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  1. Naw pretty sure it was the bug. Tanks were smoking and AI gunners (my own tank as well as platoon mates) wouldn't engage them. Didn't matter how many rounds I put into the back or side of the tanks, they wouldn't "die". Didn't stop until I fired right at the gun mantlet.
  2. Just encountered this one myself. Putting a round through the front of the turret seemed to fix it
  3. I'd guess that the majority of IL-2 players play offline. In fact the amount of people annoyed about the lack of career mode in both TC and FC should tell you the SP market for these games isn't as small as you think.
  4. Yea I don't know either. It just struck me as odd that 4 shermans appeared right behind them and they did literally nothing. No idea if this is a mission thing or another TC AI issue.
  5. Question.. just did a mission where I had to take out some Ferdinands. I was driving a Sherman so obviously I went around. They just sat there, did absolutely nothing, while I shot them in the backside at 200 yards. They weren't dug in or anything. Is there supposed to be some type of behaviour assigned to them? Thanks
  6. Only if you play multiplayer. The AI needs serious work before this is a good single player game.
  7. That's not the way this works. The product needs to earn a good review in the state it's in, not in the state we want it to become. If the devs want good reviews, they have to make a good product first. I really hate this attitude of "buy a mediocre product to encourage the developer to improve it!". No.
  8. More missions won't solve TC's biggest problem on the single player side: Absolutely abysmal AI. Every part of the AI in this game is terrible, from your own tank crew to platoon mates to the enemy. That needs to be fixed before this will be a decent SP game.
  9. Wait until its released, and then judge. If you're playing strictly with humans in every aspect (including the crew of your own tank) it's probably not bad. Otherwise the AI is abysmal across the board. AI in its current state feels like a token afterthought. Issuing orders to your own tank and/or platoon as a tank commander is more often than not a complete act of frustration in part because of the horrible orders menu and in other part because the AI only does what you tell it to 50% of the time.. if you're lucky.. often meaning having to issue the command multiple times. This is quadruple frustrating if it's a command that requires you to click something (like a location on the ground or a target). To give you an example of how obtuse the menu is.. it's 4 keystrokes to tell your driver to stop moving. 'Command Menu -> Movement -> Stop -> To Platoon/Tank'. And there's a delay between each submenu, so it can take you between 2-4 seconds to actually issue the command. Better hope they followed it, or you're doing it again. Tank AI might as well be non-existent. They follow predetermined, scripted paths. That's it. There's no tactics, no co-ordination, no semblance of randomness or anything at all. Played a scenario? It's going to play the exact same time, every time. Zero variation. The instant action portion is astoundingly boring. You just start within firing range of the enemy tanks and it's a slugmatch that's over in a minute or two. Wash, rinse, repeat. There are some really good community scenarios, however. The tank models and the actual vehicle simulation aspect is great. I have nothing bad to say about the physical sim aspect of the game itself. The sound is great, too. Honestly I can even forgive the relatively low fidelity ground objects and the like, as well. I'd gladly trade that for a practical single-player tank sim. So if you're interested strictly in multiplayer it's great. If you want any single player or PvE experience, it's not worth the price admission in its current state.
  10. Basically I'll echo the other guys that said it's very barebones. The included content gets repetitive, the AI is atrocious, the commander interface is clunky and only half works. I haven't played through the Russian campaign yet but the German one is very meh with basically zero replayabiliy, no idea why so many people seem to praise them. The models are beautiful though.
  11. Did some more playing.. same error with assigning targets directly. The AI gunner will focus on that one target until it's destroyed, regardless of whether or not you assign another target. Very annoying. Movement error where if you tell the AI to reverse, then go to a location, they'll try and go in reverse also persists. Likewise the need to tell the AI driver to 'Return to Mission' after giving a direct command before you can tell them to go to a point. This is so clunky.
  12. Based on a small sample size of testing I did last night: Gunner commands work better, though still have some issues. Manually issuing commands to the gunner (for example, telling him to target the tank right in front of you rather than the one 500' away) seems to break the auto-acquire and fire, regardless of how often you re-issue those commands. Overall the command menu seems more responsive, which is nice, I find for movement at least I don't have to issue the same command 5 times to actually get the driver to do it. Still has a ways to go but definitely an improvement.
  13. Yup, and it's made worse by the bugs in the orders AI when manually assigning targets to the gunner. Tank Crew still has a ways to go.
  14. The funny thing is that I had it work ONCE, and only once, in a specific quick mission driving a KV. I've tried many times to reproduce it but I haven't been able to. Too bad we can't edit the quick missions. With a few tweaks those could be decent replayable fun.. but as it sits they're pretty meh.
  15. I'm in the same boat as the OP for the tank quick missions. Movement commands will work (generally -though I notice as time goes on they get less and less reliable), however the only targeting commands that work is the one where I manually target something and tell the gunner to engage that specific target. Telling the gunner to engage ground targets at will does nothing. I'm also not convinced it's necessary to have the autopilot on. In the campaign missions I drive the tank myself, and the gunner still auto-targets and auto-engages.
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