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  1. Will be glad too - hopefully it will arrive earlier rather than later tomorrow.
  2. I know the idle/off detent generates a DX button, but I did not think the Afterburner detent does? But I know in the Spit the detent corresponds to where boost would be enabled in the axis movement.
  3. My cable ( ordered a different one) is scheduled to arrive sometime tomorrow, so hopefully will be able to check this out here in the next 1-2 days. I have no anticipation of this being any better experience than I get with my Rift S, and likely not as good. But I am curious - there may be some other Oculus games that it might shine with. For instance Vader Immortal looks better in my Quest than in Rift S.
  4. My date keeps getting pushed back on Amazon, now showing expected on the 23rd. Must have been a rush for the Oculus suggested cable...
  5. The Devs of IL-2 GB have stated from the get go, and on several occasions, they do not intend to have clickable cockpits. They appear to have done fairly well. I enjoy the sim for what it has, not for what it will likely never have. I do not have anything against them, and in fact enjoy them in another flight sim, but I also enjoy very much IL-2 for what it does bring to the table. And yes I fly strictly in VR, many many hours a week. No one is killing my immersion.
  6. Wow that does sound like a lot of work, I will say though I for one am looking forward to it. Got so used to using it in Kuban I would miss it now. However in the meantime I am sure I will have a blast until then.
  7. I have both idle/off and afterburner detents in my Warthog throttle, as I use them for the jets in another sim. But no for strictly IL-2 no real need for them.
  8. I ordered the one Oculus recommended from Amazon. Will advise how it does when I get it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MZIPYPY/ https://support.oculus.com/444256562873335/
  9. Very happy with my 9900k, however I came from a 4820k previously. 8700k to 9900k may not be worth the expense for a marginal gain, 8700k is still a very good cpu.
  10. Let us know - my cable from Amazon showing delivery between 20th and 23rd. Going to plug it into my C-Port on GPU. One guy has posted a video over on DCS forums where he has his working.
  11. I would think the Rift S would still be the better overall experience between the two, at least for what we do with flight sims. I have a cable on order should be here in a day or two, hopefully I will get a chance to try it out before the end of the week. She noted a slight loss in video quality on the games she tested, but may be attributed to the particular cable she used when testing.
  12. https://www.oculus.com/blog/play-rift-content-on-quest-with-oculus-link-available-now-in-beta/
  13. Check all your running programs in task manager and see if you have something eating up some of your cpu resources.
  14. Best to assign VR default view to a button on your stick, it is under either pilot head control or camera. You will see both default position and zoom there that can be assigned.
  15. Yes you can. Also for Rift users there is an alternative to Steam VR, called Open Composite. It is a leaner program without all the bells and whistles of Steam VR, most Rift users get better performance with it. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/9nxixe/systemwide_installation_for_opencomposite_released/ Either is fine though, you may want to start out with Steam VR and see how it does.
  16. Thoroughly loving my Rift S, been using it pretty much daily since getting it in May. I use it in both IL-2 and DCS with very good results. I use earbuds plugged into the Rift S audio jack rather than the built in audio strap as I prefer the sound with them.
  17. Hmm I am thinking Dec 7th would be a good date for them to announce the Pacific...
  18. Hard to say what exactly it might be, however it is odd you would be smooth in DCS and stuttering in IL-2. And really odd you did not see an improvement with Open Composite with IL-2. Typically DCS is more demanding on VR than IL-2 is. At least I find it is. I am smooth in both however with my Rift S, but I do also have a pretty beefy rig. What are your system specs? How do you have your in game graphics settings set? If running an Nvidia card, do you have IL-2.exe set in Nvidia Control Panel to " Prefer Maximum Performance" in power management? I leave all the other settings at their default of "application controlled".
  19. Consider giving Open Composite a try. A program that allows one with a Rift device to run through it rather than Steam VR. I use it and get better performance in IL-2 with it. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/9nxixe/systemwide_installation_for_opencomposite_released/
  20. There is no question 1CGS has done an outstanding job with their VR implementation with IL-2 GB.
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