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  1. Thank you so much @Varibraun. What a great post to read and I really appreciate the nice words! And what a very nice gesture on your part with the giveaways, kudos!!
  2. Agreed, even in VR the Hornet flying over the Persian Gulf is gorgeous.
  3. Ohh yeah baby. I am so looking forward to this one. I have been spending a lot of time of late in the F/A 18-C Hornet going through the training, loving flying that thing from the Stennis Carrier. This new supercarrier is going to be awesome.
  4. Sounds more like it is using an adaptive voltage. The key would be seeing what is being applied under load. If I set my voltage to adaptive, I can set my bios vcore around .95. Yet under load my 9900k will be pumping out 1.34-1.38v VID. In bios with it set to that the voltage will read around 1.35v. So I would be very careful applying much higher voltage in the bios, make sure and monitor what is really being applied. Just throwing in 1.2v without knowing how much more is being applied under load could be risky. On my EVGA Z390 Dark board, I can set Vcore either Auto, Adaptive, or Override. I do not care for auto as it applies more than is really needed. Adaptive has the behavior described above. I personally prefer the Override, as I can set it more to what it actually will run. Mine is set to 1.29v (Override) with my 5.1 Ghz all core overclock, and it will read around 1.34-1.36v whist stress testing. This option gives me the better control of my vcore. Obviously different boards will have different settings/nomenclatures. I would not take a board that is stable with a vcore at .98v and pump it up immediately to 1.2v without understanding first what voltage it is actually applying under load.
  5. I enjoy the click pits in DCS, much like I enjoy not having them with this sim. Click pits are not what makes or breaks a flight sim for me. I fly IL-2 GB in VR with all my needed functions assigned to HOTAS and never have need to reach for keyboard. Only time I do is to press escape to exit the game.
  6. It is working pretty good for me in latest version. Yeah it takes longer, but not quite 10 min though - at least not for me I don't think will have to time it. I like that most of the loading is done now from the PWCG GUI, whereas before I was having to wait with a VR headset on for it to load.
  7. Working for me fine with Open Composite. I do not use Steam VR, but would think it certainly would.
  8. That is for sure. One thing I like about my Rift S and it running at 80 Hz, I can run graphics mostly maxed out and it is beautiful with good performance.
  9. Not sure which exact version it was added, but thank you so much 1CGS for adding a manual IPD adjustment for VR. I always thought my Spit was a bit small on the scale, have adjusted it now and it is much better.
  10. You must have a lot of bookmarks saved of old posts...
  11. I think you will likely be "ok". However it would be beneficial if you overclocked that CPU.
  12. Yep much improved AI over the last few years, certainly not perfect but they will provide a nice challenge to the SP experience.
  13. What HBB*Hunger suggested. Also stop frantically hitting keys, that will certainly put you places you have no idea how you got there.
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