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  1. Yeah, no. I did take a closer look at those struts in between the wings and fuselage/landing gear and they looked at me smugly with this expression "You know we're gonna break just to spite you". 🤣 Besides my stash is pretty full already. Gotta dig into that one.
  2. Oh god. The idea of doing this rigging is keeping me from trying Eduard's Fokker D.VII. And that's in 1/72 scale. Doing this in 1/144?
  3. Adding some pics of my recent projects. Found them while cleaning up my camera's memory card. Fw 190 A-5 of I./JG 54 - Olt. Walter Nowotny - Orel 1943 Me 262 A-1a of Kdo. Nowotny, Achmer, October 1944 Ta 183 - What if
  4. @XQ_Lothar29 👍 👍 A bit more to do on my Ta 152 C, but RLM 76, 82 and the RLM 83 engine cover are done. RLM 81 remains to be done (fuselage and wings) as is the bare metal area underneath the wings/fuselage. Since I've done two RLM 81/82 camos in my last two projects (TA 183 1/48 and Me 262 1/72) I wanted a bit more variety so I let myself be inspired by Kurt Tanzer's very late Fw 190 D-9 (production batch of March 45, most probably of Focke Wulf Cottbus) with a few modifications.
  5. I know, but for colour range "harmony" and quality of spraying I actually prefer Mr. Hobby Colours. I did try Vallejos, Ammo etc but these "pure" acrylics left a lot to be desired IMO when it comes to ease of handling and especially durability. I find Mr. Hobby brings the most durable finish upon which I can base my weathering and they're easier to handle even than Tamiya paints (I've had issues with them in very fine airbrush detail work - they seem to dry far faster than Mr. Hobby which makes mottling or marbling difficult).
  6. Oh dear ... You know that feeling all week, looking forward to the weekend when you can finally do some modelling and when you sit down to actually do it you realize you're fresh out of something important? In my case - I wanted to do the first colour on my Ta 152 and realized I only have one almost empty can of RLM 76. Doh! 🤦‍♂️
  7. Did a bit more on my Ta 152 C today. Marbelling not done by any means, but after two hours I was getting cramps in my hand. The black area on the underside will be painted in metal colour (one of the Aluminium tones I have).
  8. There were two major versions of Radars with the code designation "Würzburg" - the smaller one you're talking about (FuSe/FuMg 62) and the much larger "Würzburg Riese" (FuSe/FuMG 65) which was usually used in conjunction with Freya systems as the latter didn't give altitude information but had a superior detection range (even more so with the later "Wassermann" types which were basically 4 / 8 Freya antennas combined). Edit: And I second the suggestion to incorporate later "Dunkelgelb" schemes for ground vehicles that were still used (i.e. SdKfz 251, i.e. SdKfz 10 and pretty much a
  9. @ sevenless Like I said I read that article (the topic already was a hot issue back on Ubisoft's boards in the original Il-2) but unfortunately those old magazines were disposed of during one or another move since 2003. 🥺
  10. You are, on the one hand, correct that I misremembered Mombeek's 3 volumes. But you also misunderstand Falke1's blogpost which clearly questions Mombeek's interpretations based on research done by Rodeike (published in an article in the german aviation history magazine "Jet&Prop" 04/2003) according to which no JG1 groundcrew member interviewed for said article could remember anything but black and white. And this article is exactly where I read this, too bad that I had to dispose of many old magazines due to several moves across the last decade. ☹ Falke1 also posted a still whi
  11. Small comment re skin of Fw 190 A-6 of JG 1 that has been shown in the update ... There was never a single evidence that JG 1 ever used anything but black and white for the checkerboard pattern. The photo showing a seemingly yellow black pattern was badly colourized post-war and shows an aircraft with a rather common issue the BMW 801s were suffering from - excessive oil leaks. I'd have to dig into my book storage to find it but I clearly remember the 3 volume series on JG 1 dismissing the use of red/yellow on checkerboard noses as post-war urban legend.
  12. Drat! Was trying to airbrush a model last night, found out the seal on the nozzle of my Infinity is done for. The new one won't be here until Dec 30.
  13. An interesting debate. However, IMO the "realism" aspect falls flat simply because we're not perceiving the real world with the resolution and capabilities of good old human Eyeball Mk. 1, but a pixelated computer generated one usually on a 2D screen. That one can never match reality at the current state of computing power. As such IMO a compromise is needed but how that may look is currently beyond me.
  14. Got mine yesterday. Top notch quality as usual. 👍
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