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  1. I must say I am having a blast with HL Alyx. Quite an incredible VR game, can certainly put one on the edge of their seat lol. Well done by Valve.
  2. Both truly are very good combat flight sims. The more the better for the genre, which many predicted the death of several years ago. Especially after MS got out of it and CLoD was such a failure upon release. IL-2 is my favorite for sure, and is what I spend majority of time in. I do also love DCS though for the jets and helicopters, currently having a blast getting my arms wrapped around the Hornet flying off the carrier in the Persian Gulf.
  3. Have you guys launched the game in VR and then went back in and checked? If it is not there then, then yeah I imagen would need to add the line. I won't get a chance to try myself for a bit. Mine does not have it listed either.
  4. Yes this would be nice, ie two levels of zoom. Someday.
  5. Just to bring to attention, long list of items in the changelog for today's 4.005 update.
  6. Wow quite the impressive list! Big congrats to the Team! Especially in delivering this large update during today's incredibly tough times.
  7. All sounding great, thanks for the heads up! Much thanks and appreciation to the Team for accomplishing all of this during these very trying times!!
  8. Those are nice CPU temps if those are the highs. What cooler are you running?
  9. From my perspective in VR, I get decent performance in DCS, but significantly better performance in IL-2 GB. This is from my single player perspective.
  10. Not much in Nvidia settings work for VR use. The ones that do afaik: Prefer Maximum Performance VR Pre-rendered frames Low Latency mode Texture Quality.
  11. Your VR support is great. No other flight sim can I get the performance and experience I get with IL-2 .
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