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  1. Not only does it make your icons disappear, it also changes your wallpaper! πŸ˜†
  2. Yes but what kind of games are we talking about here? In order to have meaningful numbers for comparison, you should narrow it down to flight / racing sims only and moreover only to those that allow for both pancake as well as VR use. Other than that, it compares apples to pears.
  3. Change the type of forests. At the moment, all the forests on Rheinland map are broad-leaved forests (as far as I noticed) which is far from reality and which looks weird in any season except for the Summer if you stay high up (in the Winter the trees even have still leaves on). So I hope to get somehow on definition of the forests on Rheinland map in terms of polygons and type of forests.
  4. Hello Team Fusion and thanks for all the work! I will buy as soon as it is out... ...and then leave it aside till VR is supported (yeah, I am afraid I am part of the "no VR no play" gang πŸ˜„). But hereby I declare that as soon as VR is supported, I will buy additional five copies and donate them here on this forum! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Diky jeste jednou a hodne zdaru do finale! Milan
  5. Hello all, While I am not new to modding, I am shiny new 😁 to modding Il2. Therefore, I am coming here to ask for some guidance and help. I would like to try to change the type of forests on the Rheinland map. What would be the tools to do that? I suppose the forest features are defined in some vector format and I would like to edit them. I deliberately just state what I would like to achieve without much further details as I am familiar neither with the tools nor with the processes. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Milan
  6. VorpX is not problematic. Unfortunately, many people just do not read how to use it and then hate on various fora. I am a happy vorpX user and have to say it does magic to many games πŸ€— As for CloD: vorpX will wrap the image into the HMD and via Opentrack you can have reasonable head tracking too. BUT to my experience you will not get 3D effect. So both eyes get the same image. You can actually force z-buffer 3D effect in CloD via reshade/depth3d/VirtualDesktop combo or Helixvision but with many artefacts and million other issues. Not worth the time wasted, if you ask me. I do hope TF will implement native VR into CloD as I think the title just screams for it 😎
  7. I must have missed that. Do you have the source of this info please? I just read that since colaborating with Valve, the lenses would be different and offer better "clarity" blah blah. But not really stating that the lenses would be the same / comparable. To me it looked like a very careful wording of how to say "we will have better lenses but not really on par with Index".
  8. Translated to bigger sweet spot. This might be the only argument (to be confirmed by users here and on other fora) that could flip me into buying since I am already happy with what the G1 offers in the other departments.
  9. True. And let's not forget that their survey was aimed primarily at civil simmers (and tube-liners above all). For instance Il2 almost never figured among possible answers and DCS time to time. So I think the real VR share stands still a bit higher.
  10. No, it is not just you. Perhaps. Though there might be some more releases till the G2 is out. Fall 2020 could also move beyond end-2020 😎 so let's wait for what the competition brings to the market. For me personally, this G2 announcement is a bit of a let down. Yes, it will be better than G1 but I hoped at least for higher FOV (hor and ver) with similar PPD.
  11. I have spent countless hours with this topic (not only vorpX, but also reshade/Depth3D and HelixVision). To make a long story short: - vorpX: wraps nicely into the HMD but with no 3D (so no go for me), - reshade/Depth3D: produces 3D effect based on depth buffer but with glitches and not as natural as native VR; can be projected into the HMD by VirtualDesktop but with unbearable stutters (so no go for me), - HelixVision (builds on nvidia 3D vision): produces similar 3D effect as reshade/Depth3D with associated glitches but is not able to wrap the result to the HMD like vorpX or VirtualDesktop (it allows for virtual screen only) (so no go for me). Proper head tracking represents a whole different world of issues. Basically Opentrack with Valve SteamVR as input and freetrack as output allows for good rotational tracking but positional tracking is pretty much useless. Let's hope the TF brings native VR to the title as they promise. It will be a blast as much as it is in BoX or DCS
  12. Thank you all for participating in the draw. It is great to see such an interest in WWI stuff πŸ™‚ I am happy to announced that @Jmo has been just sent the licence key. Happy landings and perhaps see you at the next similar occasion 😎
  13. Dear pilots, first and foremost, my thanks go to the development team for offering us the promo codes during this madness period πŸ‘ I ended up with the promo code for BoBP and FCvol1 since I already have both. Therefore, I decided to support the devs by buying the FCvol1 copy and give it to one community member. So here we go - the rules: 1) the subscription is opened until this Friday 27 March 2020 midnight (UTC time); 2) subscribe by expressing a clear intention to participate (and perhaps also say why; though it is not compulsory πŸ™‚); 3) you do not own the FCvol1 yet; 4) you really MEAN to play the FCvol1 (so those who just want to give it a try, please do not participate). That's it. I take all the participants who expressed their interest by this Fri midnight (UTC time), randomly select one and announce the winner here in this thread. Thanks for participating and hopefully making the FCvol2 a reality one day 😎 Milan PS: I wholeheartedly recommend Pat Wilson's PWCG to generate campaigns for the FCvol1. If you can, please support his work.
  14. What is it? I never noticed anything weird neither in Il2 nor in DCS... πŸ€”
  15. Maybe this helps to alleviate some discomfort issues?
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