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  1. Just grabbed 10.0.1. Just fyi changing font size still does not seem to have any effect for me. Trying to make the text just a little larger.
  2. That does look nice, however I would have been more interested in seeing things off at a distance somewhat rather than in the face. Still a bit of on the fence on this one.
  3. I remember in ROF with individual plane setups, one could adjust the axis up and down on the elevator to get the plane a little more "trimmed out".
  4. The 190 is so far at least, the only one I have been successful at shooting down in the P-47. Only been able to get like three so far in 10 missions so don't think too bad of me lol.
  5. Lol could be better. I feel like I am driving a big square bus out in the skies. Not having quite the success in it I was getting with my beloved Spit Mk IX or even the P-51, but am still plugging away and see how it does.
  6. I hardly ever fly FC, maybe someday I will get a little more into it. However if they did do a follow up I sure would purchase it to support the cause, as I am sure a lot of folks in here would.
  7. I prefer to fly my campaigns cold start and taxi to runway. And for the most part, it works awesome. Where I get into some trouble, is on some of the larger airfields - like for instance flying the P-47 in Bodenplatte. Some of those airfields are quite large and can have some convoluted taxiways. This is not a problem until I am flight leader. Then it can be a chore. On some airfields it can take around 15 min or little longer to get to the proper runway. And figuring out how to do so, can be somewhat frustrating at times. Now this is no problem when I am not flight leader, I then just follow the plane in front of me. So I was wondering if it would be even feasibly possible to have an option to not be flight lead ever in a campaign? If it is much trouble, I am sure not worth it as I may be the only one affected by this. Just was wondering?
  8. Been flying a P-47 Campaign of late. Not really sure why , and it is likely more of a 1CGS issue. Get assigned ground attack missions, however when get to target area well there are none to attack. Or sometimes just one or two. I have ground density set to medium. I even get a message that I sucessfully destroyed say a flak gun, only I never saw a target and had not even dropped a bomb yet or fired my gun yet. One time I did destroy and AA and the game told me I incurred a penalty as it was a friendly. It was designated enemy.
  9. It really depends on your system and how it performs, and how it all looks to you with either ASW on auto or off. Best to try yourself both ways and see which you prefer.
  10. I used to on my old rig, but after building this one I have gotten to where I just leave it on. The bulk of the time it does not kick in, but those times that it does I find it is not that bad at all.
  11. Yes I have Game Mode disabled. As far as HUD I do not use it all that much, have it set to a button on my Throttle so toggle it on if needed.
  12. Best settings in Nvidia Control Panel is to set Power Management to " Prefer Maximum Performance", and leave all others at default. I see no difference on my system with Hud on or off. Guess could depend on the system running it though. IL-2 GB runs great for me with my Rift S. I run with settings pretty much maxed out and it is gorgeous, but I do have a pretty stout rig. What are you system specs?
  13. I know you can't tell from a video, but that really does not look much better than my Rift S.
  14. Oculus tends to get stock in on Tuesdays, if you can be a little patient and have the ability to check stock from Oculus frequently ( as they tend to go fast), you might can snag one.
  15. I had that yesterday as well. Version 9.2.0.
  16. Hmm that would probably make that one a no go for me. I much prefer using earbuds.
  17. Whoee, now I am getting somewhere! Just blew some ground targets up and got my first air to air kill shooting a 190 down in my new PWCG campaign. Thanks so much everyone!
  18. I guess dumb question but I gotta ask as I have no clue. Currently in process of learning the P-47 and in beginning stages of a PWCG Campaign. What is the selectable MN 28 option in PWCG for this aircraft? I had a look through the 1CGS tech notes on the P 47, and did not catch a reference to it.
  19. Ok got everything assigned best way for me and have been testing alone on the map. Now I am starting to get my arms wrapped around this thing. Thanks for the pointer to the vid. Sounds good, thanks for the tips!
  20. I may have to check this out as I see it is available on Quest also.
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