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  1. Much thanks for all this Pat! Hopefully I will get a chance to try it out some this coming week.
  2. Story Mode has a little aim assist. Play the harder levels and it goes away I think.
  3. Were you using the official Oculus brand Link Cable or a different one? USB3 or 2?
  4. Oh man, sorry to hear that. Hope they get you fixed up ASAP.
  5. I am currently going through another play through of Alyx with my G2. While the controllers I would not consider on par with the Touch controllers, they are sufficient. Not having any major problems with then in Alyx.
  6. Sounds very exciting Pat! I like where you are going with this. I don't think I have ever had a mission where at the start I am on runway and actually see rain or snow falling. Also good that you are going to make clear skies a configuration option, should be very beneficial for those that run into performance issues.
  7. Latest AMA update from HP on the Reverb G2. There is mention in there on an apparent issue with X570 motherboards. https://www.reddit.com/r/HPReverb/comments/k0uyb6/ama_with_hp/
  8. The Reverb G2 does not play well currently with the 570 motherboards from what I am seeing , I am sure they will get that sorted soon though.
  9. For whatever reason to me MSAA looks better than SS. Always has , so may be just how my eyes perceive it. I am half blind also so that may play a little part.
  10. A motherboard bios should definitely not be that difficult to flash. Shame on Gigabyte.
  11. Ok so in my quest to get back to 90 Hz rather than 60 Hz, and knowing I did not want to lower graphics settings in the game, I set a custom resolution in Steam VR for IL-2. I set it to 84% which gives me 2056x2008 in each eye. Still respectable. Loaded up my next PWCG Spit Mk IX campaign in Bodenplatte. Low altitude patrol - 5k ft - clouds light and scattered. This may be the winner for me. I was able to maintain 90 FPS the vast bulk of the time, about the only time I saw it drop into reprojection briefly was when I was on runway taking off - right after takeoff it went up to 90 fps and stayed there for the most part. And really the image still looked sharp and great to me, obviously this lower res is still quite above the res of my Rift S. And this running 2x MSAA which I much prefer over FXAA. Had some great combat in this mission, where I downed 5 ea FW 190 A-8's. And the image still looks fantastic, in fact not sure I can even perceive the difference in the lower resolution. 90 Hz just feels so much better to me than 60 Hz. So think I am just going to stick around this resolution and fly at 90 Hz. Nice to know with these high resolution headsets one can reduce resolution a little depending on system and still get great performance with nice graphics. Then as technology continues to improve grow back into the higher resolutions.
  12. Yeah probably same here. I would love nothing more than to know enough with the Hornet to be able to fly that campaign, or any campaign for that matter. The problem for me is getting all the info I need to learn it. They have a good tutorial on the Hornet, however it does not cover all one needs to know so one has to search and try to find it. Very time consuming. And I have memory issues now which does not help.
  13. Yeah the only reason one might need the 256GB version would be if they got into the stand alone games, and I am sure many more higher quality ones will be coming out for the Quest 2. Which take more space.
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