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  1. I am very pleased with my G2 running at 100% Steam VR Resolution (3172x3100 per eye). Motion Smoothing on and forced to 45 fps. Very smooth with some nice graphics.
  2. Are you guys that are experiencing Steam VR crashing in WMR fully up to date with Windows 10 version 20H2 ? Should be like build 19042.964.
  3. Yep you don't have nor need WMR ( Windows Mixed Reality). WMR is used for WMR headsets like Reverb.
  4. If you don't know what WMR is you probably don't have it. What headset are you using?
  5. Mine uses 51 GB. AFAIK I have everything including Tank Crew and Flying Circus.
  6. Learning all the weapons and setup of each is a daunting process especially for me. I utilize the Kneeboard and have pages for each weapon, so I can reference them during the mission when I am setting up the weapon I will be using. Helps in my case at least. The pages I create out of Chuck's Guide for that weapon. Also have a page for the start up of the Hornet, I pretty much know it now but like to be able to reference it to make sure I do not miss something and find out later - oops.
  7. For flight sims - Reverb G2. For VR games that use controllers, the Index. Half Life Alyx is gorgeous in the Index at 200% SS and ultimate graphics. Only issue for me now is after seeing the larger FOV and larger sweet spot of Index, would love to see it for my flight sims also. But the image clarity trumps it for my flight sims in Reverb G2.
  8. https://www.techradar.com/news/valve-index-2-rumors-predictions-and-what-we-want-from-the-vr-headset I figure now that I have finally got an Index, this will be coming soon lol.
  9. https://www.roadtovr.com/htc-announce-vive-focus-3-vive-pro-2-report/ Should be interesting. Vive Focus 3 and Vive Pro 2 expected. VIVECON - May 11th.
  10. I got a chance to use my new VR Cover for the Index today, definitely more comfortable than the stock face mask. I will definitely be sticking with the VR Cover now for the Index.
  11. If that is true that is very good news for the PC-VR enthusiast market.
  12. No I am in the U.S.A. No I will not return the Index, definitely will keep using it for made for VR games with the controllers. Will use the Reverb G2 for flight sims. Got my VR Cover for the Index this evening, just spent about an hour with it on the Index and definitely feels more comfy. Will see how it does tomorrow with a longer play session before I pass judgement on it for my use. Yep Boneworks is next on my list to acquire, thanks for the input.
  13. Ok so the verdict is in for me with the Index and my flight sims. I spent the afternoon flying in my Hornet Campaign in DCS. I will be using my Reverb G2 for flight sims. Granted the Index was not bad, and the FOV is really nice to have in flight sims, I mean really nice. Plus that larger sweet spot. However I just don't get that really sharp clarity in the cockpit that I get with my Reverb G2. And that makes a difference for me. I even upped the SS to 220% trying to get it there, but it just was not. It was somewhat close, but the G2 clarity still beats it. I also noticed mor
  14. With 370 percent SS that is absolutely incredible. Especially with the larger image being projected into the Index.
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