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  1. thank you,👍Good idea i will look at that.Leave me a few days
  2. C'est ce que je pense aussi… je vais travailler le sujet pour une version 2.😉 Le bon réglage de la couche Alpha est pas facile a trouver sur une si petite surface
  3. You must decompress in your MODS folder and install the folder that interests you on the 3 with JSME
  4. Hi, By examining the B&W photographs of the Bf109 from the autumn of 1944, the legs of the landing gear appear in a darker color. The answer I found in the excellent book on the JG300 by Jean Yves Lorant and Richard Goyat. Brick red train legs are mentioned to help mechanics quickly identify aircraft using C3 Synthetic petrol with an octane rating of 96/100. This concerns Bf 109 G14, G14AS, G10, K4, equipped with DB605 engines which can use either B4 (87 octane) or C3 petrol. The difference between the octane ratings resulting in different engine settings; there should be no error on the type of fuel when refueling the aircraft. Especially since the type of overpower GM1 is only compatible with B4 gasoline. With this C3 gasoline, the overpower will be of the MW50 type. The octane triangles and fuel types are on the back of the aircraft. By putting the different colored train legs, it makes it more visible more quickly when arriving in front of the plane the type of fuel that should be used. To model this type of detail, I offer skins for the Bf109G14 in 3 versions. Download : Here 1 °) Normal in RLM66 (For B4 petrol). The aluminum colored legs of the official skin are inaccurate. 2 °) Brick red (For C3 petrol). It is the most common color gradually in the fall of 1944. Red RLM 23 ??, this is what I chose, I hesitated with the RLM 26 which is more brown. 3 °) Alternatively for C3 gasoline. A skin of 2 colors RLM66 and red RLM 23 in the lower part. This last type of leg is not very common. Since the train leg skins are in the flat folder, the skin you choose will be common to all the Bf109G14s in your game. It is not possible to mix a priori. Installation: Unzip my archive in the MOD folder and activate with JSME the type of skin you want to use. To follow I will make the same type of skin for the Bf109K. Thank you for your comments for improvements, especially to see if my alpha channel is correct and the reflections are not too strong.
  5. Bf109G14 from I / JG27 in the fall of 1944 For download: A new version V2 with improved weathering for the weather of November (Mud on the grass german airfield). Here
  6. Good evening,Thanks for the information.I hadn't noticed anything particular about the lines of the panels and the rivets. I will look but I admit that I do not have the courage to start over the 2 skins already made and 2 others that I have in the process of being made. I will hold that for the new Skin that I will undertake in the future
  7. Hi, To just change a unit name by keeping by keeping a unit file but just changing the name and symbol.You must follow the following pathdata \ swf \ il2 \ squadrons \ 201852 \And in your case change the files in the folder 201852 which the folder of the Slovak unit that you want to replace.Put new image files for the new badges in the right format.Example following the attached file with what I did for III / JG52. 201852.zip
  8. Thank you for the compliments.I use the template of @RaFiger which I completed with layers of the official template and layers of my product.
  9. Bf109G14 Werk406520 III/JG76 11 Blue Athis airfield, France August 1944. It is made from the superb "RaFiger" template to which I made some modifications and additions. new version V2 with improved weathering Link for download: http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1105
  10. Hello, A semi historic skin to represent a Bf109G14 from I / JG27 in the fall of 1944. This skin can be used in the careermod. It takes the elements of decoration typical of a Bf109G14 of the JG27 at that time. It is made from the superb template by @RaFiger http://rafiger.de/Homepage/IL2-BOS-Museum/Info-Templates/Info-Templates.htm Link for download; Here
  11. Another Tempest (JJ -R, NV660) piloted by Pierre Closterman at 274 Sqn on March 14, 1945 on which he shot 3 Bf109.I was inspired by the JJ-M at the same time not having a photo of the NV660.
  12. New Tempest skins for 274 Sdn in the end of 1944 and early 1945 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/57187-tempest-mpg-skins-factory-skins-4k-for-complete-squad-of-tempest-274-squadron-in-1944-for-carrermod-available-edit-new-skin-for-1945-274-sqn-tempest-jj_m-flown-by-sldr-walter-jhibbert-new-sqn-leader-fairbank-tempest-1945/ New Fairbank Tempest Sqn leader 274 Sqn Download Here The link is repaired,Really sorry
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