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  1. Both things happen, depends on.... And both are not really good
  2. Dear friends, it looks like the tanks announce caused too much fuss. Please don't imagine anything redundant. We don't make a killer of popular MMO tank games (we don't know how to do it and our game is about completely different things), we work in different genres and for different playbases. Don't imagine anything impossible so you won't be dissapointed by the game not meeting your expectations. We just added controllable tanks to IL-2. There are several interesting things, for example you can feel the enourmous size of the map, see what tank engagements looked like, this differs from most other tank games enormously. They differ like avia sim differs from a game about shooting planes. Distances are long, you can't see anything, etc. This kind of game can't be really popular. We didn't want to make tanks to reap $$$ from players. In the first place, we wanted to show how tank engagements really looked like for those who are interested in this. It's like a documentary, not a blockbuster. Engine created for avia sim imposes many restrictions for tank simulation, limiting its visual epicness. Content looks less detailed (it was created to look good at a distance), trees seem too big and they don't fall, fences are ethereal - these are big no-noes for a good mass market game. We created tanks so you could experience how it was from the other side of IL-2 aiming reticle, from the point of view of its main target. It gives a whole new meaning to watching a dogfight, knowing that if a fighter loses it, then a survived Strurmovik will toast you and there is very little you can do about this. And of course it is exciting to know that all these things are controlled by real people. We didn't spend time to invent a special balanced gameplay that would make playing in a tank interesting or rewarding, we decided to show you the WWII era warfare from another perspective. So I'm asking politely, dear customers, don't add excess hype to the mix. These are just tanks, yes, they are realistic, yes, they can move on 120+ thousands of square kilometers, yes, they have physics and interiors, yes, it is scary, etc. But this is not a game to play holding a beer by any means. This is freaking hardcore.
  3. in modern times its much more hard to find something positive than negative
  4. more time to reading, less time for working
  5. sure. give us some time. nobody likes to test such complicated software as flightsims. we forced to do testing "on air". like dserver. as you can see this part of software still have bugs, and some of them hiding in the shadow of another bugs. we working to solve major of them. this is why do not want to speed up keys delivering process.
  6. oh no. dcs to much, i am cruel, true, but not evil. spend year for one plane to read tons of negativity after open-closed-beta. no, just little punishment. My riding bear need some innocent developers tears to boost speed, nothing more.
  7. And punishing from commissars (thanks simhq, always reading with pleasure), if singing not enough good.
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