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  1. Yeah, I usually watch their vids when doing my (almost) daily 25km stints on my exercise machine. They actually got me started on making aircraft models again after +15 years of only doing armor models.
  2. [Tongue-in-cheek pseudo-complaint] The update's cooling routines are not working. I am measuring 30° C in my computer room right at this moment, making it impossible to actually fly it. Please add climate controls so I can actually play the update. Thank you. 😜 [/Tongue-in-cheek pseudo-complaint]
  3. Go to the folder where you have installed Il-2, locate the UPDATES subfolder and delete everything in there. Then run the launcher again and it should work.
  4. Just managed to read Shamrock's article. Thanks for that. I agree that the most useful online use of the Me 262 would be in its A-2a variant serving as an ultra-fast Jabo. Place some seriously well-defended targets far in the Allied rear (i.e. a strategically important bridge, a major supply dump, a petrol store etc) and tightly limit the 262 to just a few aircraft. I know people will abuse it but I guess all those "I want to be [Insert-historical-ace-here]-reborn" will do that once or twice, get frustrated and return to "easier" piston-engined fighters.
  5. It is always astonishing just what flight simmers will rant and ramble about. 🙄
  6. "Blood, Steel and Myth" has a Pretty extensive chapter on Wittmann's actions on that day (along with another detailed description of 6./SS-PR 1 under Obersturmführer von Ribbentrop, son of the Foreign Minister of Hitler's Reich). Initially his few Tigers had been held in reserve on the northern edge of Komsomolets, a small settlement (or Kolkhos?) situated a few kilometers west of Storoshevoe, about halfway between Yasnaya Polyana in the south and Vassilyevka in the North. The Tigers engaged two Tank Brigades from 18th Tank Corps (170th and 181st) as the advanced abreast along the eastern bank of river Psel (the "Corridor" formed by the river in the north-west and the railway embankment to the south-east). The engagement began at a point roughly west-south-west of Oktyabrisky when Wittmann ordered his Tigers to open fire at a range of 1,800m. A key feature of this day was Rotmistrov's faulty order not to halt for accurate firing (a tactic ordered due to grossly overzealous reports of over a hundred Tigers in the sector of II. SS-Panzerkorps alone) which meant few shells fired by soviet tanks ever hit the Tigers … And since Wittmann kept his tanks at a certain distance for most of the 3-hour-battle the soviet intention of quickly closing the distance was negated.
  7. If somebody owning the book "Bodenplatte - The Luftwaffe's last hope" and a scanner could help out here (don't have a scanner). Evere Airfield (B-56): There is an aerial photo of that airfield dated early 1945 in "Bodenplatte - The Luftwaffe's last hope" - page 173. Melsbroek Airfield (B-58): Yet one more Aerial photo of said airfield dated March 26 1945 in "Bodenplatte - The Luftwaffe's last hope" - page 219. Additionally: https://www.andreaszapf.de/blog-fdl-media/Leseprobe-Band-7-Niedersachsen-Bremen.pdf It's a sample from "Flugplätze der Luftwaffe 1934-34 - und was davon übrig blieb" Volume 7 dealing with Lower Saxony and Bremen. It begins with Achmer (including aerial photos and layout drawings) and also contains Quakenbrück (page 22 and following). Two typos/mistakes in Location naming I found on the map so far: 1.) It's not Rhaine, it must be Rheine (the AF designation is correct, the town is not). 2.) Until the 1950s it was not Mönchengladbach but Münchengladbach.
  8. Ugh, that last is pure fantasy. First: The allocated Reich Defense tail band for JG 54 was a solid 900mm wide blue band, but after conversion to the D-9 III./JG 54 never used it until it was redesignated IV./JG 26 (and then applied the black/White of JG 26). Second: It's been proven that early Doras such as those allocated to III./JG 54 had a rather uniform appearance of RLM 82/75 over RLM 76. That one above is an ancient Interpretation and should only be used as example for "How not to …". No hard feelings, mate. Just saying.
  9. Jeez guys … Don't you ever sleep?
  10. It was a rout, over in less than 30 minutes. 🤣
  11. Had "Battle of the breakfast buffet" this morning. Does that count?
  12. I thought I read in an older DD that TC won't have a dynamic campaign. It would not work that well, IMO, anyway.
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