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  1. I think I have about talked myself into a 3080 card instead of the 3090, preferably EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra. Just too big a difference in price versus small gain in performance it seems. My only concern would be the 10 GB of Vram, heck my 2080 Ti has 11 GB. Who knows though, will see if I can snag anything tomorrow. Not holding much hope though and it is quite ok if I can not. Would certainly not hurt me to wait a bit.
  2. I have been planning on holding out for when I could get a 3090, specifically EVGA FTW3 model. This gives me some pause though. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/rtx-3090-out-september-24/ Beginning to wonder if I should wait for a 3080 with a little more vram than the initial 10 GB ones. Heck my 2080 Ti has 11GB. Would like to get one around 20 GB. Oh decisions decisions...
  3. When it comes to Vram I think of it much like system ram. One can never have "too much", while certainly one can have "not enough". I will always prefer to have more than really needed. Plus as much as I love and enjoy IL-2 GB, it will never be the only game I play.
  4. Ok just loaded up my flight gear and flew my next P-51 PWCG campaign mission. All is well on my end at least for this plane. Limit VR View unchecked and not getting the canopy restriction.
  5. Sorry I have not checked myself as I have my race sim rig hooked up at the moment, will try and do so here soon. I do not like that option being on either.
  6. Limit VR View is in the settings menu under camera category. Check there and insure that option is not checked.
  7. More like technical details have you had a look through this? I will usually download as PDF for the plane I am working on learning.
  8. Yeah Oculus are blazing a new trail going after and creating new markets in the social arena. And if they further improve Link connectivity it will be as good as PC-VR at a reasonable price. And native wireless eventually would be incredible. FB requirement though I do not like.
  9. https://vrscout.com/news/facebook-end-sales-of-oculus-rift-s/ RIP Rift. Loved my CV1 and also my Rift S. Still using my Rift S daily for many hours a week. They both have done a great job for me and for the longest I was very loyal to Oculus products whilst many of my fellow flight simmers were moving on to others. I also have a Quest but do not use it all that much any more. Quest 2 with Link and a required FB account - no thanks, especially not for how I use VR. Awaiting my Reverb G2 I have on pre-order. But the Rift opened me up to a whole new gaming world I could only have previously imagined. I game much more now that I have VR. Spend more money too ugh.
  10. Hmm not crazy about the switching sides thing but will still be getting this one on day 1. Because it is Star Wars and VR.
  11. Double boo. Scalpers are the reason no one could hardly get one. Not necessarily directed at you Bernard.
  12. I would love to see an improved Index with inside/out tracking to take away the Lighthouse requirement. I would be all over that.
  13. Received this email today from Connection regarding my Reverb G2 order: .
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