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  1. SHHHH! This is the actual secret of how to gain angles and firing solutions in any plane... Now others know...
  2. Some pilot called Jenkem got his buddies to force a vote ban on me, they claimed they were having a private dogfight and that I should 'F### off'. I stood my ground and am now kicked out of my favourite server. Can this be rectified please, as I believe this is abusing the ban function.
  3. would you like a medal or a chest to pin it on 😅
  4. so I've just discovered that I really like this server, joined right at the end. When does the new campaign start?
  5. AMD is doing this just because they can at this point. This is how far they have come from a struggling company, to one that is about to obliterate Intel's market share. This zen 2 refresh will be competitive and economical price-to-performance against cometlake and icelake intel chips, and while probably a worth holding off until zen 3, for anyone needing an upgrade now its not a terrible solution. Zen 3 should see not just competitive results in gaming application, but actual dominance in raw gaming performance. Anyone that has bought the latest intel chips is sure to be salty when ryzen 4000 drops.
  6. I have a slightly different perspective on this, I'm going to humble brag a little bit so forgive me. I've played for a bit over a year now, though I came from another WWII flight game that had some crossover knowledge (rough match ups, gunnery basics, situational awareness etc). I'm a terrible pilot, I don't take off and land correctly, I can't read the gauges or know the correct engine settings. However, I am excellent in a dogfight. On my first multiplayer session after getting the game, I was accused of smurfing on a dogfight server. Over the course of my time with the game, this aspect of my flying hasn't really gotten any better. What has improved is my situational awareness, patience and the subtleties of gunnery and engine management. I am still not good in these areas, just improving from what I was. I get shot down a ton, some days more than others, but it doesn't surprise me as I look for fights without any real planning a lot of the time, going up against squads of 2-4 players by myself and just hoping to down 1 before they down me. The most rewarding sessions are the ones that I come in with patience and with a goal to stay alive. I'm still very much a noob, but I'm a scary prospect to deal with. On my initial point, that I was basically instantly good at close quarters fighting, I'll try to explain what it is that I think I do better than most others with a similar time frame with the game. There are only a handful of things you need to be able to do to be good at this, but you have to chose the correct one to apply in a given situation. 1. Matching speeds. You must anticipate the enemy cutting throttle and trying to force you to overshoot, be quick and ready to chop the throttle and maintain a position behind the enemy. Do NOT attempt to match their exact moves, stay out of plane if you have to, but in such a way as that within a few movements you have a shot at them. This requires anticipation of the enemy and knowledge of what both planes can do at a given time. 2. Forcing an overshoot. Probably the biggest thing for survival. If you find yourself in front, chop that throttle and attempt to stay out of the plane of his guns. This is where you need to either engage in a rolling scissors, flat scissors or snap roll. if they match your speed and follow you into the scissors, you will need to learn how to feel and ride the stall better than they can (my favourite thing to do) 3. Using energy traps. Knowing when to go into a steep climb, bait them into following, before kicking the tail round and blowing them away as they stall. You need to be able to judge if you have enough energy advantage to pull this off. Knowing when to enter a dive in order to pull away and gain an energy advantage if your plane is capable of doing so. That's basically all I do. No special tricks, just a few basic go-to things that I can perform variations of. Barely ever do I find myself in flat turning tail chases. Its all about scissoring and fighting with angles. Really when it all boils down, being able to maneuver better than they can right at the edge of stalling means you can always pretty much find a way to force to overshoot. The easy part is what to do when they're in front of you. I'd suggest you stop engaging in single circle turn fights and start fighting in terms of angles and energy. Get away from single player and the AI as it teaches you bad habits. No human opponent will fly as the AI does. The AI is fun, as a target practice, or as a bit of immersive mission action, but to truly develop your skills in combat flying, you need to fight humans, and get shot down a lot. But you cannot give up. You can do this. Find someone that wants to fly with you and go into multiplayer and duke it out. I'd be happy to be that guy. Hit me up if you want to have a practice session. That is the best and only way to learn
  7. so no one else is having issues with the performance metrics overlay and random spikes in their fan due to 'fake' spikes in temp?
  8. so this post won't follow the format but I believe there is another interesting and related bug with AMD cards/drivers at the moment. Before the latest IL2 update, I could activate the performance metrics OSD. Now it seems that Adrenaline is not recognising IL2 as a game anymore, and can't display the metrics while running IL2. At random times, my fan will go berserk for a few seconds, as though I have hit some crazy high temperature. By tabbing out to view the metrics, I can see that temperature is being reported as a crazy high number then dropping instantly back to a more normal temp. I'm sure its a glitch and not the actual temperate reading as it spikes instantly then drops instantly. I suspect there is a major incompatibility with adrenaline drivers at the moment. These types of issues where present before, the latest few adrenaline versions fixed this with IL2 but this update has brought it back. Therefore I can assume its something that needs tweaking on AMD's end with an update that addresses this issue with IL2
  9. You're spot on. Many like to pretend this game is not a game, 'its a simulation, not a game' - muh simulation argument. There is a lot of this in the community, and it's fine to hold this opinion, but what sickens me are those that rubbish anyone that prefers to fly with the less hardcore options enabled. Not everyone wants the full hardcore experience, not everyone has the gear to enable such a thing (full cockpit setup) and remain competitive on an online server. The elitists really should consider that their opinion of what is fun and the 'correct' way of playing the game is not universal truth. I personally play this game almost solely for the dogfights and gunnery, even though 99% of what you do is not that - I enjoy the other aspects, don't get me wrong - and this is refereed to as Air Quake? Give me a break! And so what if it is? You cannot tell me that this way of playing is wrong. There is no objective, correct way to enjoy this game. I contend that even with the least hardcore settings enabled, the game still requires skill and patience, more so than almost any other game. I also feel very strongly that at some point, what is fun and engaging, immersive even, is not necessarily what is realistic. I was a big fan of 'alternate' spotting for this reason. Personally, I fly icons both on and off, depending if I want to experience more of a mission type environment, or a pure dogfight. I don't mind manual engine management, I can even hold my own in servers without map indicators. I don't know how I will feel about the new tech chat system. On the one hand, it might be awesome as people fly more conservatively. Those with better knowledge and understanding will then take a further ascending as they can maintain a speed and cooling advantage with their optimised settings. But for this very reason, I might not enjoy this. I fly using %, I can't really use the gauges well enough that I could tell if what I am doing is optimal or correct, certainly not in the heat of the moment dogfighting. I would have to 'git gud' and learn to read the gauges better - but will this be 'fun' for me? Time will tell. Failing that, I will have to put myself at a disadvantage to the experten, or fly a server that doesn't have this option turned on or however it will work. I'll have to wait and see, adapt or choose not to. I stand by my statements, and you can call me a noob if you wish - fact is, in a 1v1 duel I can hold my own with most planes and difficulty options. This is the aspect of the game that I enjoy and have focused on.
  10. Honestly guys, I believe it is a limitation of the game engine, at least partly. Others have explained it better so you are welcome to do a search, but the gist of it is that the game primarily uses a single core. Others cores are used somewhat, but there are spikes in single core usage when stuff is loaded when it comes into render range. It seems to happen very quickly, you can't really see it hardware monitoring go to 100, but there are spikes in CPU usage. It's almost like a 'radar', when a plane pops into render range. I get it when I'm on the ground too, looking around after a fresh spawn as textures are loaded. I'm not an expect in these things but this is what I've been able to observe and others have given better explanations elsewhere Perhaps the deferred rendering update will make some difference here. I expect that it will and that this is what they are working on
  11. Well they've lost me as a customer with that pricing. Going full AMD from here on out.
  12. I've been using less of the reshade settings over time, I find the over sharpened look a bit off putting now, when you see how nice and soft it looks as standard it's kind of refreshing. However it does effect spotting... Looking forward to your new presets, i'll give them a try, sounds like you are also attempting a more minimalist approach?
  13. You're spot on mate, I can confirm this with my own testing and from what I've seen myself.
  14. that's an interesting take. So basically, with all this time on my hands, i'm having some OCD issues when it comes to finding the optimal 'compromise' as you put it. Just wanted to get a few opinions on what others feel this is. As far as the head position, i do have 6DOF head tracking, but I find it a pain moving in and out on my perfectly positioned chair, and re centring my view if i don't return to a neutral position. I have a big deadzone for movement side-to-side for this reason, I like to stay centred on the sight unless leaning right out to look behind. I like to sit kinda still, maybe raise up a bit and move forward a little to make deflection shots. That is why it is interesting that you suggest a rather forward view (as I was starting to 'lean towards' 😅) with your set up, if I understand you correctly. It seems applicable to my needs, as I say, i don't tend to want to move around a great deal in my seat.
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