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  1. @J2_NobiWan thanks a ton for this! I was using the previous layered approach with Driver4VR, Joy2Key, etc... and was not able to get it to work after shifting IL2 to a new rig. This nails it - I'm on SteamVR with a Gladiator NXT and this is pretty much flawless. I want to play with it some more to get it really dialed in, but it is worlds better than the previous workaround (no offense, and thanks for all the help on that Lefuneste!). To all who call it a "cheat". This add-on is no more a cheat than is TrackIR, and even with it active, you don't have the same level of view flex
  2. Are the new sound adjustments based on the raw dB in the cockpit, or are they simulating the noise attenuation of a WWII era helmet and headset? I really don't care about the noise in the cockpit, I care about the noise as experienced by the pilot's ears. The videos folks are posting are great, but unless you stuck the mic up inside your David Clark's they aren't really pertinent. I know that noise cancellation wasn't a thing back then, but certainly insulated ear cups were, so that pilots could still hear the radios and function w/o going deaf. I will note though, for the recor
  3. Jason, I've noted that your tone often gets pretty terse on here - you gets to deal with a lot of negativity, and I'm sure that over the years it really wears. I just want to send a hearty, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the 1C team. I acknowledge that I have no personal understanding of the challenges involved in creating a sim of this depth, nor of creating it and keeping ongoing development progress moving forward in the face of a substantial language barrier, time zone delta, global pandemic and travel restrictions, and continuously changing technology field.
  4. Hey, this really helped me. Couldn't figure out why my VR kept loading up w/ pilot perspective 'frozen' ie. the cockpit moved forward/backward when I moved my head f/b, gunsight appeared crosseyed, and stereo vision kept giving me double sized canopy frames. All I had to do was follow the prescribed start up procedure below and it fixed the problem. Recommend posting this in other current VR threads, esp. the new Reverb G2 users asking questions, as that's what I'm using. Note: on number 2 below, where it says 'get out' all I did was win-Y to get to a mouse pointer and select my WMR for S
  5. How does the roughness of the terrain vary? Can the devs enlighten or has anyone done a lot of testing? Is there some ground that is fairly soft, and some that is so rough you won't pull off that landing no matter what? Soggy ground looks pretty good. Just curious about trying to eyeball emergency landing spots now and how to account for the new features.
  6. Posting this after Shamrock 15 on purpose, as he is typically the best source for all things FlightSim roadmap related. Appreciate his update posted on Stormbirds recently. However, with the release of Tank Crew, I am curious what direction IL2 is going next? I assume that TC complete frees up developer resources to focus on BoN, and am eager and hopeful that despite Covid we may see a bit of acceleration there. The G6 Late was an example of an unanticipated bonus and highly appreciated. Player controlled flak guns is another. I'm curious if Jason would be willing to put a bit more out t
  7. Would appreciate any thoughts on Reverb G2 settings, vs. the G1 published in June. Just picked mine up. Thanks to Floppysocks for getting me started. Could not stand his settings at first and modified to look better, but may have to revisit. Can't see planes at anything like distances possible in TrackIR. Can't ID either, sometimes at stupid close ranges and I had gotten quite good at this in TIR. Looking for balance but willing to try extreme spotting fixes first and then (maybe) back off to "I actually like looking at this" again. Any thoughts appreciated.
  8. I would have thought this too... until my G2 got here. It is completely impossible to see anything that goes behind your 3-9 line. Complete loss of SA. You try to spin around and just can't find anything. Track IR is infinitely superior - a dramatic advantage. On the verge of sending my G2 back, but my VR buds are encouraging me to relearn how to fly. Can't spot anything until its already in gun range. Can't ID what planes are enemy/friendly until I see the color of their tracers. The 3D gunnery is amazing - hard to miss, but the inability to use all the skills Ive been honing for 18
  9. The more I fly it, the more I think the Hurricane flight model really needs more work. The airplane seems to out-energy the 109 G-14 quite easily. Hangs with all the 190s in dives. Acceleration is amazing, dives exceed 500mph without stiffening or penalty. Doesn't go fast straight and level, but doesn't seem to bleed any speed at all turning horizontal or vertical. Its like a late-war Zero, with a turboprop, esp. with the XX engine. Pity, as I'm very concerned for early/mid war MP balance. We won't be able to fly German aircraft against the Hurri successfully once the advantages really
  10. Hurricane is amazing - I am concerned that it is almost too good, given that I usually fly German. Turns like a zero and retains E like a 190 or better. The latter seems odd for such a thick wing. Not fast, but seems to accelerate from slow to quick enough pretty swiftly. I set several 109s / 190s on fire with .303s so Incendiary ammo or no, that seems to work. though I also had several where the 109 seemed to soak up the entire load of ammo and kept flying. Not completely reliable, but still capable. The Merlin XX with the boost is amazing though. You really get the boost kick in, audi
  11. Curious, here - has IL2 BoX ever converted an AI-only aircraft to player flown? I know that most/all would love to fly the C-47 and see the B-25 make it to the player-flown venue. I also know that Jason has indicated that it ain't near as easy as we think. I believe that the B-25 issue revolves around the number of gunner stations their interior modeling and server load for the AI? Not sure though why the C47 will remain AI only - the JU-52 is actually kind of fun sometimes, esp. in TAW. Anyway, just curious if there's any history here or if it would be a new thing.
  12. Gents, I got this bug for first time today on Finnish VP with large player count. Got shot down and was mystified as I couldn't see anyone behind me while taking damage. Respawned and tried to link up with my wingman. He reported himself at my 5 O'clock 300m and I couldn't see him. He could see me fine. We formed up and he was still completely invisible to me. I began a recording and after going through some tests (I fired - he could see me firing. He fired - I could not see his tracers, or hear him when he was very close.). Finally, he tried ramming me. His airplane took severe damag
  13. Type of Improvement: Single-player post-mission review improvement Explanation of Proposals: I suggest implementing the more detailed post-mission data available in MP, inside the single-player post-mission debrief. Most multi-player servers permit access to a post-mission sortie log that allows a player to see actions by mission time-stamp. Players see exactly who they shot/were shot by, the level of damage the inflicted/received and against what targets and when in the mission it occurred. I propose you implement this detailed post mission log function inside the base sim for sing
  14. You speak without knowing. Air Combat Group has a weekly mission on our own server that is easily 35 on 35. We have enough members to require multiple shifts to ensure everyone gets in. If you want to see some of it, check out Sheriff's videos. We combine AI bombers and attackers with our own Squadrons of both. Plenty of both to go around. Fighters are focused on doing REAL fighter things - like escorting effectively or penetrating escorts. Bombers are focused on bombing things, avoiding flak and surviving fighters, coordinating comms with escorts, etc... If joining a historical sim gr
  15. Many aircraft in our sim do not have high multiple flap settings, nor do they have the flexibility in flap controls that you are looking for. While some do have a sliding lever, more have essentially a constant speed electric motor driving the flaps, and a switch (sometimes embedded in a lever) that turns the motor on/off in two directions. A slider for flaps that permits you to just tap forward a bit and forget it, in order to get - say 20% flap extension - would be unrealistic and give a pilot an advantage in combat. The real pilot wishing to deploy flaps has to actually run the flap mot
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