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  1. I have a streamdeck, but I haven't gotten enough into programming for il2, but what I have done, I haven't had this problem. Question for you though, are you using the modifier function for the key press, or are you using the multi key input?
  2. So, the software for stream deck has had macros for some time, well. In fact, I'm looking at the Sim deck software and the OEM software now covers pretty much all of those features. I'm looking at starting a profile for il2 tonight.
  3. Really? My bad, that's what the website said... Lol oh well, at least they aren't all dead.
  4. Yeah, some had that, most didn't. I did find out that the b-17 is the last flight worthy 17. Which is just crazy. That and the b-29 saw something like 39 combat missions. Yeah, went and saw the 52 freaking huge. Got a bunch of pictures of modern Jets as well, but since they aren't ww2 I didn't end up sharing them. I don't know if that picture really does the size justice, there are a couple of adults standing in front of it.
  5. Took a bunch of pics of the WW2 planes on display, I thought I'd share with everybody. Museum of Flight WW2 Hope you all enjoy this as I did.
  6. So, got a question for the community. I want to get into playing with full realism and I'm wondering how many bindable axis people use for engine controls in realistic mode? I've currently got a warthog hotas, along with pedals I currently have the three axis on the throttle bound to throttle, rpm and fuel mix. I've some extra buttons on the throttle that I could bind a few more engine controls to. But I've been eyeballing the Logitech throttle quadrant, as well as the ch products version of the same style. I guess you could say my question is this: how many throttle quadrants do I need? Should I get one or two Logitech quadrants or a single ch products quadrant. Do I need only 3 more axis or should I go for six? Anybody have any other suggestions? Between Logitech and ch, which it's the better quality. Any othersuggestions under 300$ would be appreciated. Thanks all!
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