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  1. I fly single player only, all fighters usually in either PWCG Campaign or IL-2 Career. Always have a blast with it. Currently fly the Spit V and IX, will be having a go with the P-51 when Bodenplatte gets to full release.
  2. You only needed Steam to install Steam VR. Steam VR should launch automatically when you launch IL-2. Launch IL-2 from the IL-2.exe shortcut. Do you have "allow third party apps" selected in your Oculus desktop app? Edit: Sorry I think it is " allow unknown sources".
  3. Can you please list your system specs, along with describing exactly what happens when you try and launch IL-2 in VR? Also I assume you know you need Steam VR installed?
  4. It really is best to get good overclocking info on your motherboard mfg forums. I learned a ton over the years for overclocking both motherboard/cpu's and graphic cards to a lesser extent from the EVGA forums, as I have EVGA products. Having said that, overclocking these unlocked Intel CPU's is really quite easy, just have to stress them good as you go to insure stability and watch your core temps to make sure they stay decent. You basically just up the multiplier on each core and add a little vcore voltage when needed, and check temps. Do small amount at a time, stress it for a good half hour to an hour, add a little more, rinse and repeat. When you get it to where satisfied, then stress it for a longer period to insure it is stable. Having a good CPU cooler is required to get decent overclocks.
  5. I have not had an update affect my seat position.
  6. Thank you sounds good, however all credit goes to @LukeFF as I just copy and paste it out of the IL-2 Manual he wrote for 1CGS.
  7. Yes it is easily done. I do this on the monitor, I just uncheck VR in IL-2 and launch the game in 2d. I find it easier this way myself, some do it whilst in VR. It is specific per plane, so once set you are good to go for that plane.  Adjusting the default head position: 1. Ensure any head tracking software (such as TrackIR) is disabled. 2. Make sure you cockpit view is centered by pressing the numpad 5 key (Pilot head: snap position center). 3. Adjust your camera view to the left and to the right with the Delete (Move pilot head left) and the End keys (Move pilot head right), respectively. 4. Adjust your camera view forward and backward with the Insert (Move pilot head forward) and the Home keys (Move pilot head backward), respectively. 5. Adjust your camera view up and down with the Page Up (Move pilot head up) and the Page Down keys (Move pilot head down), respectively. 6. Once you are satisfied with your changes, press the F10 key (Save current corrections in head snap position). If at any time before this step you want to revert to the default head position, press the numpad 5 key.
  8. You can add a Dash panel to display in game, and should be able to display whatever you wish in that. I was displaying EVGA Precision X1 in it when I was messing around with it. It does ok and really no noticeable hit in performance. However - the Dash belt will always be displayed below, you can move it around a little but not much. I put mine down close to cockpit floor when I was playing around with this to get it out of my sight as much as possible. Certainly takes away from immersion. The other thing I did not like when I was displaying Dash in game was the game seemed to get a bit of a tint to it with Dash active, almost like wearing sunglasses or something. Maybe someone has come up with a Mod that might do this? Might have a look around in Mods section - I don't mess with Mods so I would not be aware.
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