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  1. I tried but I don't know if the possibility of ace skins works, maybe I didn't understand how to do it But i assign squadron default skins in career mode and it works.
  2. Hello, With the age of memory loss ... !!! I had zapped 2 skins of Bf109G14, which I had forgotten in a corner last month ... one finished and the other with some details to review. So here is another bf109G14 from the III / JG27 during the summer of 1944 inspired by a photo from which we can take different interpretations and variations of skins given the poor quality (unless it is a Bf109G6 Late but I opted for a G14.) It is therefore a semi historical. Download link: HERE & HERE
  3. Hello, I absolutely agree with you. I had already made a small mod which improved. here is the link if that helps. certainly it can still be improved
  4. Hello, I found a small way to improve the scenery of the ModCareer aerodromes by adding static and dynamic vehicles as well as wrecks on the side of the runway. I'm still testing to verify that there is no interaction with the existing decor and the runway. At the moment I am working on the Stalingrad map but it is applicable for all maps.
  5. In fact I misspoke, I thought of a counter that would not be visible to the skinner to get an idea of the success of his own skins The counter of the other skinners does not need to be visible, I did not think of a competition between skinners. For example, by Mediafire, I know the load count of my skin This is only personal information
  6. Thank you for the quick reply I will therefore wait until the skin update function is available to upload other skins Other questions Is there a download counter per skin?
  7. Hi, This site is an excellent initiative as a bank of skins. The possibilities for selecting skins by category are superb. I just gave it a try by putting a C47 skin on "Haluter's". I noticed the following points Either with my poor English I did not understand everything, or there are gaps. A priori as soon as the skin is put on the site, we lose the possibility of making modifications. 1 °) No possibility of intervening to update the skin. 2 °) No possibility of modifying the presentation text. 3 °) No possibility to delete an old skin. 4 °) The
  8. It is possible to use it in static plane with the skin for a solo career or by modifying the ModCareer. I did it.
  9. Not yet Details to be finalized and I have very little time at the moment. I think in a few weeks this pack for the 412 Sqn will be available. On the other hand my skins for the 331 Sqn Norvegian available Downloads / Spitfire - Axis and Allies Paintworks (axis-and-allies-paintworks.com) And 127 Sqn Downloads / Spitfire - Axis and Allies Paintworks (axis-and-allies-paintworks.com)
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