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  1. hang in there, OP. I have the same stick as you, if you get it working correctly its brilliant, you should have no trouble handling the aircraft. I'm somewhat new to the game but have hundreds of hours racked up already, let me know if you need a hand with keybindings in order to navigate the throttle, engine management and stuff. I use a control scheme that I used with war thunder as I developed the muscle memory in that game
  2. The 262 pilot has to be a complete noob or very stupid in order to get himself in a position to be shot down
  3. In my opinion, the lack of player numbers is due to the 262. Same issue on other servers at the moment. With unlimited access to a plane that can't be attacked/counter-attacked, it's not much fun for allies at the moment. Particularly so in a server with icons, as you cannot surprise the 262. At best, you can dodge it, but never engage it on your terms, while it is free to engage with impunity. I personally feel that this server works best as a quick action/dogfight server. One could, in theory, climb as high as patience permits in something like a p 47 and launch high speed diving attacks, giving you maybe 1-2 passes before needing to repeat the climb procedure. This doesn't really fit with the vibe of the server, at least for me, so that is why I haven't flown. As a side note, the thing is ridiculously easy to fly with no propeller torque. There must be new players out there, having only bought the game to fly this thing. Most seem to have learned the basic idea of retaining speed and not engaging in turn fights. Now, almost complete beginners can harass more experienced and skilled pilots with little to no threat of retaliation. The skill curve progression is all messed up, they are not having to go through the process of failure, learning and acquiring new skills
  4. I was in the same boat as you, OP. I just upgraded to a decent PC, and after seeing 1946 basically deserted, I took the plunge. I have spent a shameful amount of time flying the past month. The learning cure was steep, in my case, as I used to fly on the servers that allowed icons and the 'virtual cockpit'. Took some 'adjusting' but now I'm starting to relearn the instincts and muscle memory. some Pros: Fantastic flight/damage model Prettier graphics Fun objectives to attack/defend (even in empty servers online) Objective based multiplayer for the most part - Its more about working together and flying your role than necessarily being a top ace while your team has the objectives destroyed Cons: brutal learning curve if you are new or returning - you may be abused if you fire at a friendly by mistake while you learn the spotting aspect Occasional bugs/glitches i.e, sometimes your engine and guns sounds will glitch for an unknown reason and require a restart Rather expensive costs of the plane packs. You will want these, as you will want access to more competitive aircraft depending on the map. On some maps, certain aircraft are unavailable and you will have limited options to choose from with only the basic set of planes. Unfinished 'Battle of Bodenplatte' expansion, giving early access to some very high tier planes as they are completed. Currently we have the 262 running rampant on some servers, with very little in the way of a viable counter for the Allies. The Mustang and Tempest are coming at some point in the future and will go someway to help control this jet powered menace. From what I understand, balancing the multiplayer is not something the developers care about or are concerned with achieving. Depending on your view, this could be either a good thing or a bad thing. I would say, go ahead and purchase it, if you haven't already. You're going to end up spending more money than you ever wanted to on sim gear, DLC and pc upgrades, and you're going to enjoy it. I could never go back to IL2:1946 having had my hands on this game
  5. I'm using an i5 8400 (not over-clockable), and it is the source of the bottleneck. I came to this conclusion actually after a very intense night of digging and trying to understand. I tried to learn all about frame-times and such, I managed to make it stable using RivaTuner's feature, with fast vsynch enable as well (not sure if this actually helps though). Not sure why the frame-times are so inconsistent without having to manually enable these tweaks though. There are still moments where it will dip as things appear to load. So I started monitoring not just the overall CPU usage (as I had done and thought it was barely breaking a sweat), but the individual cores. Boom, bottleneck found. Core 1 and 2 take most of the load and will spike at certain times, from 30-40% up to 90% or so for a sec. I'm trying to now pinpoint what settings correlate with these CPU spikes, so if you happen to know and could help out that would be great. I understand the game is very dependent on single core processing, its not really worth it for me to upgrade to a slightly better one considering I just got the thing, I guess I can only hope for dx12 support in the future to alleviate this, or to find which graphics settings to change in order to reduce these spikes
  6. I came here to ask about this exact thing. I have looked all over the internet to pinpoint what exactly the issue is and what is causing it. What i experience looks very similar to the video, only it is intermittent. It occurs usually the first time i pan around or zoom in a flyout, and at random times during, sometimes when other planes get close. It is not as obvious as in this video but its starting to drive me nuts. I'm using a gtx 1060 6gb with modest settings, it barely breaks a sweat, but I get these little hitches. The frames do drop by a handful as well when this happens, usually not by much. So it is a 'frametime' issue? I'm not knowledgable with these things, can I get a basic idea of what causes it and if there is anything I can do within the game or nvidia settings that might help mitigate the issue.
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