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  1. My own problem was due to operator dimness. I had assumed that all the downloaded skins would appear with the existing ones and had not appreciated that they were only visible by clicking the Custom option. All skins now useable and very good they look too. Crewchief
  2. Correction to my previous post. The files are dds which seems to be the correct format. When installed in the skins folder initially the properties box brings up a warning "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to protect this computer" with an unblock box. I have ticked this but it makes no difference and the skin is still not visible within the game. The file is accessible to everybody using the computer when I open the security tab within properties so if it is a permissions issue something very obscure is going on. Crewchief
  3. I have a very similar issue to that described by Therion in February 2019. I have downloaded the Hell Hawks campaign skins and tried to get one to show up when I start the game and select the P47-D28. Previously I have not had any luck with getting any downloaded skin to show. I have put the skin file (P47d28_386th_Polly.dll) in Program files (x86)/1C Game Studios/IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles/data/graphics/planes/P47D28/Textures unsuccessfully. I also tried Program files (x86)/1C Game Studios/IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles/data/graphics/skins/P47D28. Both these folders appear to be part of the c
  4. Having searched for some time there are very few sets of any make of pedals out there, unless you pay very silly prices. The Thrustmaster pedals would do but I cannot find any in Britain. There were a couple of suppliers in Germany but with the present situation I have no notion of delivery times to the UK. If any British based flyer has a lead on a new set I would be very pleased to hear from him/her. I am always a bit chary about buying second hand although some commentators have obviously got bargains that way. Fortunately budget is not too much of an issue and I would not object to paying
  5. For anybody like myself thinking of buy MFG pedals I have just found out that the firm have disabled delivery to the UK until early January, presumably to get an idea of post-Brexit conditions. Another fine mess you have got me into, Boris. Might pick up a set of the Thrustmaster pedals so I can at least carry on flying in the meantime. Ouston
  6. Again thanks to all for the comments. Opinion generally seems to be in favour of MFG. I know not all World War Two era aircraft had differential brakes but the Tempest V and P-47, which I fly quite a lot certainly did, so I would still argue the VKB are not an option for me whatever other advantages they may have. The Saitek pedals gave very good service (12 years plus) although I was surprised at the rather shoddy construction of the part that eventually gave out and amazed it lasted as long as it did. As I said earlier I would buy another pair if they were easily available as th
  7. Hmm! Thanks for all the comments. It seems like the MFG pedals are the best bet. Just wondering if I can smuggle them past the wife but we will get to that when we come to it! Might have to cut down the purchase of aviation books for a month or two. Even Saitek are not selling their own pedals and none of the normal sources seem to be selling them so I suspect they are not producing them any more. If the MFG pedals last 12 years, and they look solid, they are probably worth the purchase price. Pip pip Ouston
  8. Thanks to all who have replied. Apologies for not spotting RedKestrel's thread when I did my search. The MFG type look very impressive although as I am an occasional rather than hard-core simmer the price might be a bit steep. However as with most things in life you get what you pay for so I shall give that some thought. I think the VKB would not be an option as they lack toe brakes. I do enough ground loops as it is! Hetzer - I think my problem is similar to yours. The spring loaded adjustment for pedal length on the left pedal has snapped and gone inside. I cannot get Windows to
  9. Hetzer Thanks for the reply. My concern with the Thrustmaster pedals is that they don't look that sturdy although reviews seem not to be too worried about this. The Saitek unit did get stuck from time to time on full left or right rudder but was easily broken down, cleaned and put back together again. They also more accurately mirror the dimensions of pedals on real aircraft whereas the Thrustmaster seems a bit narrow as you point out. I will see if anybody else has anything to say on the subject before making up my mind. Cheers Ouston
  10. Just begun the very handsome looking "Hell Hawks" campaign and at the start of my first sortie I nearly taxied into a line of P-38s. On inspection it turns out that my faithful Saitek rudder pedals have bought the farm and I have no rudder or toe brake control. I have had them for about 12 years and they have given excellent service but I wondered, as the technology must have moved on, whether anybody has any recommendations for another brand. A quick search suggest that the Saitek Pro series are not that easy or cheap to get hold of any longer, several outlets advertising them but not actuall
  11. With regard to the DF loop seen on the P47 model I don't think it is at all typical of the usual fit on high back D models. I have looked in several books and all the photos of American high back Thunderbolts with the loop fitting are from China and Burma. Interestingly the Thunderbolt I's supplied to the RAF in Burma do not seem to have had them and I cannot see them on any 5th Air Force examples although one would have expected aircraft in New Guinea and the Philippines to have required any navigational aids that were available. The Red Air Force got either 192 or 196 Thunderbolts, depending
  12. Thanks for your comments. It was indeed a false positive, Bullguard gave me instructions on how to stop the exe file being quarantined again and I have downloaded the update. Best wishes Crewchief
  13. I tried to update to version 3.102 about a month ago and found that Bullguard had put C:\Program files\1C Games studios\IL-2\bin\game\launcher.exe into quarantine and it would not install the update. I have been busy and then away so did not do anything about it until I wanted to update to 3.201 this evening and enjoy Tempest/P-38/P-51 goodness. I can find no way of releasing the exe file from quarantine and there does not seem to be an earlier version to restore to. Can anybody suggest a fix or should I contact Bullguard? Thanks Crewchief
  14. I was thinking a couple of weeks ago what a shame it was that I could not get Cliffs of Dover to work satisfactorily. To be offered a revised version for free just before Christmas was a surprise and a delight. I have spent a couple of hours flying and done cross countries in a Beaufighter, Hurricane and 109E and it is a vastly improved experience. I can now navigate and land by using the cockpit instruments with no HUD and formation flying seems to be a lot easier. Got into a spot of bother at Hawkinge when I found I had not correctly set up the undercarriage but otherwise the controls were s
  15. Dear Sokol1 Thanks for your help. I reinstalled the Saitek drivers and can at least get the slider on the throttle to act as a throttle. Odd that the throttle itself registers in the Games Controllers properties perfectly OK. I will probably get a new joystick and throttle in due course as I must have had this setup for about 10 years. Do you have any recommendations? Best wishes Crewchief
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