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  1. The game is dying by the day, and I put it mostly down to visibility/spotting. The messed up, big time, and everyone is leaving.
  2. I find it suspicious that the poll has many more votes than players active on the server on any given day. @YIPPEE you are so spot on mate.
  3. That is not really a fair argument. People play WOL, combat box and KOTA BECAUSE that is where the player base is, regardless of settings. They won't migrate to a new server with alternate if it's empty. They will continue to join the more populated servers to have that experience of flying in a populated server. I am adamant about 'alternate' spotting, but I begrudgingly fly in the other servers due to population Icons give an arrow in close. People are already ridiculed for flying icon servers. Better contact spotting is only somewhat of an aid from a far distance, not at all like icons. Its also arguably more realistic, and more FUN
  4. Some don't give a damn about accessibility, they rubbish anyone that isn't a super l33t expert. It's all about muh realism, 'if you want to play a game go play something else kiddie, this is a SiMuLaToR hurr derr. It's a load of bunk. I enjoy the sim aspects, but it IS a game. It should be at least somewhat enjoyable, and the spotting made it so. I believe that the 'expert' spotting contributes to a certain meta within the game; The 'good' pilots learn how to remain somewhat hidden at a distance that is difficult see because of resolution and field of view, and exploit the poor ability to actually see much of anything at these distances - unless you had a giant amazing 4k screen as you mention. When contacts are more visible, they lose some of their stealth ability and. They find themselves not being able to perform the same bounce, and even get bounced themselves as they are used to either hugging the deck or something. Previously they could exploit this just inside the render bubble, now that it is bigger, its a little different again. Advantage still goes to the bigger, 4k screens Personally, I found myself actually climbing for position (rather than hug the deck and hunt for tiny moving dots), as I could see the alt of the fight and prepare myself to energy fight. Sure, maybe the stealth aspect suffered, but the dog-fighting was fantastic
  5. this is the one and only flaw in the system, its obvious and an easy thing to point out. But here' the thing. You can check if its far away by the blurriness, and by zooming you can also see if it doesn't magnify. I figured this out pretty quick, its not really that hard to work around the system. The benefits far outweigh this one con
  6. In what way is that horrible? Sounds like a fantastic game to me, and one the vast majority of people kinda do what, and now have a pretty decent version of something like that to play err, yes? I understand this is a rhetorical statement, but I can't see any other answer. What would you have in place of a game that's fun? One that... isn't?
  7. astonished that people don't want to see it as a game that is supposed to be fun (regardless of realism or difficulty settings). What do you want it to be a be, a chore? a job, or something (like spotting was before the previous 2 patches)
  8. This is precisely why the larger, scaled up silhouettes are more immersive. You can fix your eyes upon a small dot in the sky and focus on it, IRL, but we are trying to focus on pixel on pixel movement with head tracking thrown in as well. We use zoom to try to compensate for this lack of focus. Now we don't need to use it so much at all, as we can finally see the aircraft beyond doubt
  9. muh realism and muh filthy casuals... This game is a simulation. If you focus on the latter, you forget the former. I too have spent many hundreds on gear and DLC, I can finally enjoy flying about now that I can see where I ought to be focusing my attention. As someone else said, now there is less time spent chasing specs around and more time actually fighting. That is why I play this game, to experience the thrill of combat. The sim aspects are great, but if I just wanted to fly about in a plane, I would choose another game
  10. the spit definitely turns much tighter than the mustang in game, with better low speed handling
  11. 100% agree with you. There are sycophants, and there are uber l33t pro aces (that I believe have learned to exploit the meta of the poor spotting previously) crying 'muh realism' that don't like it. It's infinitely better, though not perfect. Now there is an actual reason to climb, provide cover and think about your entry and exit of combat scenario
  12. this is the new form of bashing those that fly with icons as noobs. It doesn't make the game casual, it makes it infinitely more tactical, coordinated and possible to actually enjoy for many, many users
  13. completely disagree, the whole reason people came to the server in the last few days was for the spotting and plane set. It made the game a lot better
  14. well, it is somewhat of a problem when people look down at icon server pilots as noobs. Same thing is going to happen.
  15. exactly. And there are those that will look down upon this 'normal' setting as using noob easy mode ala icons... When all it does is make the game more playable. Something in between would be great
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