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  1. I got a file not found on download link: http://www.pwcampaignmanager.com/pwcgbos/web/PWCGBoS.html Am I missing something or what is up?
  2. Nice Prangster! Great idea, im sure this will make alot of inspiration for mission builders!
  3. Yes. Maybe it has something to do with the game.
  4. @Gambit21,Thanks for your comment on my silly post. Now i feel better knowing what you think. Because I am weak. It's a drug I cant resist. I am trying not to, and I hope this was my last fix.
  5. Could not have said it better. I agree. Il will not be surprised when this game comes out many of us "critics" are going to say "told you so!" and a lot of fanboys will resist to the bitter end, trying to convince themselves and everybody else that they were not ripped of.. I might be wrong, and I will admit it then. But lets wait and see I believe one of the reasons is the pre-order concept. I have no understanding and experience in gaming development so I might be grasping here - but the only thing as I can see that has changed significant through gaming development history is that the company is able to get payed through the development from thousands of people who got no clue what they are paying for. That is why pre-access forums always are closed to non-payers. They cant see what they are going in for Their money-income no longer only depends on the final released product. They get alot of money from people buying something they know absolutely nothing about. Should be illegal in my opinion! I would rather wait a year longer with no early access and have quality product in the end, than what I think almost every single pre-access game I have been funding so far has turned out to become. It would be interesting to see how much of the total funding actually comes from preorders vs release orders in many games. And I think thats why we are starting to see a lot of "low cost" indy games that are becoming very popular on many fronts right now. They are build with love, and from people who go to sleep dreaming about their game and creations. Not because they need so many money going in at the end. "look at all our fancy graphics isnt it niiiize you can have it now!! in preorder for only 50 bucks!!!! special priize!!". (read out with an asian street-market dealer accent). ^Thats how I see every single "gameplay" trailer for a game right now. Sorry for being a bit grumpy Im glad they decided to release it to everyone after release date. But they should not worry so much about supporting it. People will figure it out sooner or later due to trial and error. Thats what communities are for. As an example, I can create a whole map for Arma 2 and 3, with the worst tools made in mans history and with NO scripting experience or understanding at all, and without any support from the developers. Only with the help from the community. I will almost bet you that the FMB will be easier than Arma tools.
  6. Thanks Sokol1! Thanks for the invite 1./JG42Nephris but I'll pass this time. Have fun though
  7. Haha exactly I guess your right on that. Not much needed, more than the arrangement of the date, time and server to join. (And who's gonna be the lead wingman). We will see when the game comes out, I think Im sticking with CloD for a while right now.
  8. Do you guys create your own missions when playing? I cant seem to find any usermade missions anywhere that supports TF mod ? Specifically i have a few interested friends who are not used to flying, therefore the ATAG server might be just a little to tough, and we want to get started with a little coop stuff. Is there anywhere to look for TF missions or do I have to go down the hard road and create it myself? Im far from unexperienced in missionmaking for various games, but its a pretty huge task to create them for this game I think. So at least a template or something would be awesome. I know from other games, when you join a public server that mission gets downloaded to your own pc. Does this happen for CloD?
  9. Thanks for the link to aircombatgroup. Looks really good, I will consider that when BoS is complete and we know whether or not the game will be worth it or if it's back to CloD, because right now I have my doubts about BoS. Yeah, I dont think its big enough either. Even though I personally know, and know about 5 other danes who bought or will buy BoS, and are interested. But I am fairly sure most of them are like "Cool graphics lets kill something for a week until we are bored" - ish. Because thats how they are with most other games With you danes here, we would allready be counting 8 pilots. So I think it could be possible, but it would require a good leader who knows how to arrange interesting stuff. That counts me out
  10. I feel the same. Good suggestion, upvote from me!
  11. Sweet :-) This is a little clip I made from today, sadly the the mission ended in a bad time as allways! ^^ I'm having a tough time spotting the 109's from the yak's ! So alot of my flying ends up with evading friendlies and stalking silouettes until I am absolutely sure what plane it is before I attack. Do you guys also have a hard time spotting friend from foe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3D_rmg5kEA Yes, me and about 6 friends of mine are going to Karup airshow. To bad no ww2 planes are showing up :-)
  12. Lay of the jokes! Danes are humorless. (Apologies for not catching the jokes)
  13. Nice to see other danes I dont have the energy to create something from scratch, I've done plenty of that in the past so Im just looking to join in. And unlike you I'm free from the whole kid/wife thing so I dont have so many timezone restrictions hehe :-) I'm part of a small community on teamspeak where most of us know each other in real life, we meet several times a year at airshows etc.. Not to brag or selfpromote here, but I think its safe to say I'm pretty much in a whole other league compared to the other guys I know, when it comes to flightsimming. I can fly for hours, I study air to air combat as much as I can, sometimes I even go to bed thinking of tactics and flying haha. So thats why I'm searching a bit to see if there should be other guys around who are just as into it as I am, because I do feel a bit by my self on this topic here in Denmark. My weak sides are that Im not really a people's person and I dont talk much at all, but I love flying planes and playing other games in multiplayer. Im also sticking with the german planes. Bf-109 F4 is my favorite plane right now, and also the stuka with 37mm is a thrill!
  14. Great video, great shooting and fantastic ending. Nice flying dude!
  15. If i wanted you mother i wouldnt be looking for her here.. Seriously, what is up with the attitudes on this board.. Anywho, any danes wants to have fun feel free to contact me, I dont feel like hanging around here much with all the hostility i've seen.
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