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  1. I definitely prefer to install the BAT thanks
  2. Thanks for your recommendations Arthur-A took note of them and I hope to comment on my respective impressions. Greetings and good hunting
  3. I am a virtual pilot from Spain, I currently have the official 4.13.4m patch installed, I have been away from flight simulators for many years and would like to fight again in the air. Also it would not be enough to be able to do an accelerated flight course in the IL-2 Sturmovick 1946, thanks and regards
  4. Thank you for the information currently install by recommendation of a friend up to patch 4.13.4m but I do not know if it is better that you recommend me
  5. Hi, I downloaded the BAT in Torrent, because I have the original 1946 IL-2 Sturmovick without mods but I have a question. Where to install the BAT, in which folder of the IL-2 1946? Thanks and excuse my ignorance, I have not been able to cross the sky in a flight simulator for years and see if I update.
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