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  1. His specs are in his sig. For your moderate system, I would probably recommend Rift S. It is easy to set up and works quite well with IL-2. They are kind of hard to find, have to keep a check over at the Oculus website. They do tend to get some stock in on Tuesdays, just check often as you can.
  2. Fully agree. And you will likely gain performance using Open Composite instead of Steam VR as suggested. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/9nxixe/systemwide_installation_for_opencomposite_released/
  3. Yeah that is pretty spectacular looking.
  4. Seems a little big. Mine is 37.6 GB. Also remember know matter what you actually own, you still get the full game downloaded. Check your date folders to see what all is in there.
  5. Hope they add VR support at some point down the line, I will not be purchasing until if and when they do.
  6. Well this works occasionally just a little. I will find after a few days maybe one flight has been replenished, but by time next mission is flown it is in the red again and here we go with a few more days like this: I am not sure how long a Bodenplatte Campaign should last, I am currently up to Dec 4th 1944 and I have gotten the above results pretty regular now over the last several days. At what date should this campaign go through to? I have been just selecting ground pounding missions as I know there will be no enemy AI activity when showing as above. Anyway hope this is helpful, if this is the way it should be then let me know and I will quit bugging about it.
  7. Yes this. I too was stumbling when I first got started, but half the fun is trying to work it out on your own. You can find tips and walkthroughs on the net with a search when you get stumped. https://www.ign.com/wikis/half-life-alyx/Walkthrough I used the above walk through when needed, however again I would stress to try best to figure out on your own everywhere you can. Whenever I get my new Reverb G2 I will be having another play through with Alyx. Love that game.
  8. Definitely give Open Composite a try. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/9nxixe/systemwide_installation_for_opencomposite_released/ I found it to be better for Rift than Steam VR.
  9. @Murleen Fyi - flying P-51 Campaign in Bodenplatte, stationed at PetitBrogel. When take off orientation has us to taxi to the right from parked position, the wingmen AI will start to taxi to the left, will go a very short distance and then do a U-Turn to correctly taxi to the right. The problem this causes is the next in line to taxi starts to taxi the same way after the first has done his U-Turn but before he has passed the planes still parked. And they sometimes collide causing damage. Many times we make it through ok and make it to the runway for takeoff, but sometimes we lose someone from the damage I assume. I would imagine if they turn right initially for the taxi procedure it would eliminate this issue that can happen from time to time. Just wanted to bring to your attention, not a biggie or mission breaker but can cause a little frustration.
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