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  1. You ca see the last replic of my post
  2. Hello,Oops ... I forgot to specify, you have to create the folder in the "skins" folder of "graphics".IL-2 \ data \ graphics \ skinsa folder named "B25Draf" and put the file in it.With apologieshave a nice day-)
  3. Hello,Here is my first skin for a Mitchel2 B25. For a test it is fictional, but inspired by photographs of the 320 (Dutch) squadron but without representing a real plane. But as close as possible to historical realityI chose a period in autumn 1944 when the DDay strips have just been erased.I am looking for photographs of Mitchel 2 in Holland between September 1944 and April 1945 to realize a series of skins usable in the modcarriere of BOPBThanks for your help. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1lo1fx869r2pdae/MPG_B25D_Mitchel2_testfictionnal-automn1944_320Sqn%28Dutch%29.zip/file .
  4. Hello If you don't use the JSGME program to install you have to put the textures files in the folder. following the next path If you don't already have a "blocks" folder, you must create it in the "" graphics "folder as well as a" textures "sub-folder. IL-2\data\graphics\blocks\textures Please note for the moment this only works for the maps autumn and spring . I haven't made a mod for the winter season yet.
  5. Hello, For the moment, it's not bad.After testing.We always see the flares sent by the ground.On the other hand by day one hardly sees the position lights any more.And when the day falls, the wingers' position lights are seen at around 300 meters on takeoff and are very discreet when landing.It is a matter of compromise, each person can have a different feeling.If you try to have even less bright position lights, you may no longer see the flares fired from the ground.I no longer plan to modify the mod unless a person reports a particular problem to me.
  6. Hello,Here is a first SKIN test of the future 274 Sqn pack for 1945.I saw the ocean gray color again, it was darker and more bluish.It is inspired by the color profiles of the book "2nd Tactical Air Force"What do you think before I continue the work? Thanks😊
  7. Hello,I just did a few quick tests.By temporarily erasing my personal files from my pc and working from my mod download folder.I created a new pilot and created a Stuka campaign with the PanzerKdo Weiss. at the start of the Kuban campaign.It works perfectly. Do you have in the folder "swf" put the 2 squadron files ??Try to do a manual installation without using JSME?
  8. Hello,Are you talking about Stuka PanzerKDO's unit? , When, ??? from the start at the very beginning of the campaign ???I will try to reconstruct your problem by putting myself in exactly the same conditions as you😉
  9. In my version, the ground signaling flares to signal the friendly aerodrome work without problem.The little testing I had time to do allowed me to verify it.For the rest I need to do other tests.
  10. Hello,Here is a skin of black 13 from IV (Sturm) JG3 at the end of September 1944. Usable for the BOPB campaign. With the addition of a generic for the same squadron.This skin is inspired by the superb color profile of Claes Sundin. http://www.mediafire.com/file/j53bz9vl4d0q1q0/MPG_FW190a8_4K_IVSturmJG3_Sept1944.zip/file Update with black spinner and white spiral : http://www.mediafire.com/file/svmegom1rbbwa3z/MPG_FW190a8_4K_IVSturmJG3_Sept1944_V2.zip/file
  11. Hello,Thank you it's nice this track ... I would like to eliminate these navigation lights seen from afar and completely unrealistic.I have not yet done enough tests with my Mod to see the same thing as you.Thanks for your help
  12. Thank you for the information.That it is completely invisible during the day is very good because anyway having the position lights in a combat zone in the middle of the day is completely unrealistic.It's a big test job to get to keep a slight glow at night and the blackout during the day, I'll try as soon as I have time.The modified file you attached completely eliminates the near view and preserves the far view?Can change the name of the zip to avoid confusion with mine because if we make several versions, we will have to navigate there ??thank you so much
  13. Thanks for these informations. This is what I thought, I was strong on the attenuation of the lighting force, but I wanted to be sure that we no longer see the navigation lights in broad daylight. Normally with fighters we don't fly at night, so it's not too annoying. however 1km instead of 300 meters would be nice. As soon as I have a little time I will watch this. I am waiting a little to have other opinions.🙂
  14. Hello, I have been annoyed for quite some time by the navigation lights of the AIs, friends and enemy, which light up with each takeoff and landing in the career mod, in addition they are brighter than real navigation lights in broad daylight , better than the liners of an international airport. Visible at more than 10km. Suddenly seeing 10 km away from the FW or Bf to intercept you, it kills the immersion even if you are setting the maximum realism of your game. So I did a first try playing on the alpha layer of the navigation light files. They always light up in broad daylight but are only visible a few meters away; I haven’t tried it in the dark yet, but they’ll have to be slightly visible in this caseThis is a Beta version, tell me what you think about it because my navigation light dimming setting is very strong for daylight.. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ppivw93imyws81b/MPG_Blackout_adjust_Nav_light_MOD-V1.zip/file
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