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  1. @ Sokol1 When Microprose went under (after Falcon 4) there was a definitive "break" in the flight sim producing environment, mostly filled with dev teams originating in the former USSR. I do not know if it is a different attitude or worldview, but those sims I either played or which I looked at all had this rather obvious "austere sandbox focused on excruitiating details and accuracy" to them. And initially BoX was just the same (though the issue of time constraints and lacking resources was more pronounced than elsewhere).
  2. I'm with Feathered_IV. In the rush to please the rivet counters, moderate the "150-octane-fuel-yay-nay-yay-nay-yay-nay" arguments and avoid a blistering dressing down over inaccuracies in minor systems developers these days have forgotten that - underneath all the sometimes elitist "simulation" starch all too many folks are displaying in their disdain for "the masses" - a flight sim still is and needs to be entertainment software. Or, as Jason has said all too often here they don't have the resources to do everything and therefor they prioritize (though I don't see why outsourcing gameplay entirely to the community and focusing on just the sandbox to play in is really a good idea). Anyway, what I think sets apart the "old sims" of the golden age from today is that gameplay is often entirely missing ... Even here the career mode was an afterthought, developed post-release not only due to resource constraints (as understandable as that was) but because the initial concept left much to be desired and wasn't received that well. As a sidenote: All games I really enjoyed over the past two or three years had one major thing goin for them: they were utterly brilliant at storytelling (and making the player think over his decisions because they mattered for the flow of the story). Sure Witcher III or Assassin's Creed Odyssey were visually brilliant, but I also enjoyed Pathfinder: Kingmaker for the same well thought out storytelling that also kept pulling me back to the two former games. That art of telling a story, either directly (linear campaign) or in general (= history), seems to be kind of a lost art in flight sim development. Sadly, that is.
  3. Quite honestly: I don't see much difference. I usually fail to spot anything
  4. That's another exception, yes, but an exception nonetheless. And given the "less specific" nature of a career compared to a static campaign I'd say the norm should be the baseline, not an exception.
  5. I've not had much ... well, to be honest I had no time for playing Il-2 over the last few months, mostly due to my new job and the many needs of real life outside of it, but after installing the latest patch I've done a few rounds in the QMB in between my chores at home and even tried to start a career on Kuban just to see how it is. To be frank I never managed to start a mission due to real life interference but something that had bugged me already when the career mode was introduced really jumped out again: In a fighter career for III./JG 52 the very first mission I was to fly was a ground attack against a soviet artillery battery. With bombs. To cut a long story short: I do not think that german fighter careers should ever include ground attack missions using bombs. There were a few exceptions (in JG 51 during late 1941 and early 1942 when one Staffel per Gruppe was earmarked for jabo missions or the specialized Jabo unit within JG 54 in early 1943) but in general german fighter pilots weren't even trained to use bombs and their units generally had neither bombs nor the equipment to load and carry them. I skimmed various biographies I own - Düttmann, Petermann, Ewald, Meimberg ... none of them ever included a deliberate Jabo mission with a bombload. Sure, ground attacks were flown, some even deliberately ... but those were strafing missions. I remember Meimberg ranting about the lunacy of an order to fly bomb attacks in the very last days of the war given that he had never trained any of that (let alone his subordinates) and he went through pre-war flight training. This will be especially important for the BoBP career given the dramatic drop in pilot quality on the german side. These kids (and many of them were but kids) were barely trained to get the aircraft off the ground and back again to begin with. In my opinion ground attack operations using bombs should be limited in the career mode to the ground-attack units, these had the equipment for them and the pilots were trained to do so. Maybe, to preserve choice, a checkbox "disable ground attacks" could be an additional setting which would remove "bomb this" missions from careers (but not strafing runs for these are realistic and historical).
  6. Not to rain in on everyone's parade but I think any kind of "command" function depends on the willingness of players to actually follow such "orders". From what I've heard of the MP econosphere that may be a rather tall order.
  7. Got mine yesterday. Since weather forecast says rain all the way for this weekend I guess I'll sit down for some reading this Sunday. ☕
  8. Quite honestly the idea that a simple pilot could affect the course if the war in a comprehensible and believable manner is ludicrous to begin with. No single pilot can affect economic potentials of entire nations and those are what won the war we're talking about. Even if the IJN "wins" at Midway due to the player's achievements it does not change the economic potential of the US to eventually field Carrier Task Forces with a dozen or more flattops and a metric truckload of escorts. Japan can't seriously affect that economic potential ... and that makes the outcome of the entire affair not that different in the end. Same for the Luftwaffe. The player can shoot down dozens of soviet aircraft over Stalingrad (which several real-life pilots did), it still won't affect the soviet buildup on the flanks, the grinding down of german formations in this "War of the Rats", the willful blindness of german high command to what was happening and neither does it change the growing output of the soviet war industry that will overwhelm german capabilities from 1943 on. Leave changing history to strategy games for these deal with the strategic and operational factors that really decide wars.
  9. @ Jason & Sneaksie Hey, I am a scale modeller. Rivet counting is part of that hobby. 😜
  10. Actually the perspective is tricking you. If you zoom in you'll realize it is indeed the /70 version built by Vomag. The /L48 always had either a muzzle break or (if lost) you'd see the screw thread. Here none of that exists ... and in fact the second Jagdpanzer hidden behind the first makes the /L70 more noticable.
  11. To deepen the issues JtD alluded to: It was found that firing the Mk 103 gondolas induced considerable yawing which made accurate firing impossible. Attempts to harmonize the two guns to remove this problem failed and a solution didn't seem likely. Since the Mk 103 gondolas were initially intended to be used in the tank buster role the beginning (and promising) experiments with rocket-based anti-tank armament made the complex and economically expensive gun armament obsolete (the tungsten for the Mk 103 armor piercing shells was difficult to procure).
  12. Once again I'm floored by what flight simmers will rant and argue passionately about. Or, to paraphrase, rarely in the history of entertainment software have so many people gotten worked up on so little. 🤘
  13. Moskito Meeting? Is that where they serve vintages of of "Flak Panzer Oil" to (unsuspecting) simmers? (some people may actually know what I mean). 😎
  14. Just had a very brief look at things (having 30°C in the room is a sure way to kill off any inclination to play on the PC) but I noted two things: a) The Panzer IV offers a weird driving experience, almost as if one was driving across an old-fasioned wash board. b) The Halberstadt has a photo recon camera. I know that's a port from RoF but can we please add some decent recon mechanics and equipment to those a/c in BoX which served in this role? 🤓
  15. I don't think Flashy's logic is absurd, it would actually solve part of the problem of lacking "mass" for ground targets. I have barely any time to actually fly the game, let alone try to get back into online flying but I watch enough videos and when some twenty tanks are labeled a "Panzer Division" my left eyelid gets twitchy with disbelief. A real Panzer or Tank Division back then had hundreds or even thousands of vehicles, a number the engine cannot depict, but we can use Flashy's logic to show the progress of such a unit on the march - regardless of player intervention. A few planes may be able to take out a bunch of vehicles and tanks, but never an entire battalion, regiment or especially division. This way one could attempt to simulate a greater mass without the performance issues.
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