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  1. What they officially state just constantly changes though...
  2. manual engine start up

    Whoa, brilliant!!
  3. Introducing the VPC WarBRD

    Yeah I think for most , once you go center mount with extensions there is no going back to a desktop setup. I know I certainly could not. Just got through clamping my Virpil stick and Warthog throttle to my desk, now to throw on my Rift headset and go continue my Kuban Career. Life is good!
  4. manual engine start up

    Probably the best use for me at least with flight sims, would be for say the engine startup procedure in DCS, or in the case of IL-2 navigating the menus/selecting options. For me with the gloves, would need to "remove before flight". Ain't nothing going to replace my great HOTAS setup. They would be really awesome though in like Touch supported games.
  5. VR headset

    I am not sure either, might check it out one day. Thanks,
  6. manual engine start up

    I feel "fairly" confident the Oculus Rift CV2 will ship with tracking gloves as an option. They certainly are working on them, will be interesting to see if they have the tech available for the next gen headset.
  7. manual engine start up

    I think main reason was Oculus moved the goalposts, to where it would require DX11 and at that time IL-2 was DX-9. It was not very long after 1CGS moved the sim to DX11 that VR support was added.
  8. VR headset

    Question for you as this has me a little curious. I have so wanted IL-2 to support more detailed controller configuration, like individual for each plane and more importantly supporting a button that can be used as modifier. As I understand it IL-2 does not deal well with "simultaneous" presses in recognizing them properly, needing a short delay between the first held key and the second one. Does this software allow one to do that?
  9. Introducing the VPC WarBRD

    You should be, going to be an awesome setup! Congrats!
  10. Should IL-2 Battle packs have more planes?

    Yep so true, and we are extremely grateful for all your efforts!!
  11. Introducing the VPC WarBRD

    Yep it is a desktop stick, gimbal not suitable for extensions. From product description: The VPC WarBRD is the newest generation of desktop flightsticks perfect for piloting any warbird to it’s highest potential! Featuring the latest iteration of BRD’s world famous compact, all metal, dual-cam mechanics and VPC’s own highly versatile electronic systems. Being equipped with the same connector standard and electronics as the VPC MongoosT-50® ensures complete compatibility with VPC’s existing and future grips without requiring any adapters or modifications The VPC WarBRD will be positioned below the VPC MongoosT-50® in the VPC product lineup to become the ultimate desktop joystick at an affordable price. Targeted for a release in Q1 2018, more information including a full overview of the VPC WarBRD features, specifications and pricing will be released in the near future.
  12. Yep 386 SX. I remember Dynamix well.
  13. Should IL-2 Battle packs have more planes?

    I am quite happy with the way they are doing things now myself! Great value for the money!!
  14. both eyes into one?

    Not sure what device you are using, I think with the Rift it has an option to mirror image to desktop. Might be in the debug tool.