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  1. Clean up the contact pads on both the extension and base with a bit of alcohol. Check the pins on the extension and grip o see if the springs are working properly. Also you could inspect the 3 contact pads on both the base and the extension - if they are very scratched it means you're not securing the grip or extension properly (locking screw loose or improper positioning).
  2. VKB reps have stated the UCM is coming out shortly after the twist and GFIII updates. I'd hold my breath
  3. Or you could wait few more days for VKB to release their modular mounting system, the UCM:
  4. As far as I understood everything is ready for sales so the product should show up in stores pretty soon. It takes a while though, after a physical product is designed and built, to start selling it. There is packaging to design and produce, export forms to fill up, copyrights etc.
  5. This is the new mounting system from VKB. I was lucky enough to receive it for testing and after almost 2 weeks I could say it's great. It's strong, modular and looks great. Could be taken off desk in 1 minute and stored for later use. The best thing is that it's modular so one could attach more things to it than their joysticks; for now there's only a tablet/phone holder, a keyboard holder and a glass holder, but I was told they're designing other modules for it. There are a few examples of builds in the video I've made. Enjoy!
  6. It has a hat with 4 positions, the top button, the trigger and a pinky button. I think the pinky button is acting like a shift from start, but you could also program a keyboard key to act as a second shift or mode button through the VKBDevCfg software. So you'd have standard 7 controls, 12 controls if you're using pinky button as shift, or 18 or 24 using pinky button as shift and a keyboard key as a second shift. You could also program the grip buttons as Tempo - press a button for 0.5 sec means command 1, press the same button for 2 sec means command 2.
  7. Here's the link: For me it worked following the first post and the 8th (change the State to 0 in both Career and Pilot).
  8. As a new and very enthusiastic player it's been so frustrating to see my 2 weeks long BOS career finished by a bug - after a successful mission and landing to the correct airfield I've been informed that I've been "Captured" with no possibility to continue the campaign. Luckily I've found and followed @Talon_'s instructions to manage to continue instead of starting all over; also, @15[Span.]/JG51Spartan's suggestion have put me back on track. So many thanks to both of them, big thumbs up to the whole community - I'm learning new things everyday, and congrats to the developers for this great game (but please fix this awful bug, it's so frustrating for a player, especially a new one like myself). Cheers!
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