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  1. What other guncam would you guys want to see?
  2. My fellow pilots, If you could do me a huge favor and go show your love again on my REUPLOADED video. I went to go trim it down and managed to delete it. Thank you guys. (Note to self, dont fly for 2 hours after putting your son to bed and having to go to work super earlier) See you in skies! This Monday I'm putting out something a little different. It a short film I made using footage captured from a ground perspective. Watching these clips it really shows how intense those battles were up in the skies. Those pilots from ALL sides, experienced some hellish conditions.
  3. Sending out something a bit different later today. Hope you guys enjoy
  4. I'll be announcing the winner via live stream on today 9pm Central Standard Time May 18th.
  5. Ohhhhh I thought you were calling me a fruit lol.
  6. Just showing off the plane lol. I will eventually start getting more historical lol It was just for the sake of showing off the plane lol. I will eventually become more historical. Just having fun man! I love the help and input! Helps me learn.
  7. Sounds good my friend. Dont worry - I am live streaming it so!
  8. Ok guys.... I JUST COULDNT WAIT to share this with you. A lot of you guys asked me for more, so here you go! The support and love you have shown me is unreal. I am here to stay. I really REALLY hope you all enjoy this. I tried to make the game look as real as I could in some shots. All for entertaining purposes and showing off the aircraft!
  9. I'll be announcing the winner via live stream on Saturday 9pm Central Standard Time May 18th. Last entries may enter by Friday May 17th by 11:59pm Let's make our community strong and have some fun!
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