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  1. All the woebegone PTO'ers! I'd like to see it too, but I'm going out on a limb and saying we can have BoN complete in probably another six months or so, or we could have been told we'd see PTO in 2021, with limited new planes, maps, vehicles, etc... in the meantime. Several of these planes are indeed rehashed - modifications of models that exist in the sim - but this lets the devs get them too us quicker. That coupled with the balance improvements that having fast, capable medium bombers on both sides brings is worth a ton for MP. My spend on this platform thus far is dwarfed by my much more poorly chosen investments into WT. I'll support the devs here and know that they are working towards what they feel they can achieve in a reasonable amount of time, at a reasonable budget and modest risk. Far better that than a too grandiose failed project and the whole business comes crashing down.
  2. I am looking to upgrade, but am currently using: Track IR Pro 5 with the LEDs clipped to my headset Steelseries Headset Dell Ultrasharp 24" IPS Monitor running at 1920 x 1200 @59Hz Nvidia GTX 1060 w/ 3GB Intel Core I5-4690 @ 3.5 GHz 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD Saitek / Logitech X52 Pro flightstick and throttle - good but not great. Lots of programmable buttons/hats, but just not quite optimal and the stick lacks precision. No rudder pedals - I'm still using the twist-grip In order, stuff I think I want to get: Rudder Pedals (cheap - lets see how I like them over the twist) New monitor - 4k or at least higher res and larger, with new GPU to run it Saitek X56 stick and throttle - buddy thinks the throttle is likely better than the one from Thrustmaster Warthog, for having more programmable controls and ability to run split for twins. MFG Crosswind Pedals TM Warthog Stick (only) Open to thoughts on all of the above. Maybe: VR And, of course: New desk / stand to put all this on New chair New house with a new room dedicated solely to this stuff. Make it on an airpark so I can hanger the below... AT-6 Texan to fine-tune my acrobatic maneuvers - learn how to do if for real so that I can do it better competitively in IL-2. Get "heavy" taildragger time so CAF will consider my application. North American P-51D15 - why not, they're only about $3M bucks!
  3. Well, I'm less concerned with the next theater and more concerned with seeing better, more varied MP play. I think that the ground attack role is critical and I'd like to see Bodenplatte MP have more competitive light bombers and deemphasize the fighter bombers. Not sure which on the German side are appropriate, but I trust others to figure this out, but adding the Mosquito, A-26, B-26 and making the B-25 player-flyable would go a long way to improving immersion. Need some faster ones that can actually get to targets with heavier loads than the FBs. Update some critical/strategic targets so that they really NEED to be serviced by full up bombers, forcing each side to send some in order to win. I'd also like to see targets updated with more/better portrayed flak and low-alt AAA. I hate getting killed by it as much as anyone, but there ought to be some targets where its insane (multiple quad 20mm batteries) and some where its light to zero. Would also like more of the moving targets - trains, truck convoys, barges, tank columns, etc... and perhaps better in-game notices of target movements. "Panzer column approaching xxx town!" would be kinda cool. The 262 jet fuel thing on CB seems a bit gamey/contrived, but it is an excellent addition to the overall MP experience. More/similar. I'm also a bit perplexed that no one seems to want to see the 4 engine bombers that were - frankly - the focus of the Air War in Europe. Just watched a YT vid of a guy blazing through an AI B-25 formation with a 262 and all I could think was, "wow, that would be much cooler - and harder - if they were B-24s."
  4. I've planted the P-51 about five times now. Frequently happens at high speed >300mph. Accelerated stall behavior results in a rapid onset flat spin with little/no warning. Getting sick of it. Going back to the K-4 and will play the other side until/unless I decide to learn the P-38 and wreck myself on every other dive.
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