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  1. Sounds good, thanks for all your efforts!!
  2. 18 mission into my new PWCG Campaign in this Alpha Version, flying cold start Spit Kuban. So far so good - only exception which is already known I believe is sometimes we start and taxi to runway and find ourselves under attack from some enemy fighters before we even get clearance to take off or even set to take off. Increases the pucker factor somewhat.
  3. Ah ok - I am flying the Spit and while I can't say for sure I don't think I have noticed if it is not spinning.
  4. Thanks ! I have been very pleased with it, built it in mid Jan and she has been rocking along quite nicely, running 5.1 Ghz on all 8 cores with no AVX offset. Very pleased with the VR performance. Prior to VR I would never have built such a rig, VR has proven somewhat costly for me LOL. I don't think there should be any more prop spinning anomalies since the last IL-2 update , but then I always have ASW turned off when flying so I would not have noticed either. Yeah definitely give OC a go, I am sure glad I did especially after that last Steam VR update.
  5. No I did not find a way to turn it off, but I think my OTT setting maybe overrode it. But yeah Open Composite is the way to go, at least for me - much less hassle and better VR performance for me.
  6. Thanks for the tip, I did not think Home could actually be closed anymore and the headset still work. I use OTT guess I never paid attention to that feature. I will say though, my GPU idles fine and does not run at 40% as long as Home is closed. If I launch Oculus Home though, even at desktop then yes my GPU runs higher.
  7. Yes it definitely is the way to go IMHO. Yes you still need Oculus Home running. No you will not need Steam VR running. I use OTT just fine with it.
  8. dburne

    DCS news

    Animated Deck Crew coming to new Nimitz class carrier. No timeline given at this time - so who knows when. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3948720#post3948720
  9. Yes the Rift S is pretty awesome, I am so pleased with the clarity of the image along with the performance. I always have ASW off for IL-2. And Open Composite is so much nicer and leaner than Steam VR. Now I can finally be rid of Steam.
  10. No they are not going to do click pits. I have most all my controls mapped to my HOTAS that I need. I use Voice Attack for ai commands. I have a VKB stick with MCG Pro grip, Warthog Throttle, and even a CH Throttle Quadrant for the extra axis and buttons. I never have a need to looking at the keyboard.
  11. I think so - while I have not tried it the full install version I got has an option to switch back to Steam VR.
  12. Oh yeah! Just flew a PWCG cold start mission in the Spit, performance was excellent once again, I think even better than before that last Steam VR update which seemed to hose my performance. Cold start from parking, taxi to runway, takeoff - fps pegged at max 80 fps for Rift S , and in air pretty much stayed like 78-80. Took down an FW 190 and a couple Ju 87's - performance still great. Great stuff, glad I did the Open Composite. Also really enjoying the clarity along with performance of the Rift S. Cya Steam VR!
  13. Interesting read: https://uploadvr.com/jason-rubin-oculus-quest-index-rift-go/
  14. SP guy here as well and I full agree! VR is amazing. Have been doing it since Jan 2017 and I am still in awe every time I get into cockpit.
  15. I am using the method to download the new open composite dll file and replace the one in the game directory with it. Maybe I should try the install option.. Ok using the installer seems to have taken care of it. Thanks,
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