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  1. csThor

    DD today?

    It was a rout, over in less than 30 minutes. 🤣
  2. csThor

    DD today?

    Had "Battle of the breakfast buffet" this morning. Does that count?
  3. csThor

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone.
  4. csThor

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    I thought I read in an older DD that TC won't have a dynamic campaign. It would not work that well, IMO, anyway.
  5. csThor

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    Hmmm ... I understand the reasoning from the developer's POV, but I had hoped for a somewhat different approach. I, personally, would have made a bunch of "mini campaigns" around certain events during the campaign, no longer than 5 or 6 missions and utterly focused on that one event, using one tank type and one crew. That way the storytelling arch would have remained intact while at the same time keeping the campaign short enough to be believable. I am not a fan of cramming lots of different types into one campaign just to span a certain timeframe, but I guess the logistics of that make it doable for the developers. Oh well, there are always player-built campaigns, aren't there?
  6. csThor

    Kurfürst fans?

    I still say some of you folks need to get a life. 😒
  7. csThor

    Der Tank Crew Thread

    Tank Crew : Clash at Prokhorovka 😉
  8. csThor

    Official Poll: Theme for the next historical campaign

    Well, I understand where the insistance on "standard a/c of BoS" comes from but it really limits the potential campaign topics to what is essentially already there. It's supremely unfortunate that the AI issues remove the Ju 87 from the pool of potential aircraft same as the Hs 129. Because both would offer something new. To be honest yet another fighter campaign (on either side) or one more Il-2 campaign wouldn't be of interest to me personally (TBH since I only fly german a/c russian campaigns aren't my cup of tea anyway).
  9. csThor

    Developer Diary 211 - Discussion

    Knowing the amount of research and actual gfx work for a project like this ('cause I made most of the german emblems in CloD) all I can say is Kudos, Spektre! 🤘
  10. csThor

    New Feedback Feature Launched

    You know what is frustrating? Sitting there, thinking on what to write … and then to realize the things that bug you most stem from your own high Standards (of historical details and operational accuracy). And that is outside the team's envelope … 😳
  11. Just curious ... Does that concern AI-operated moving ground vehicles (trucks and tanks) and artillery, too? Where is the limit for those?
  12. csThor

    Skin 4k Fw 190 A-8

    Ist ja auch kein Verbrechen.
  13. csThor

    Skin 4k Fw 190 A-8

    @LesG I'm afraid you're wrong. It is a 20mm MG 151/20 barrel, the 30mm Mk 108 had a considerably shorter gun barrel which did not stick out of the wing's leading edge as much. The restauration was thusly done as an ordinary Fw 190 A-8 ... This is what an Mk 108 installation in a Fw 190 A-8/R2 looks like. Notice the considerably shorter barrel?
  14. csThor

    That laugh you get..............

    Nobody can simulate insufficient pilot training across the board, ludicrous command interference (Göring insisting on german fighters ignoring fighter escorts and only attack bombers), faulty doctrine or morale issues. Nobody can tell any player how he has to play the game. And you can't simulate dubious fabrication quality, lack of fuel and ammunition (unless you design and code an elaborate and very complicated system around the mission itself to simulate the resource war). If we were to go by realistic standards the Luftwaffe should not get any ground-pounding loadouts for their 190s and 109s on most maps (except when certain units which did operate in the G/A role were present and then only those should be able to do so) because by 1944 most fighter pilots had no idea of ground-attack ops as they were barely trained to fly their aircraft. But is that a sensible limitation in the confines of online gameplay? It could be done, with a little time and effort spent on setting up a not-so-standard task allocation and mission setup, but it would be more difficult for the mission creators. Let's look at a possible "Market Garden" campaign for example ('scuse me if I'm rambling, just finished breakfast). We can't simulate the airdrops or any of the supply Drops nor the supporting heavy bomber raids, but we can simulate most of the purely tactical Fighting. What would be the task for the Allies? It would be fourfold: 1.) Air Support for 1st British AB (+ later Polish Brigade) 2.) Air Support for 101st US AB 3.) Air Support for 82nd US AB 4.) Air Support for XXX Corps Included in this can be additional supporting Tasks as flak suppression in especially the first Mission etc. The Goal of the Campaign is to get XXX Corps to Arnhem before the Brits and Poles are being overrun by Bittrich's SS Corps (the Campaign would be set up in such a way that without player input the historical outcome would be achieved - the Brits get overrun with XXX Corps a few kilometers away). That means the Air Forces need to split their attention on various Areas, with XXX Corps and especially 1st British AB being the primary zones of interest. The Missions would have to be built in such a way that the Air Forces can help XXX Corps make a faster pace towards Arnhem, but if the players ignore the plight of 1st British AB the Allies will still lose the Campaign if the Paras are overrun earlier due to lack of Air Support. On the other hand the Luftwaffe wouldn't be able to do much against XXX Corps (due to the mentioned lack of G/A loadouts) but if they can fend off allied Air support missions against the roadblocks in front of it or @ Arnhem they can win the thing (they basically just need to fight the Allies to a stalemate). If Server Operators can then add something like limited plane availability they can enhance the Luftwaffe's problems by making them fly more conservatively so that their units aren't gutted by losses. Like I said, just some thoughts that were jumbling through my (still sleep-fogged) brain over the first cup of coffee this morning.