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  1. Hi Registered on the wrong side....Can you delete my profile please ? Thanks UF_Luny
  2. Hi Got mine recently 150mm but I mainly fly bombers. Huge difference when it comes to take off an overloaded plane. Just love it.. Thanks Sahaj and it was pretty quick to southern france
  3. Crash on MP custom mission works on win 7 (3 clients) but not with me on win 10 or a friend on win 8 Il-2.exe.6664.zip
  4. Probably the nicest DD to read since the game is out..Many thx Other corrections not mentioned yet are also worthy a look (Bombsight views, day night transition, sunset)
  5. Y avait aussi la RAAF sur Hampden je crois
  6. J'espère juste que c'est vraiment le I16 ET la carte Moscou c'est pas si clair pour la carte. Le I16 c'est rigolo 5mn La ou je suis deg c'est le 110 en Nov et pas de nouvelles du 88 Il va aussi falloir savoir vite fait comment on gère les installs BOM BOS pour rester compatible MP BOS de base
  7. A nice video by UF_Winterz from this week's coop seen from the LW bomber side, with real time TS (in french..) https://youtu.be/TKcTUrMvWpY
  8. You mean him JagdNeun ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=DKV5ju2ZPKI
  9. Its possible in MP for sure, long time since I last played SP
  10. I find it fits the video.I know it from Quentin Tarantino's film : pulp fiction : Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - Pumpkin And Honey Bunny (Miserlou) https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=A_6ajei_isE And yeah its surf music
  11. It could be nice because sometimes we have change tactics during the mission (coop MP especially) and the initial setting may not fit the bombing run, especially in Stuka. We may plan high alt dive bombing, which needs a "contact" setting and switch to a low alt drop which is better with a "5 or 10s" delay, due to tactics in flight Not sure its historical though ?
  12. Teamspeak is also a very good way to get quick answers if you have questions, some of us have been flying online for many years and are still willing to help. My first MP kill in a WW2 sim was back in '96 but I still remember
  13. During French coops which are running since Xmas : We have at least 2 very good and trained squads on Yaks And 2 less trained squads on 109. A bit of bombers on both sides. The LW squads have a real hard time each week, it took quite some time before we were not all butchered like lambs at slaughter. A good VVS squad on Yak 1 or even Lagg3 can easily outperform a squad of 109 that doesn’t know how take advantage of the plane FM. The 109 is not supposed to turn, and the Yak can do whatever it wants turning, it will loose energy and then combat at the end
  14. UF_Back took the pics, i just forwarded them
  15. Nice first step in MP If you go on try getting in a squad and fly coop missions. It's by far the best experience, really immersive and rewarding to just be able to fly in formation and reach the objective without anyone getting killed thanks to team work. Exemple : Last friday bomber mission we're all human player on the pics :
  16. +1 for at least 64 player MPs : We are reaching the limit on Wednesday’s French coop mission and could enlist more people. Also with the organized coop that are going on since recently ( DBS Friday Bomber / SYN Blood skies) I guess we willreach the limit quite fast..
  17. "two more weeks" Thanks Haash for keeping us informed, take as long as needed to be well settled. See you soon
  18. Just for Freycinet : Last week in la Ferté Alais near Paris (romain was there dedicating his latest album )
  19. Seeing a bird in the sky and just think "contact 2 o clock"
  20. two more....years Non 3eme trimestre théoriquement ca commence en juillet...
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