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  1. Let's go play DCS where there is no YAK!!!
  2. I don't care if the FM is broken or not. Just let us play Multiplayer without getting disconnected for NO REASON
  3. You can add one more free game to your Steam library. Why hesitate?
  4. Can't they just copy the source code from the F4 FM?
  5. Yeah I remember seeing heat blur effect on LOMAC. It was a frame rate killer though
  6. For me I don't see any reason to ply BoS multiplayer right now. I play DCS these days. Although DCS has strange DM for WW2 planes and there's AAA and SAM waiting to shoot me down but still, it's way more fun and realistic compare to current BoS.
  7. 1. Bring back the old way of pushing back the pilot head. 2. Please please please FIX the FW-190 and other german aircraft's FM. 3. FIX the soviet fighter's FM so that it's more convincible for the users.
  8. This is a great great update. Thank you for all the hard work!
  9. Guys chill out. The Year 2014 and 2015 is the year of DLC and Pre-Order(including Early Access). and every single publishers and developers seems to like that phenomenon in gaming industry.... The fact is, that will kill gaming industry sooner or later, I mean really. You see how many AAA and Early Access games has failed last year? It just makes me sick. They just want to sell their unfinished game to us and Pre-Order and DLC(especially day one DLC) is a great way to earn extra cash before people realize that the game is the same unfinished game they bought last year.
  10. Ju87 in BoS feels pretty good except for wobbling when throttle up.
  11. Looking forward to Mig 75% sale... EDIT nvm.. its already on sale.. buying right now
  12. RoF?... just kidding. Anyways, I agree that visual aspect of DM in BoS is a weak point.. and as LizLemon said, BoS doesn't have hydraulics DM model unlike DCS or CloD.. Parts failing slowly is a great feature of DN engine but that doesn't make it better than CloD when it comes to physical DM.
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