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  1. during the Normandy battle the III / KG51 with Fw190G3 was the Tours based SKG10 which was renamed III / KG51 at the end of the summer
  2. I am only referring to photos of trucks in Normandy, I noticed that the Opel trucks in the game are too visible during the convoy tracking operations, because of the tarpaulin which is very visible from the player's plane. situation where the Germans did everything to be camouflaged as much as possible.
  3. Hello, Very good work ... I love it Just a little thing for the Opel Blitz truck. The plain gray tarpaulin is not at all the style of the vehicles of 1944. From 1944 the vehicles were hyper camouflaged, (especially in Normandy and the end of the war). The tarpaulins were painted and camouflaged ...... to see the style. And in addition they were covered with foliage. See attached photographs taken during the Normandy retreat in mid August 1944
  4. It is the same book for the text but in French in the format of the special issue in French of a review. Mine has a lot of pictures that I used for the skins
  5. These badges are the badges of I. / Schlachtgeschwader 1 (I./SchG 1). this post in link: You will have the explanation in Adolf Galland's book "the first and the last" Adolf Galland began his career in assault aviation. that's why he used the same badge on a personal basis For buchner's book See here
  6. If I understand with the current setting of the generator mission, it is not possible that on the BOS career in Stalingrad to have bombing raids with He111 and Ju88 which are based too far away whereas historically they have participated a lot in Stalingrad . Likewise for BOPB, the P38 fighters will never be activated because they are too far away in Florenne. There is no way to change the generator settings to modify this. currently this is the reason why many players feel monotony in ModCareer A solution would it not be with the "Fake" squadrons ????
  7. we are quite a few players who use career mode but on the forum we don t have a place to meet and discuss to help each other as there are places for skins, modes and pwcg. would it be possible to add this section I do not know if it is you who should be contacted for this request Good evening Jason, Really a big thank you for this soperbe simulation. I asked @blacksix a question which sent me to you. Quite a few of us play modcareer campaigns in single player mode, but we don't have a place to meet up to chat, chat and make suggestions in the forum. The posts co
  8. SkinPack New Version V3: Improve alpha channels to fix some bugs Version V3 : HERE
  9. Hello, It seems to come from the way the algorithm chooses AI units based on the type of mission. 1 °) There is a compartmentalization between American and RAF. When you play with the RAF, Spitfire or Tempest in the Arnhem region, you should encounter friendly American AIs because historically both nations operated in the same sector, but in modecareer this is not the case. 2 °) The algorithm chooses the enemy Ai closest to your mission, for example if you play on the German side, you have a better chance of meeting P47 squadrons because they are closer to the front, the P3
  10. Pas de pb ´ c’est prévu pour cela..🙂
  11. SkinPack for B25D Mitchell II of 320Sqn (Dutch) Available Holland end 1944 13 skins historic and semi historical. 12 with individual code and 1 blank.. Link for download SkinPack 1: HERE1 Link for download SkinPack 2: HERE2
  12. Hello separate download please for the bad connection Thanks you
  13. Skinpack for 331 Sqn end 1944 Available below
  14. H Hello The links for the 3 mods , install in this order: It is 5 download for my method with JSME: 1°)[MOD] Rheinlands Spring Enhanced Link for download; https://www.mediafire.com/file/7s90x69057sn8ph/Rhinelands_Spring_Mod.7z/file 2]°) [MOD] Rheinland Texture Mod v1.0 Link for download; https://drive.google.com/file/d/10PyLjtqGhEoCXacyf7qWVswx9f0rCsQO/view fix Link for download; ; https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LEyc9-M_SzYAivIueo0ec88qnEHBJtPB/view 3°) [Buildings] MPG Skins factory -
  15. Good evening, This pack is finished and it is planned for a campaign in progress. On my side for the upload I have to go to my son in 8 days who has a good transfer connection. Mine does not allow to transfer this pack which is bulky. It will be released at the same time as a Spit skin pack
  16. Squadron Skin pack for 6 Spitfires MkXVIe 331 sqn (Norvegian). Available HERE - FN-H serial MA568 fly by Martin Gran - FN-B serial PT704 fly by Cpt Reader - FN-L serial MJ931 - FN-W serial PT708 fly by Fsgt Haanes - FN-T serial PT909 fly Lt Tilset - FN-K serial PL258 fly by 2Lt_Carl_Stousland
  17. Fw190F-8 (Wnr. 584233).9./SG4Feldwebel FyeShot down and killed at St Trond 01.01.1945 during BodenplatteCamo: RLM 75 + RLM 82 + RLM 76 in 2 variant. Link for download : HERE
  18. Please let me know if there is anything to improve
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