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  1. Yes there is. I'm slowly working on the third part. At first, I did it in python via pygame, just like the previous two, but the fps loss was from 20 to 50, the jerks are very noticeable, which is unacceptable (pygame can only output one window and its update is slow enough for the full-screen size). Then I tried to do it through OpenGL, it can output two windows and more (the window sizes are small only in terms of the size of the slider display area), respectively, the fps loss is less, but still significant, about 15-20, and there are still jerks. Unfortunately, it is not possible to implem
  2. 24.12.20 archive update: added the sight of the Mc.202 aircraft, added silhouettes of aircraft, now there are 14 pieces: Bf-109, Bf-110, Fw-190, He-111, Hs-129, I-16, Il-2, P-39, P-40, Pe-2, Spitfire V, U-88, Yak-1 69 series. For the RAF sight, a second scenario has been added (which was not there). The file "how to change" is attached to the images folder.jpg" how to change the size of images of images. Images from the size_image_medium file.zip optimized to 1/3 of the screen length, from the size_image_small file.zip to 1/3 of the screen height.
  3. Air Overlay Course. Version 1.0 (the very first). Decorated. Link to the archive with files under the video. Version features: 1. Currently only works for games running in window mode. 2. Scripts do not have protection from repeated launches yet. We recommend using only the standard interface for the time being. (there is an option to bind the script call AviaOverlayCourse.py directly on the joystick button, but it is better not to do this yet, because there is a huge probability of starting several copies at once (I checked - they work in parallel) and the computer will slow down.
  4. I finally got over it. There are some reservations on the video, but not critical ones. Please do not judge strictly, I rushed away, I did not want to break it up in parts, because the entire context is one logical dependency. At first, immediately after downloading, Youtube may not give you a Full HD image, then try to watch it later.
  5. Thanks! Yes, Trackir4 will work the same way as Trackir5. A small part of the pilots who had it gathering dust on the shelf have already got it out and tried it - it works. And because of this scheme and anti-aliasing in Opentrack, the difference between tracker4 and tracker5 should become invisible. Getting your tracker4 you almost become a user of trackir5. I recommend that you try and write here about the result.😀
  6. Overwritten the second part of the AOM installation. Test at the den. For me, the review has become much more stable than that of the native tracker. Video on automatic displacement in the back hemisphere until deleted. You need to re-select the coefficients.
  7. The jump won, along with the inversion. First started programming the cleaning of the jump itself is half made. Then I carefully analyzed how the tracker works and realized that there is no need to add anything to the tracker on the axes at all. In short: you need to go to the tracker profile, select the yaw axis and raise the entire curve by 9 clicks with the up arrow (the horizontal bar of the curve should be at the 10 mark of the vertical axis). Then lower the center point back to zero. Next, you need to upload the source file 6DOF_only to glovpay and add the divisor 10 for the yaw axis to
  8. Good afternoon! After installing Python, an error may occur when running the script: No module named 'pythonosc'. The solution was found. While I write the text, then I will make out this piece and insert it into the video and perezal all the videos, at the same time I will remove the background and turn up the volume. Then you need to do the following: 1.Go to the folder where you have installed Python, copy the path of the folder to memory, I have it next: C:\Users\Olega\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37> 2.Run the Windows command prompt as an administr
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