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  1. Finally got IL-2 set up and Steam VR installed yesterday evening. Ran a quick 8 versus 8 mission ( Spits versus He 111's and JU 87's). New PC still at stock settings as I have not begun to overclock yet. Initial impression is I think I am going to be pretty happy. My 2080 Ti appears to also be running a little cooler in this new case so maintaining a little better boost clock. Won't have time for more in depth gameplay till sometime next week.
  2. dburne

    DCS news

    Dynamic Campaign update form Wags: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3762584&postcount=8
  3. dburne

    VKB Gunfighter Pro/MCG Pro

    Nice choice! Still loving my Gunfighter Pro !
  4. Can't elaborate too much, Prime 95 cranks the cpu temps way up into the 90's or more depending on one's cooling. Not really sure why, I tried it first and was like holy cow and immediately stopped it - then I asked about it over on the EVGA forums and they stated it was an issue running it on these new CPU's and boards. They recommended the two stress programs I mentioned. Those ran great for me with core temps not exceeding 70c at 100% cpu utilization along with memory stressing together. Might be more of a bios issue with the boards also who knows. I have not really looked too much into it yet.
  5. So far she is passing all stress testing I am throwing at it. Have been testing yesterday afternoon and this morning. Highest CPU core and package temps I am seeing is 70c during the tests. This is with MB bios settings at default (ram using it's XMP Profile). Testing both CPU and also CPU and Ram. Testing with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and IntelBurnTest V2. Once I start to overclock my goal will be 5 GHz on all 8 cores. Then hope for maybe 5.1-5.2 GHz. Will also probably try to get the Ram a little higher once satisfied with CPU overclock.
  6. Lol yeah it is on the list of stuff to change. Thanks for the reminder.
  7. Thanks much! Prime 95 does not play well with the newer processors, I would not suggest it. Have been running both Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and IntelBurnTest V2 a good part of this afternoon, so far everything looking very solid and good core temps. Will do some more testing tomorrow but hopefully will be able to start overclocking this 9900k here soon. I think it is going to be a good one.
  8. Yes, especially if feeding more voltage. Don't know what MB you have, I would suggest you check out their forums also to get some help when talking about overclocking the particular board you have. I have EVGA and there is always a wealth of info on their forums for overclocking with their boards along with some great feedback from their users.
  9. I have to tip my hat to EVGA also on this DG87 Case. I am very pleased with it. Lots of room so very easy to work in, lots of fans with both software fan controller as well as the 87 has hardware fan controller built into front panel. Lots of access holes for cable routing. And very easy to get into and work with, no screws to mess with to take any of the panels off. Filters all around and should be easily replaced. The front of the case is what many cases would be the side, this one sits laterally with the windowed front facing out. No visible cables, the I/O cables are hidden in case and route out back left corner so well hidden. Nothing is visible, even back of power supply - everything concealed in the case. And the airflow appears to be doing a great job keeping the system cool. In addition, it has some great ports on front of case for easy access. Even an HDMI port on the front for making plugging in a VR headset very easy. And both USB2 and 3 ports on front as well. Probably the only downside I think, is the clear window on front of the case is acrylic rather than glass. I am well familiar with the care and cleaning of acrylic from when I was employed so no biggie, but one would have to take care to keep it nice and scratch free. I saw where some guys over on their forum replaced it with glass - I may do that at some point. So anyway I would certainly recommend this case to those enthusiasts that prefer a full tower like myself, it is pretty sweet.
  10. dburne

    Rift Virtual Desktop

    Oculus has had Virtual Desktop built in to Rift Core 2.0 since it's release. No pay-ware for it.
  11. dburne

    Oculus tray Tool woes..

    No real problem on my end with OTT, just couple of niggles here and there. He is working on a new version that should be out soon with some fixes as well.
  12. dburne

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    The day will come when the resolution of VR is good enough we will be able to ID like we need to. Don't know how long, but it will be nice when it does.
  13. The Dark is an enthusiast board designed for overclocking. 2 dimm slots make for better overclock stability. The only Z390 from EVGA with 4 dimm slots is the FTW.
  14. dburne

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    Welcome to the club! I have been gaming in VR with my Rift for two years now, have not games on the monitor since. Absolutely love it.
  15. dburne

    Installing New

    Thanks much! Yeah I do not think I will even try it, just going to go in and map everything new again. It is not all that much really.