenplatte career mode lately and seem to get a lot of random stuttering. Should my specs be able to run this sim at high-ultra 1080p? i7 4790k @4.4 GHZ EVO SSD 16 Gigs of RAM GTX 1660ti 6GB
  4. Would it be worth upgrading this soon? I paid 349.99 for my 770 2gb one year ago today but all this talk about the 970 4gb has me itching especially after I fired up far cry 4 last night and watched my 770 struggle. Would the 4gb vram benifit ROF and BOS any one a single 1080p 21" monitor?
  5. Is fps drop in big mp dogfights normal on high and ultra with the specs in my Sig?
  6. Just curious if I system is up to par with the full game. I play rise of flight fairly well and both games run fine except for one scenario. Let's say something like the airfield is under attack with a good number of planes AAA fire and smoke fire etc.. The game just gets real choppy. This seems to be mostly multiplayer thing but I recently switched back to Intel in hopes of reducing this problem. Ive tried both high and ultra settings with no real difference in performance. Running ultra with 4xaa and vsync on. Here are my specs i5 4670k @3.4 GHz Asus z87 pro mobo 8 gigs of corsair ram EVGA GTX 770 2gb Intel ssd (os only) win 7 64bit 1tb storage drive for games and programs 750w corasir PSU Running 1 21 LCD monitor
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