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  1. dburne

    Oculus Rift sound improvement

    I use a VKB stick ( or Virpil also at times), a TM Warthog Throttle, and a CH Throttle Quadrant ( for the extra axis and buttons). I can use all three whilst in VR no problem once I get all my commands pretty much memorized, no need to look at anything. Works great for me especially for VR.
  2. IMHO for a multi purpose throttle, since you already have the Warthog I would say the Virpil offering. Be aware it does not have a slew control, granted the Warthog slew is not that great. If you are talking mainly for WWII type combat flight sim, I would say the GVL throttles would be well worth checking into. VKB says more information should be coming "soon" on their throttle offering, but who knows when that might be actually available.
  3. You are absolutely correct. In some instances, like the VR benchmark , the replay track would not even boost my GPU, whereas when actually playing the game - which to me is what counts - my GPU was running full boost, even with a ton of activity going on around me. And temp was not an issue either in the benchmark, it was very low. The benchmark does not account for things like what GPU speed is running at the time of running the trk file. What matters to me is how it performs while actually playing the game. This is how I will gauge how my investment in the 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra will pan out soon, along with hopefully a complete new build for rest of the system in couple of months.
  4. dburne

    DCS news

    Edit: never mind.
  5. dburne

    Oculus Rift sound improvement

    I have a joystick and throttle, I assign all my needed actions to the buttons on them in the game. So I fly with the Rift with my hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS) , without need to look at keyboard much. There is a small nose gap in the Rift one can peer down at the keyboard, but using fingers to reach keys is kind of awkward.
  6. Interesting - little pricey but if they are really good with rich bass I might consider. Edit: I see one review on Amazon stating they are good if pressing in by hand, without pressing in the sound is somewhat lacking. Wish there were more reviews... That is a problem with on ear headphones and the reason I got the Oculus In Ear buds to replace my stock on ear headphones. But I do wish for better bass.
  7. dburne

    Does TARGET overrule il2 keys and axis

    Normally there are already keys assigned to commands in the game by default. For instance just for talking purposes as I don't know what it is by default, let's say gear toggle default keypress in the game is the G key. So in target you would assign the gear toggle to a button, so when that button is pressed while the Target profile is running it would send a G press and release , as if you reached out to your keyboard and did the same. Alternatively as you mentioned, if you assign the gear toggle directly in game to a button press, then that button will toggle the gear just like pressing and releasing the G key would. The advantage of Target, is you can do more with it than you can by just assigning a button in game. For instance you could assign a button as a modifier if press and held, say you want also to assign another command to the G key toggle, you could set TARGET for another button to be a modifier, so when pressing and holding that button whilst hitting the button assigned to generate the G key, it actually generates something else, like ALT+G for instance to do something different. Or chains, say you want to press a button that will generate say a shift + alt + G key. Things like this that can be done in TARGET versus what one can do in the game GUI. For me, I am getting older and lean now more toward the KISS principle, so while I used to use TARGET for the above reasons I now much prefer the simplicity of simply assigning my commands in the game GUI. Plus I now have a different stick and just the TM throttle now.
  8. dburne

    Oculus Rift sound improvement

    Same here. I got the Earbuds not too long after getting my Rift.
  9. dburne

    Does TARGET overrule il2 keys and axis

    Well TARGET will simply combine your throttle and stick into one combined virtual device. That virtual device will have a pitch and roll axis that is assignable in the game GUI. Then when assigning in game, it should detect a left and right roll , and a pitch up and pitch down. If it does not pick it up correctly, then you just invert the axis in the game GUI, or in TARGET. Just like it will pick up both throttle axis and friction slider axis in game when you assign them. Just note if you are going to be using TARGET, be sure and have your profile running so it reads the axis' properly. Axis Curves - take your pick, TARGET or in game should work fine. I would not set curves in both. Alternatively, you do not have to use TARGET at all in which case the game will see your throttle and stick as two separate devices, which you can then assign all your axis and buttons in the game GUI. I used to use TARGET long time ago, and got away from it for just the simplicity of assigning in game.
  10. dburne

    DCS news

    Trigger - that is interesting, no the one I got was the same trigger as what I had. Nice to know - sounds like they beefed it up a little which it needed imho. Shader Mod - no, have read about it but I really prefer not to run any mods myself so have not tried it. Will see what performance is like for me when I start the Spit campaign again. You talking about JSGME?
  11. dburne

    Expensive aircraft in Il-2?

    That was my first as well. Did not even have sound card in my 386 machine lol. It was a blast though.
  12. dburne

    DCS news

    Yeah I get surprisingly somewhat decent performance even over Normandy now. Yes the deferred shading and lighting are awesome now in DCS.
  13. dburne

    No Oculus Touch support?

    Yeah no Touch Controller support in this sim, however without click pits can't see why they would invest the time to do so. I just have everything assigned to my HOTAS.
  14. I will be doing a new build myself here toward the end of the year. Already have an EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra on pre-order, and will do the rest of the build later in the year. Holding out for either i7 9700k or i9 9900k.
  15. It is done through TARGET. It will combine TM Throttle and Grip into one device which is how the game would see it. Then you can program functions in TARGET for individual game. Personally I got away from TARGET some time ago and just directly assign in the game GUI. Lose some flexibility in programming but really for this sim I find I did not need it. Some prefer TARGET and some prefer just using the game GUI.