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  2. I hope we see the return of the DED norm server soon.
  3. Very frustrating Sky. The honest player community might need to support each other in these circumstances by using the ban tool as a last resort. For that to happen it will take the silent majority on the server to band together and help keep the server free from antisocial behaviour (which for me includes serial hacking as well as the behaviour you describe.) Flying should be fun but of late I kinda share your feeling that it no longer is.
  4. DED Guys. I would like to thank you for your server. Particularly now where so many of us are confined in our homes, its been a Godsend to keep us all in touch and entertained. I appreciate your efforts for us more than ever before. Thanks guys.
  5. Wouldn't be the first time..but is general discussion the wrong forum ? OOPs..I see your point.
  6. Hi GCF I think you must have the wrong incident/player. This is a german player stalking german planes deliberately. He sidles to your 6, closes and fires. On the next flight he repeats the action. No Russian planes anywhere near. He's either a kid or a very sad individual. The point I'm making is that when this happens the community must act together in order to deter it. It's ultimately a game killer imo. I have no problems with accidents or new guys making errors firing. That's nothing to get upset about.
  7. An age old problem for all flight sims I know. We have the ban system but I have yet to see enough votes garnered to ban team killers (DED normal Server at any rate). These idiots/or kids ruin the game and enrage genuine players who love the multiplayer experience. Please guys ..when "deliberate" team killers appear in our game, vote to ban them don't ignore them just temporarily remove them until they mature...maybe they will learn from that. Sorry to rant on but this games too good to be spoilt.
  8. Anyone come across this bug? I have had no problems before but today in multiplayer (DED Normal server) I get no options to change my plane settings. The page presents itself but the screen only shows the background plane -no options for skins or bombs etc. You play default skin and loadouts only. Tried a reinstall...no joy.
  9. This is by far the best sim I have ever played. That's down to the care and effort you guys put into it. Thanks and thanks to the server hosts too !
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