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  1. So a left Kosmosima with 200mm extension and GunFighter MKIII base would be "Gunfighter Mk.III ‘Space Combat Edition’". From the first roll down menu select GunFighter Pro-L (that's the GunFighter base and 200mm extension; the Pro-S is the GunFighter base with 100mm extension) and from the second select between Kosmosima Left Standard and Kosmosima Left Premium (the premium version comes with an extra hat to replace a button, an extra hat to replace the ministick and a secondary trigger with push and pull buttons). But please be advised that if you order Kosmosima with 200mm extension you won't be able to install it other than straight in front of you; if you want to have if at 15% offset you'll have to go for the 100mm extension which is straight (the 200mm is curved).
  2. There are several types of Gladiators, all with 14 buttons on the base and a mini-throttle: - Gladiator Pro has metal gimbal, with swappable grips, cams and springs, similar with the GunFighter system, but no dry clutch; it is out of production and won't get revived; - Gladiator MKII has a fixed grip, the KG12 and plastic gimbal; it is also out of production, but is could still be found in some stores; - Gladiator K comes standard with Kosmosima grip, but any other VKB grip could get installed (MCG/MCG Pro is not officially recommended though, being too heavy); has the same plastic gimbal as Gladiator MKII. The Standard version comes with Kosmosima standard grip and the Pro version comes with Kosmosima Premium grip, which has an extra trigger and comes with some swappable hats and buttons.
  3. Just fill up a service ticket and they'll send you new cables.
  4. Check the in-game curve settings, maybe there are settings left from a previous device.
  5. The upgrade kit consists in an adapter that allows user to swap grips on the Gladiator. It's not an upgrade to metal gimbal/cams system as in the Gladiator Pro or GunFighter series.
  6. Could be a loose wire inside the case. Check the wires getting into the JST connectors.
  7. The problem has been fixed by VKB HQ support - it was a software issue and not mechanical.
  8. The Pro version is a superior class. There are 4 sets of cams available for it (Avia Soft and Hard detent and Space Soft and Hard detent), 4 sets of springs (they could be installed 2 per cam, giving a large variety of resistance adjustment). A higher class is the GunFighter base, which comes with all the options from above plus the dry clutch system, where you could adjust the pressure 2 nylon pads put on a metal barrel to reduce stick oscillations.
  9. My GPU stats was showing 98% usage in DCS and Il-2. Now, after oveclocking, shows 97%
  10. Il-2 is fine with overclocking the GPU. I have a 2070S overclocked through Afterburner and works without issues. Must be your settings.
  11. You could program max 3 buttons on the MCG Pro brake lever. See the image below: 1. Check the A2B (Axes to Buttons) box; 2. Check the MCG Brake box to activate the buttons; 3. Move the slider to adjust distance between buttons; 4. Check Low limit box to activate a button on the low limit; 5. Check the High limit box to activate a button on the high limit. (4 and 5 are optional, if left unchecked then you'll have a single button on the brake lever) The But N in the image represent the button(s) that will get assigned to the brake lever control. If you set that over 64 the game won't recognize it. Be careful though so you won't assign it to an already used position.
  12. Clean up the contact pads on both the extension and base with a bit of alcohol. Check the pins on the extension and grip o see if the springs are working properly. Also you could inspect the 3 contact pads on both the base and the extension - if they are very scratched it means you're not securing the grip or extension properly (locking screw loose or improper positioning).
  13. VKB reps have stated the UCM is coming out shortly after the twist and GFIII updates. I'd hold my breath
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