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  1. Indeed, series 29 were the result of countless improvements over the original Lagg3 design. In real life, the Lagg3 had a bad rep among Soviet pilots due to the number of non combat related accidents initially. However a lack of pilot training on this specific plane was also a significant factor. It was somewhat underpowered so slow to accelerate compared the La5 and slower overall.
  2. Oh i didnt know about him also getting documents about F22\35. I thought he only got a F16 manual that contained information that are already known but jailed because of the way he acquired them. Yes he would be risking his life if his intention was to sell classified data to a government. He would no longer be considered as a civilian but as a foreign spy in such case, by other services.
  3. Nice Is that a Ravcore Javelin joystick that you have or the original VBK Gladiator version? I ask cause I have the same stick and could only find it in Poland so it is surprising to see someone else who has it too. I unscrewed the hat switch though as it was hurting one of my fingers and not really needed with a trackir.
  4. Yeah it is a difficult question. Basically the P39 cannot out turn the 109 overall , but then you have to specify which 109, what " speed range", and whether you use flaps or not. What the P39 does really well is instantaneous turn (bleeding massive E in the process) or high angle of attack sudden turn. What he does not do well is sustaining speed in these turns even with "ideal" rad settings (to minimize drag) The P39 at medium speed, meaning anything between 350kph (approx 200mph) up until 500ish kph (something like 300mph) will be rather close to a 109 in the first few turns and won't be out turned by it. But to keep up with the 109 is a different matter as the 109 will bleed less energy in the sustained turn and eventually gain separation or altitude in the turn. In general you don't want to play the sustained turning game with the 109, but in some cases you can turn as tight initially (for maybe say 1- 2 full circles) and get enough lead to shoot him down in deflection. Like Siddy said , it is highly dependent on energy states. If you have more energy/speed initially, you can sustain the turn longer. The issue is that if you fall below 200mph, you are basically dead in a P39... it will take you a long time to regain speed. The 109 can do that because it doesnt stall/spin as easily and accelerates much better so he can recover his speed much quicker while turning. Overall they are pretty close if you are talking about turning for a few circles, but the longer you are involved in the turn, the more dangerous it can get for you. At high speed, it is likely that the P39 is slightly better though i cannot confirm since i have rarely gotten into this situation online if ever. But as a rule, you do not want to turn with 109s unless you are light on fuel load, removed wing guns, have more energy than him, have a healthy reserve of emergency/combat power timer, and you are not facing a 109 "Friedrich" model because if it is a F4, I would say just forget about turning with them.
  5. It also depends on the kind of risks you are willing to take. When flying ground attack aircrafts like Sturmoviks and Hs129, it is harder to survive mainly due to how accurate the AAA is in BoX compared to IL2-1946 like LuseKofte said. So if you are too greedy during your pass or attempt risky approaches (not getting altitude after each pass or being too slow in your attacking pass) or do not constantly fly like a "snake" changing heading to fool the AAA after a pass, you often get punished. In fighters I would probably be court-martialed the way I fly in careers since quite often if i do not shoot down a few aircrafts on my own, my team loses.. so i often have to leave the bombers I am supposed to escort undefended or sometimes just go home when i am out of ammo or chased by multiple planes because the rest of my flight of fighters has been wiped out . Or in most cases, I fly alone much higher than the rest of my flight because they decided to be sitting ducks flying slow at 2k which is the worst ( not high enough to have any advantage if you meet the enemy, too high to be concealed by terrain or make it difficult for aircrafts bouncing you). I mean either lets fly at tree top level in stealth mode or lets fly at our maximum competitive altitude..(usually between 4 and 6k) Yesterday was so funny, in a P39, we had a mission to attack transport columns. No enemies in sight in the target zone so we proceeded to drop the bombs but after 10 minutes of circling and observing my 2 teammates strafing them, there was still no enemies spotted in the zone... So what to do? I emptied my ammo on the column as well since I would be punished making it back home with a full ammo load. Then I climbed away in direction of home. But then at least 4 Bf-109s suddenly appear below in my teammates tails while climbing home... We are all out of ammo... the rest of my flight get obliterated by 2 of them.. I go in emergency power and continue to climb and reach 20.000 feet. Naturally both 109 were close to be within firing range rather quickly and my engine was overheating badly. So I dove from 20k feet with low settings radiators, super low rpm/throttle and reached over 500mph in the dive. Funnily 2 109's followed and as i levelled up at tree top level, I suddenly saw them crash into the ground one after the other as they could not pull up at such high speeds somehow. Felt sweeter than any victory obtained at gun point But had I tried to help my teammates who were flying lower over enemy territory, that would probably be the end of my campaign. Still, cowardice is rewarding...luckily there was no witness.. I would be shot in real life i guess... "abandoned his comrades under enemy fire..". But what could i do without ammo.. I went far in some campaigns with the 109 and the Yaks. If you are conservative and try your best to not risk it much and survive as your number 1 priority, it is possible to finish careers in iron man (medium/medium/runway starts). In ground attack planes however...I also briefly tried Stuka and Pe2 campaigns...did not end well rather quickly.. as the AI is not very good at protecting its bombers.. then the AAA..
  6. When you have a slightly faster roll rate, you can change direction quicker.. that was the great strength of a 190 or the Hawk 75 of the AdA in 1940, changing direction quicker thanks to a fast roll rate. it means that on the defensive, you have slightly more promising options.. also means that closing at high speed on someone you can adjust your course with more precision at the last moment for optimal accuracy. There is a reason why they came up with clipped wings version of the spits later. Regarding what you said you did not understand : I meant if you are behind a spit, the only thing he can do is turn. If a Spit is behind you, you can do maneuvers like barrel rolls with more efficiency, scissors or sudden decelerations to lose E very quickly and get him to overshoot ( at very low speeds you have slats, they dont) and if you have altitude, you can outdive him. Of course any plane with energy advantage bouncing on you or already at close gun range behind you will have a massive advantage, what would be the difference in having a P-40 or a Spit behind you in such situation anyway? As a 109 pilot, I would be more afraid of the P-40 having superior energy and closing on me very fast (faster roll rate meaning he can adapt to sudden change of directions quicker, more adequate guns for deflection shooting, very good elevator authority at most speeds) or already being behind me very close , since in that situation you cannot outrun or outclimb so the only choice is to just dive, or go for a risky maneuver to get him to overshoot or buy time. For the difficulty with wing cannons, it depends on your convergence and gunnery skill. But as a rule ( and especially in real life), deflection shooting with wing mounted cannons is more difficult than with nose mounted weapons. The spitfire doesn't have a high ammo count on the hispanos as well so you have to be more conservative with deflection attempts. From my experience, the Browning .50 cal is a much better weapon for air-to air fighter engagements as a result. Maybe they are very good Spitfire pilots in Berloga, it is possible. After all it is supposed to be a very good airplane. The thing that got me posting is that you said that a 5 years old can fly a spit successfully. I just found this a bit excessive because in the sim, in most cases, the Bf109 is so dominant over the opposition having far superior performances (speed, climb, accel, handling in some case, endurance at combat power etc) that it takes something special quite often to do well against it using most other red planes.
  7. Oh it was just to make it rhyme and also a reference to the famous Hans Albers song " Flieger Gruess mir die sonne" ( Wenn es sein muss drum gib vollgass und flieg um die welt!). Don't quite agree with you with the SA, you need a very good SA in any plane including the Spit, but i think you have specific matchups in mind. In the sim right now we have SpitV's which aren't dominant against a Gustav 2/4/6 in Kuban (speed) , then there is the SpitIX that is outmatched by the K4 in Bodenplatte. By outmatched i mean much slower and not able to disengage ( if we had the Griffon Spits, it could be different). You have a point that a Spit retains energy better, that is what made it an excellent fighter basically, like the Yaks (high combat speed). On the other hand, an aircraft ability to change direction quickly is crucial and the Spit is not very good at that, having wing cannons it gives it a poor roll rate. Second thing is a 109 with nose mounted armament has a better ability at deflection shooting as well, wing mounted gunnery is not as convenient for deflection shots with large cannons (>13mm). That is where pilot skill come into the equation ( situational awareness, gunnery accuracy and energy management). When you say that if you have a Spit behind you in a 109, you can't do anything, well i don't quite agree but i see why you say that, because a Spit can do what an I-16 or a P40 would do and go into a sudden low/medium speed high AOA turn as the only saving move. Difference being that a Spit can maintain high combat speed in maneuvers, better than the 109, you are correct fair enough. However a 109 with its slightly better roll and deflection accuracy can do something about that. When it is the Spitifre behind you, you have options to change direction quicker and outdive the Spit. The Spit can never really disengage by outdiving the 109 and can only turn which means losing E when the 109 can compensate with altitude gains and switching to a more vertical loop. Alternatively as a last resort, you can use barrel rolls and evading maneuvers with a 109 more effectively than a Spit. Then you have the engine combat speed timers, the endurance on the 109 is greater. Anyway I think that both aircrafts are closely matched and don't think that there is such a massive difference between them that a Spitfire pilot requires less skills. One good point of the Spit (slightly better energy retention) doesn't make it an aircraft for noobs. It is forgiving yes but then so is the 109 against pretty much any aircraft except Spits/Yak who are not that far behind when flown well, but still somewhat inferior and rarely having the initiative (109 being faster at altitude, usually flying higher as a result and able to create separation and disengage unless the fight occurs at very low alts, and even then it can sometimes outrun it). Initiative is key.. one can disengage at will, the other can't. One is faster at all altitudes, not the other. One can change direction quicker, the other can't as well. One is more accurate at deflection shooting and not the other. Thank God there are like 1 or 2 aircrafts that can actually compete with the 109 more or less ( Try P-40/39/Lagg3/I-16/Mig etc vs 109..i feel like the son of Zeus when i get into a 109 again :) ) Anyway i respect your opinion i think i remember when you started flying on HL back in the days the community is very small, the french one even smaller..(AirWar and the Spitvs109 server;)). Cheers.
  8. This is kinda funny when a 109 pilot can helicopter climb away, outrun, outdive, outlast (combat power) and even outaccelerate in some cases pretty much every single Red plane by just pushing the throttle forward The Spitfire has to be the one exception there of an aircraft that can keep up with a 109 in an extended climb. As my old friend used to say, "eazy to fly nazi, push full gas and you're baddass!" .. so it is kinda funny to see that the Spit is considered as an easy plane by 109 pilots. In my experience the Spits we have barely equalize with the 109 and are dominated by well flown 190's. At least it makes the 109 pilot actually work to get the kill and realize how it is when you need advanced skill to outperform another pilot without having massive advantages in performances. Oh my, will get flamed 😄 Disclaimer: i like the 109 very much, beautiful aircraft, in fact for me it is clearly the best fighter of the war overall, to such an extent that i am afraid becoming a weaker pilot using it too much as it forgives mistakes that inevitably get you killed in other planes
  9. I bought this sim expecting to have an Eastern front simulation. They already swayed with BoBP which is fine, but I would really like the devs to focus on finishing the Eastern front first, namely the Northern front around Leningrad or at the very least a 1944 scenario like Bagration. Then they can do whatever they want.. Battle of Normandy or better, an ambitious switch to the Pacific would be my number 1 choice. For the Western front, we have CLOD blitz... Battle of Britain, a possible Med front in the works or a battle of Normandy... There is also DCS for the west. Please dont forsake the east, that was the whole point of IL2 for me.
  10. I thought he meant the best western made fighter. If we can include Soviet planes, Yaks and La's should definitely be up there, especially Yaks for low to medium alt, amazing design, simple to use, cheap to mass produce, very high combat speed and excellent performances overall. I'd take a VK107 Yak3 or a La7 over any other allied plane if we ignore high alt performances and range. To come back on topic, I've watched the trailer and i thought it is a nice one to attract new players to the sim. I am also grateful of the work done on the AI lately, it is much more enjoyable offline now. This plus the gorgeous interiors pics posted bodes really well for the future of the sim as it is very encouraging to see that progress is being done at a steady pace. Gives hope for new expansions next year before a possible Pacific front hopefully?
  11. Probably depends what one means by "best". If it is based on the number of enemy aircrafts shot down and greatest impact on the air war , i would say it is a toss up between the Hellcat, Spitfire and P47's. You could even add the P39 to the list as it performed well on the eastern front. If it is based on pure performances, then the Tempest and Mustangs are up there. There wasn't much left of the Luftwaffe when they started to be deployed in numbers though. Personally my favourite is the Thunderbolt, I've seen it in real at the museum Le Bourget in Paris and it made a great impression on me. That plane held the line and made a strong contribution when the going was very tough in 1943 until mid44.
  12. Yes I think i have read this a long time ago too, and that they also removed part of the armour which probably freed about 100kg of weight on top of it. It surely gave it a tad better acceleration, climb and roll rate at the expense of survivability. In the sim i dont like to remove the .30s despite the benefits because deflection shooting with the 30mm is quite a lottery ( for me) against small targets like 109's and there is not much ammo for the browning .50 cals. If you fly the Cobra like a fw-190 it should not make a massive difference though the improved roll rate is really nice when the plane is stripped of its .30s.
  13. Interesting. Can you spot contacts properly against the terrain and at long range with these settings? I ask cause most guides would advise to turn on "sharpen" , use minimal gamma, blurred landscape filter, and HDR. Then set max brightness on the screen and slightly lower resolution than 1080p to spot better.
  14. Ohhh now i understand why we may have disagreed on the subject of acceleration I was talking in Kilometers per hour, not Miles per hour Combat speed is significantly lower than top speeds, unless you are only bouncing with it and leave the area. I have mental references when flying the plane ( 100 mph/160ish kph ; 200/320ish ; 250/400ish, 300/480ish), but i admit the metric system is so ingrained in my mind that i always think in kph. I agree with you Sublime, this plane really needs to be flown with your fingertips, trimming constantly, not going into high AoA to stay fast and try to squeeze every inch of speed and demonstrate excellent long range gunnery as it is often more difficult with this plane to punish tactical mistakes of your opponent due to the slow acceleration ( if you ever find yourself below 350-400 kph or 230-250ish mph during maneuvers) Still i love the plane somehow and fly this exclusively at the moment, it is really a challenge with it. Lately i noticed that by keeping 90 to 95 rpm max , 42'' of manifold i get more time in combat power without losing much speed. Actually maybe it is a placebo effect, but it "feels" that once i am over 350kph, i pick up speed quicker using 92-95% than 100% 3000 rpm. Yet i cant help thinking that in real life they could probably push their engines for longer than what we can do in the sim.
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