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  1. I suppoty the new system, it's obviously lot more realistic BUT.. we need to to able to bind keyboard keys instead of mouse. With mouse new realistic system doesn't stop moving the gun when we want it to stop, with keys it will work great like it worked in every single tank simulator.
  2. Pilot physiology is going to be the best thing, right now we can fly in very unrealistic way with extreme Gs, even negative. Or fly without oxygen at 10 km. I hope it's going to change the game in this manner. Visibility is very velcome also. Thanks.
  3. It would be great to be able to use high FoV Pimax without need to sacrifice performance using outside canted displays support.
  4. Considering Pe-2 gunner accuracy i tried to imagine B-17 combat box. With current gunners capabilities it would be like Death Star
  5. Yes, control instruments positions like throttle or mixture can stay, they don't give me an advantage. But helpers overheats and similar, which were absent in Rise of Flight, have to be regulated by server because they are not realistic and provide immense advantage in fight and awareness.
  6. Stronger brakes would prevent spinning - not induce it. With stonger brake you could stop spinning in a moment, far before it coul gain momentum and develop into a full spin. Stronger brakes woul be more dangerous only when braking a plane to a stop after landing. So if brakes strenght had been reduced by developers to help new players without analogue brake it was wrong decision because far more new players struggle with spinning during taxi than would have problems with gradual stoping the plane after landing. But without hard data i don't know if the brakes are modeled weaker than in real thing or they are correct.
  7. Collecting the data and making table comparition can be usefull for many people, including me. Thanks for your work.
  8. My experience here: I've been playing IL-2 nearly a year and i didn't know HUD or techno chat even exists. Probably i turned this off in options during my first time configuration. I hear some guys saying something like "set RPM to 75%" or "I have engine overheat" but i wasn't what they were talking about and i forgot about that. So it's absolutly possible to play without is like in old IL-2 1946 virtual front. Only after reading this topic i have noticed this HUD is ON in every server and administrators are unable to turn it OFF even if they want to and even if players on some server would like to also fly without it. I came from DCS and this HUD or chat is the biggest difference, for me it is gamey. I personally don't like it, but i thing it could be usefull for very new players in easier servers. With techno chat you don't have to look into the cockpit but all the time you can observe the situation around you, like in a modern fighter with a HUD displayed on the helmet. If all other sims have an option to hide the HUD by server admin IL-2 should, most definitely, have this option also.
  9. I really like damage and collisions in IL-2. I also came from DCS and i would say the biggest difference was HUD or techno chat in IL-2, you do not have to look into the cockpit but all the time you can observe the situation around you, like in a modern fighter with a HUD on the helmet. For me damage and collision model in IL-2 was one of the biggest positive surprises and it's superion to the DCS model by far. Airframes desintegrates quite realistically. The pilot itself may by a bit too tough but who knows for sure. IRL lot depends on luck, some pilots survived really hard smashes, some died il minor accidents. I'm quite impressed how IL-2 team model it in the game, if you hit the ground close to vertical you are dead, if the angle is low and the airframe disperses the energy plowing the earth you have big chance to survive. If you hit some trees with your wings it will slow down the plane, if you hit the tree directly with your cockpit you are dead. There is always room for improvement but this part of the sim looks solid to me. At least better than all other sims.
  10. Please include Air Marshal functionality when playing without the techno-chat. Many people who prefer more realistic experience fly without it. I think AM mode can dramatically increase amount of fun especially in more 'serious' servers.
  11. I had this filing Me-262 will be presented on FS Expo. Now i have a filing there can be some bigger announcement on Expo also? Maybe Pacific or something. Anyway IL2 team already did fantastic job. Who could think few years ago they make Bodenplatte, Tank Crew and Flying Circus all at once.
  12. Is it even possible to buy Warthog grip alone? I contacted with Thrustmaster's consumer servica and ask to buy A-10 grip alone but they replied they are not sellings the grip without the rest.
  13. I would like to try Pimax, i wish they don't have any warehouse in Europe so we need to wait for delivery from China.
  14. I have been waiting for realistic tank sim since Steel Fury, Tank Crew is going to be this game. It looks unbelievable, a year ago i couldn't even dream about something like that.
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