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  1. Hey fellow pilots, I thought today I would share a video not necessarily about Pearl Harbor but something I put together a while back about the outcome of this day in 1941 (US INVOLVEMENT) I have been away for a while and have to go to training next month for 14 weeks.... FUN! (Not really) When I get back after training I would love to reconnect with you guys and get up in the air with some of you pilots! I hope you enjoy this video on this day of remembrance.
  2. What other guncam would you guys want to see?
  3. My fellow pilots, If you could do me a huge favor and go show your love again on my REUPLOADED video. I went to go trim it down and managed to delete it. Thank you guys. (Note to self, dont fly for 2 hours after putting your son to bed and having to go to work super earlier) See you in skies! This Monday I'm putting out something a little different. It a short film I made using footage captured from a ground perspective. Watching these clips it really shows how intense those battles were up in the skies. Those pilots from ALL sides, experienced some hellish conditions.
  4. Sending out something a bit different later today. Hope you guys enjoy
  5. I'll be announcing the winner via live stream on today 9pm Central Standard Time May 18th.
  6. Ohhhhh I thought you were calling me a fruit lol.
  7. Just showing off the plane lol. I will eventually start getting more historical lol It was just for the sake of showing off the plane lol. I will eventually become more historical. Just having fun man! I love the help and input! Helps me learn.
  8. Sounds good my friend. Dont worry - I am live streaming it so!
  9. Ok guys.... I JUST COULDNT WAIT to share this with you. A lot of you guys asked me for more, so here you go! The support and love you have shown me is unreal. I am here to stay. I really REALLY hope you all enjoy this. I tried to make the game look as real as I could in some shots. All for entertaining purposes and showing off the aircraft!
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