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  1. I did not claim the poll was representative. I mentioned it was BoX specific and linked it so that everyone could draw his/her own conclusions. Worth taking into account is the way the question was formulated: Why are you still not in VR in 2020? In my opinion such a question attracts primarily those who are not in VR. So I would bet the real share is actually even higher πŸ‘
  2. This Navigraph survey is perhaps not the most representative for a combat sim genre (check also @[CPT]HawkeyeP post above: ). How about BoX specific poll available elsewhere on this forum: Out of some 300 participants, close to 40% fly in VR (note that the poll question was about "not being in VR").
  3. I hope nothing functional since I will cover them with prescription lenses inserts πŸ™ƒ
  4. 600 of our European Gold is what a yearly membership in our aeroclub costs me. So yeah, you are right πŸ‘
  5. Would you have a working link? I am getting just errors. Thanks.
  6. Increasing the SS to HP Reverb native resolution is just to check whether your current system can cope πŸ‘
  7. As for the higher res - just ramp up SS of your current HMD to match native pixel count of HP Reverb (2160x2160=4665600 pixels per eye) and test on your system. Hope you'll be OK πŸ‘
  8. While a better GPU will certainly not hurt, do not forget that you will hardly need any SS with the Reverb at all. Many people probably SS their HMDs to achieve half good visuals but that is not really necessary with the Reverb. As was mentioned above, it suffice just to run SS to achieve as many pixels as are natively necessary for the Reverb.
  9. These comparisons, while informative, are limited in a sense that human eye is a different thing to any camera lens. The most flagrant example of precisely that was Sweviver's through the lens video showing one of the Pimax HMD vs Reverb G1. He got a lot of flame for that.
  10. Not only does it make your icons disappear, it also changes your wallpaper! πŸ˜†
  11. Yes but what kind of games are we talking about here? In order to have meaningful numbers for comparison, you should narrow it down to flight / racing sims only and moreover only to those that allow for both pancake as well as VR use. Other than that, it compares apples to pears.
  12. Change the type of forests. At the moment, all the forests on Rheinland map are broad-leaved forests (as far as I noticed) which is far from reality and which looks weird in any season except for the Summer if you stay high up (in the Winter the trees even have still leaves on). So I hope to get somehow on definition of the forests on Rheinland map in terms of polygons and type of forests.
  13. Hello Team Fusion and thanks for all the work! I will buy as soon as it is out... ...and then leave it aside till VR is supported (yeah, I am afraid I am part of the "no VR no play" gang πŸ˜„). But hereby I declare that as soon as VR is supported, I will buy additional five copies and donate them here on this forum! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Diky jeste jednou a hodne zdaru do finale! Milan
  14. Hello all, While I am not new to modding, I am shiny new 😁 to modding Il2. Therefore, I am coming here to ask for some guidance and help. I would like to try to change the type of forests on the Rheinland map. What would be the tools to do that? I suppose the forest features are defined in some vector format and I would like to edit them. I deliberately just state what I would like to achieve without much further details as I am familiar neither with the tools nor with the processes. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Milan
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