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  1. Yes, it looks like that before the update it was not the case but it is now. Interesting observation is that I have access to BoBp planes (as AI) even though I do not own the module. Anyhow… not a big deal. There is probably not many people who would fly WW2 vs WWI, though occasionally just for fun I took my U-2VS and flew against an WWI opponent.
  2. That is what I meant actually. Sorry for my non-precise (non-native ) English. Sure. This is what I see now: Before the "flags" (=before the 3.201 update) I was able to select also WWI planes as AI flown aircraft. Milan
  3. Hello, it seems my original question went under the radar in the "Game version 3.201 discussion" thread. Therefore, let me ask it here: I own BoS, BoM and BoK. Before the 3.201 patch I was able to select also WWI planes as opponents in QMB. This is no longer possible. I do not own FC vol1, however the BoBP planes (which I do not own either) are available as non-flyable aircraft in QMB - this is just for completness. Could you please confirm this is expected behaviour? Thank you. Milan
  4. Or from someone independent. MRTV perhaps? A feedback from Fenris would also be appreciated if he gets a chance to try both in MRTV Experience 👍
  5. Hello, I own BoS, BoM and BoK. Before this patch I was able to select also WWI planes as opponents in QMB. This is no longer possible. Could you please confirm this is expected behaviour? Thank you. Milan
  6. Hi Pat, is there any way I could tweak the Landing Approach waypoint in order to get it created closer to the airfield? This is what I am getting on shorter missions for my Ju-52 campaign. While I could just ignore the waypoint and proceed to landing on my destination airfield, my AI fellows do actually fly it I can move around the other waypoints but not the Landing Approach one. That's why I am asking. Thank you. Milan
  7. Most likely THIS will make me buy the Flying Circus vol 1. You should get some kick-back fees from the 1CGS (if you are not getting them by now anyway)
  8. Wow... OK, thanks for update. Let's hope this issue is not too deep down on the devs' list 👍
  9. Hello, I am posting in this sub-forum since I came across this issue while flying the PWCG career (wonderful thing Pat, thank you for the tool). Though I admit it may not be linked to the mission generator but rather to AI behaviour. Anyway... I flew three missions with the U-2VS and I was always the only one actually dropping bombs. The other(s) just turned to the Target Egress wpt once close to the target and flew happily home Is it possible that I am experiencing the same issue as indicated in the post below (from July 2018) or may it be linked to the generated missions? Thanks, Milan
  10. Hi all, sometimes, when the time is a scarce commodity, I use Quick Mission editor to set up one-to-one or more-to-more scenario and hit the Start button. Very convenient and works OK! However, sometimes I would like to fly / fight over different areas of the map than the ones offered by default by the Quick Mission editor (typically over the hilly region of the Kuban map). Is there a way to move the default starting points of the Quick Mission editor? E.g. a "grab and move" feature would be nice. I am aware of the Mission Editor and its capability to create custom missions, but as I explain above - the time (or lack of it) sometimes defines the method Thanks, Milan
  11. @Gambit21, what was the thing you were working on related to the U-2VS? I am searching the forum for info about this aircraft and stumbled on this discussion. Thanks for an update if you have a minute 👍 Sorry to revive such an old thread. Milan
  12. TriDef - dead Reshade with Depth3D shader - free but needs tweaking and workaround with Virtual Desktop (or similar) to get it to the headset Are you considering getting vorpX? Its forum is quite active and Ralf is helpful. It is pricey but I have never regretted buying it.
  13. I see that the Index is almost as heavy as the O+. What helped me to shift the weight of the O+ and distribute it more evenly, was an aftermarket headstrap from Studioform. I know that the Index already has a headstrap similar to the one of the Reverb. However, if I compare the Reverb and the O+ incl the above headstrap wearing comfort, the O+ with the headstrap wins (despite its higher weight). It could be because of the design (wider), materials (softer synth cloth), position of the strap... Maybe you could try some DIY version first to see whether it would do the trick? 😉
  14. Interesting. I run it at what would be close to your SS 300% (though in my SteamVR it is at SS 140%). I will test the visuals tonight.
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