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  1. Bf109G14 II/JG2. France 1944 Uffz Kock Skin Here
  2. http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1129Bf109G14 II/JG2. France 1944 Uffz Kock Bf109G14 probably belonging to II / JG2 having made a forced landing in August 1944 in France. It was certainly fly by the Uffz Kock which was shot down between Le Mans and Chartres on August 13th. The WNr413740 certainly indicates a discontinued G6 to the G14 standard or a G14 produced at Erla-Leipzig. This is my interpretation for making this skin from 2 photographs that I colorized. Link for download skin: Here
  3. Hello, If you want to use my Tempest Skins for 274 Squadron, in addition to those for 486 sqdn Obelix. you can use them. and I am ready to make you more.
  4. Hello, Help !!!! I had read that this campaign could use @obelix Tempest Skins but I couldn't figure out how to activate them ??? thank you so much
  5. New skins for Lagg 3 generic on the way.
  6. Hello, My version of Bf109E7 for the Schg1 during the battle of Stalingrad, end summer 1942. 7 skins for Bf109E7 Schg1.- 2 Skins from photos for Bucchner plane and Bf109 coded "U". - Bf109 coded "A".- 3 generic skins for the "1SchG1" and the "8SchG1".- 1 new additional Stab skin from the semi-historic "Stab1SchG1". Link for Download : Here
  7. you can use my skins which are already online. at your service to make others
  8. hello fantastic will missions against rail convoys be included? missions against river navigation, thank you very much
  9. Hello, That's why I make my skins available on the "Axis and Allies" site, it avoids malware with "mediafire". http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/news.php
  10. Hello, It is possible to customize the skins of each aircraft in the player's squadron. See my post on Tempest skins for the 274 sqdn as an example. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42886-mod-carrer-random-skins-wingers-by-squadron-is-possible/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/57187-tempest-mpg-skins-factory-skins-4k-for-complete-squad-of-tempest-274-squadron-in-1944-for-carrermod-available-edit-new-skin-for-1945-274-sqn-tempest-jj_m-flown-by-sldr-walter-jhibbert-new-sqn-leader-fairbank-tempest-1945/?tab=comments#comment-872336
  11. Hello, You can see my Mod here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/57537-mod-navlight-in-takeoff-and-landing_-black-out_-v1/?tab=comments#comment-877483
  12. Hello,I will make you a generic B25C skin for VVS with pleasure.Tell me for what date you want this because I am quite busy this June.Do you have a specific campaign theme or squadron ???.Would you like a black underwear for the night camouflage which is most common on the Soviet B25 I will be very tempted to make you the skin with a gray underside of the 1st profile which corresponds well to the B25c, the others are B25 J
  13. Hello, New Version V2 with Alpha layer reworked and filter layer for dust. Here
  14. Link for download V2 : http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1123
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