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  1. Well now that I have both Rising Squall and Serpent's Head campaigns for the Hornet under my belt, I have now begun Serpent's Head 2 campaign for the Hornet. Looking like it will be a nice challenge for me as well and a nice extension of the original Serpent's Head campaign by picking up where my pilot left off. So nice to finally be flying combat in campaigns and kind of sorta know what I am actually doing now with the Hornet. This is what it is all about for me, flying single player campaigns in whatever flight sim I happen to be doing at the time. That is why I so
  2. I started around the same time and feel the same.
  3. Yeah I am with you there, even with the more modern jets I get everything I need to buttons on HOTAS. Trying to use keyboard is a big no no for me.
  4. That option is forced on in Expert Mode. You can set to Custom Mode and make individual selections including turning that off. That is what I do as I only do single player. I am not going to fly with that option on I think it is silly.
  5. Well yes certainly you can reduce resolution to 50%, or even between 50-100%. It also has a 60 Hz mode rather than 90 Hz, some like that as they are able to run without reprojection in 60 Hz mode. I myself tried it and did not care too much for 60 Hz, just felt swimmy or something to me. I run at 100% resolution and Motion Smoothing forced at 45 fps, very smooth for me and stutter free.
  6. Yeah they process and ship per order. They seem to run around a couple of weeks processing, and then getting ready for shipment and transit time, probably looking around 4 weeks overall.
  7. I really like my new Virpil CM 3 Throttle. I still do not use all the available buttons on it.
  8. Yeah that is one thing for sure, one can never have too many axis.
  9. https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/3255-introducing-the-vpc-control-panel-2/ Nice addition. Not sure I would ever need those extra buttons but if I find myself wanting more this would be a great option. Plus gear lever with detents.
  10. Yeah you missed a treat, Janes Longbow was awesome. I spent many hours in both 1 and 2. But yeah the real treat is coming with this one. In VR is going to be so awesome.
  11. Nice video overview of the Rising Squall Campaign for the Hornet. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, stuck on the last mission right now - it is a tough one. Most awesome and music was fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. I am pretty much the same as Blitzen. I have had mine for several months and absolutely love it, not a moments trouble out of it so far. There is a bit of a learning curve getting it set up and running to one's liking but once there it is a beautiful thing. Use mine daily around 3-4 hours on most days. My VR headsets have been Rift CV1, Quest, and Rift S prior to the Reverb G2. I also enjoy other VR games like Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Half Life Alyx, Star Wars Squadrons, DCS., MSFS 2020. Tracking Controllers with the G2 are pretty good. It has 4 came
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