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  1. Looks nice. 64 GB of ram is a bit of overkill unless you need it for other things. 32 Gb should be plenty. You could also easily find two sticks with a CL of 14 at 3200 MHz.
  2. Yeah I certainly grabbed it. Looking forward to flying the Hornet off of it.
  3. I would be surprised if there were any 9900k chips out there that can not reach 5.0 GHz on all cores.
  4. Well you can pay extra for the 9900ks, or you can get the 9900k which in most cases easily runs 5 GHz on all 8 cores with no problem as long as one has a decent cooler. Currently and at least for the near term future as you know IL-2 is very much dependent on CPU Horsepower. I do not see any advantage at least first glance of the newer 10th gen chip for just what we do here. Now if the new chips were to gain one say an additional 500 MHz plus then it would be a different story. Of course there may be other benefits with the new chip architecture and the motherboards required for it that are not known yet. I also would not disable any cores. Hyperthreading yeah, I disable that . Heck you pay for the cores, let the game use them. Plus there are a lot of other processing threads going on outside the game that needs to go somewhere.
  5. Could be , that combined with the fact it has only two cameras. However I do not see this reported elsewhere as a predominant problem for seated experiences.
  6. Ok if it should happen again, I will be sure and save that file.
  7. Ok thought you had already run it. which had me a little confused, which is not hard to do lol.
  8. Sorry I must have been confused, thought we were talking about the new Pimax unit that is not out yet.
  9. Not sure I understand which file? In looking in the data/Missions folder, I see a _gen.Mission file, however the time stamp would seem it reflects the last mission I flew, which would be from a new career I had started and flown some missions in?
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