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  1. Great example of this is the new 20x series of cards.
  2. And another piece of the puzzle has arrived finally. i9 9900k ( had on pre-order a while).
  3. Ohh just notice the new badges, I even got a BOM badge and did not pre-order it. Guess that is why it is tan rather than gold. Thanks for the new badges 1CGS!
  4. dburne

    The meaning of this game

    Lol I get ya. Last timed I gamed on my monitor was Jan 15 2017. Been using the Rift ever since, practically daily. Many hours a week spent with it, mostly in IL-2.
  5. Just checked EVGA, they don't even have their 1080 Ti listed any longer. They do show in stock a 1080 Gaming at 550 USD. https://forums.evga.com/EVGA-GeForce-10-Series-f103.aspx Or a 1070 Ti FTW2 at 590 USD. https://www.evga.com/products/productlist.aspx?type=0&family=GeForce+10+Series+Family&chipset=GTX+1070+Ti Shortage of new 1080 Ti's must account for the higher used market prices.
  6. No, I would go 1080 Ti versus the 2080. Or if money is no big concern the 2080 Ti. The gains are somewhat minimal though between 2080 Ti and 1080 Ti.
  7. dburne

    The meaning of this game

    Welcome to the sim and the forums! Great community here, and a fantastic sim. Full agree on the VR, I have been flying this sim in VR since the first day they supported it officially, and still can not get enough it seems. And I am talking on practically a daily basis. Welcome Aboard!
  8. Brings back memories. I was quite heavy into RC plane flying in my younger years - mostly in the late 70's to early 90's. Got quite involved in RC Pattern flying competitions. I had some great times back then, but I burned myself out on it and never had the desire again.
  9. dburne

    PWCG 5.0.4 Released

    Finally today I had a mission with no enemy AI aircraft to be found, it was an intercept mission. I am not complaining, this was actually mission #31 in my Spit Kuban Campaign before this happened. We were still a little low on planes and pilots, so was almost a welcome break. This is a huge improvement, thanks for this!!
  10. dburne

    2080 and 2080 Ti

    If you can only get smooth gameplay at 90 fps in VR, then no the 2080 Ti will not solve that for you.
  11. dburne

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Well it handled PWCG campaign ok. I am not going to argue, was just sharing what I was seeing. Just take it with a grain of salt, everyone can have different experiences. Have fun!
  12. dburne

    2080 and 2080 Ti

    To be clear, I was talking about in game experiences - not benchmarking. I was not urging folks that are into that to disregard the information or the benchmarking. Just saying during actually gameplay focus on getting a smooth and pleasurable experience. Once there turn the fps counter off and have fun. At least that is what I do and I spend many hours a week in this. And having an absolute blast.