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  1. Ya i know about this video and the others, i have all the Stuka tutorials downloaded so i can view them while ingame, can also do that on utube too but i have a folder for flying where i have quick access. But thanks for reminding me about it i been a bit absorbed with just working on some of the basics from Col Ninny on keeping my nose to the horizon and such. Still setting controls for trim and other things too as i go and learn, its funny i've invested 3 weeks into flying so far. Ya for sure!, Arma3 is hardly a flight sim, there are some aspects but nothing like IL-2's. Stuka i fly is from the Secret Weapons mod if your familiar with it? Because only that mod has the 37mm Pylon Cannons, the Iron front Stuka which i have flown a little doesn't have them. Ya i had this in quick missions, but i like to take control of the aircraft right away, i dont care for autopilot, thats like playing a game and 3/4 of it is cinematic scenes after you played for 10min in it, linear AI do everything for you, and here im like hey guys can i play, nah i'll do the flying, i didn't put her up in the air just so i can sit back and watch the scenery Automatic dive? thats new, tbh i dont recall seeing such a key, maybe the automatic pull up after a dive? So far, pitch, roll, and yaw are set, im still tweaking the sensitivities as i go, and i'm still working on the best controls in terms of access for the elevators and other trims too. Little offtopic but had to stop typing here as i just got a new book in the mail, this is what i received: Junkers Ju 87D/G: Volume 2 (Monographs 3D Edition) This book has alot of phots of the ACE pilots, lots of photos of Rudel i've never seen before, and photos of the Ju87 bk guns i've never seen before either, book is fantastic. Author has a ton of other books like it for all sorts of planes ------> LINK I been reading this book as of late, received it in April Stuka Pilot
  2. Thanks i found that book in a pdf format per chapter, and have been reading alot https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/phak/ In my research i also ran into Col Ninny's How to fly tutorials which i have been watching and applying those things he talks about. Among the pdf, and Col Ninny's tutorials i believe i discovered the cause to my original issue with the plane taking a sudden sharp turn and then nose diving, Col Ninny explained at about 7:00 That more angle of bank the more lift you lose, so you have to keep your nose above the horizon, which i wasn't doing as most times i was either below the horizon or basically my wings were at 90 degrees with no possible way to gain lift. I dont think i stalled as was mentioned before as i still had control and the engine was still running, i had throttle yet problem was most of my sharp turns were in low altitudes around 100-200m, when the plane yanked me into a nose dive i had little room to level out and pull up. Lesson learned, just need to practice more proper or better turn and banking when i fly, would also probably help to fly other planes to get a feel of and or different perspectives on the dynamics of flying, allowing me to adapt and or crossover to other planes. My goal now is to learn to obviously adjust my flying accordingly but now also work on setting up my controls better, setup trimming, and then expand further into propeller pitch, and possibly engine management. Thanks for the insights and information Unreasonable.
  3. I did this, thing is right now im not really interested in the sim detailed aspects of starting and or maintain a plane before and during flight, it is interesting no doubt, just not something i want to do right now. Anyways only things i kept on was the radiator, engine and throttle, what im not understanding is when i untick the simplified controls box for the realism settings, and get in the air my plane wants to pitch down, i can pull back on the stick and maintain the flight that way but as soon as i let go the plane wants to go down. From what i understand the elevators control the pitch, how do i setup controls for the elevators to prevent the plane from diving forward on its own, without the use of the simplified controls box in the realism settings? Also assuming i set two controls correctly for the elevators idk if they actually do anything when i do fly, as i dont see any actual movement in the elevators but aside that the plane wants to slowly pull to the right a little, even when on the runway at high speed trying to take off it wants to pull right slightly.
  4. Interesting thought, never occurred to me the plane could be stalling, but ya i calibrated my joystick, and just finished a half hour run on my mission killing most of the targets i actually found it alot easier now to fly and not once instance of the odd sharp curve to a nose dive. I will keep that in mind not to turn to aggressively after all its not a plane meant for fast, tight flying. Will test it out thanks!
  5. Ya most of the time when i am turning around to reengage a target, either climbing or diving, its mostly on climbing turns, most times i can control it and level the plane, i try to make sure i have enough throttle, but then if i turn to sharp the plane will turn on itself. I looked for the joystick on my computer and found it, it had a setting where you can calibrate it, maybe that is what i didn't do, as i didn't do that with my other joystick, im new to using a joystick, and flying sims and had no idea you needed to calibrate it, so i did and things in the calibration are set. Need to test now how the plane responds ingame. I see no such option, im on win 10x64. The stick i have now can twist for the rudder, so with that being there, i then shouldn't need rudder assist correct? I mean thats ideally used if you dont have that yaw function or twisting ability on your stick right? Well its not time based really, i said 20min because im normally flying for about 20min and manage to have no issues, i think it might be i haven't calibrated my joystick which could be the primary cause, but the sharp turn and nose dive happens when im mainly turning around to reengage a target i just strafed. No as you can see in the screenshot i turned all autopilots off, even in key mapping for plane control, i turned those settings off. In my mission i have no waypoints for any of the placed vehicles, they are just set where they are on the map, as static objects, just there for me to practice lining up my sights, and adjusting the plane's, height, speed ect,. to destroy it. I also play on quick missions and the same issue occurs its the result of me turning, one time i had low throttle and that did it so i learned from that, but most times its just odd curves i make, again from what SCG_Fenris_Wolf suggested is its probably due joystick not being calibrated. I could but then there is a ton of new things i would need to learn. I calibrated my joystick and going to look at the joystick manual again to make sure i didn't miss anything, ill make the adjustments and test it out and then reply back after my test, to let you guys know how things went. Thanks for your insights and help! Cheers!
  6. Hello fellow pilots, Gunter here rather new to the game as of late April, been flying on and off since, and only the Stuka mainly with the bk37 gunpods attached. I actually normally fly in Arma3 with the Stuka with the bk 37 gunpods, been flying in the arma series on and off for 20yrs but with m & kb, i know its not the same as IL-2 but i can show you how i fly when i play with my coop group seen here Anyways what i been playing is a training mission i created in the editor on the Kuban map, i just placed several vehicles, couple of gunboats, some tanks in various areas and some bombers + couple of fighters, and an AA gun where i been flying, and engaging them, and i find myself improving on engaging and destroying them. 😉 Mission has no wind, and its about 2pm in the afternoon. The problem is after about say 20min of flying, after have destroyed several targets, and flying towards the next one or one of choice, sometimes the plane decides or it seems to fly itself (autopilot is off, not even checked in the realism settings) and the plane does a sharp turn in either direction, and i end up doing close to a nose dive where pulling out of it is almost impossible, this happens almost every time i fly and i cant make heads or tails of what causes it. I fly with Track IR 5 Pro and a stick the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro which actually i just received Friday, was using the Logitech Attack 3 before, but i have the majority of controls, mapped, and the sensitivities to about where i want them at least for now, you maybe wondering what my realism settings are set at. Heres a screenshot of what i have set at least for this past mission i just did, i have it set to invulnerable so as to focus on gunnery. I'm wondering if the simplified physics, physiology, controls, or the rudder assist is possibly causing this issue, or could it be something else? Also for my stick sensitivities this is what i have set if it makes any difference: Pitch: 40% Roll: 30% Yaw: 60% These feel pretty good to me and allow me to line up targets fairly well, flying itself seems ok but i feel like theres something im missing, i mean the plane is slow, speed i fly at mostly is about 250-300km/hr, my average height when engaging is about 300-400m. Trying to get height with the plane is very hard, highest i've gotten the thing was about 450m of course i wasn't really trying. I'm still new to flying in terms of using a joystick, not really interested so much in the realism aspects of the flying, like all the engine management and intricate details of it im just interesting in the air to ground engagements and skill of it. I'm not sure what else to do or adjust or tweak for my controls in terms of this small issue where the decides to turn on me then all a sudden im in a nose dive, and this is not touching any buttons or keys, plane is level, engine is at about 71%-82% throttle. Anyone have any ideas? What do i need to adjust, turn off, or on, or not do to fix this?
  7. I use PowerDirector 16, which isn't the latest version, 18 is, been using this editor for the past 5yrs and not for IL2 which i've yet to record a video of. Recording a video is one thing, editing a video is an art in itself.
  8. I would assume thats this folder? H:\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad http://prntscr.com/svss45 not in this folder? H:\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data ============= Edit ... I have it figured out, had to actually extract the JSGME zip to the directory which i wasn't sure of. I unzipped the mod i wanted to install, and looked at the folders, and then when i installed the mod i looked for the mod's folder's and sure enough they were installed in the data folder, tested ingame and works! Thanks anyways.
  9. Type of improvement: Options menu Add a field manual to the menu of the game, with details on how to do things, and what controls you set in relation to the function. Explanation of proposals: Add a field manual to the game's menu, the idea is inspired by a game i play alot (Arma3), see screenshot: Field Manual image (imgur) In this game there is a field manual that breaks down every subject in terms of function, you have a title for a subject, then underneath that a arrow you click on that will expand a list key of subjects, each key subject has its own description, or information about that subject. In some of the subjects for function, the descriptions for a key subject will sometimes have keys from the controls link in there so for example lets say a subject in IL2 was dropping bombs, then underneath that subject you had bomb types, and sizes, bombing distances. ect,. Manual Bombing --> Bomb Sizes/weights Description - 100, 250, 500, 1000kg can be dropped using the Bomb drop, drop canister, parachute key ( key currently set for this action) --> Calculating bomb distances, drops ---> Best bombs for what targets ============== Thats just one subject of many you could have in the game see screenshot as example reference, there are many subjects between simple functions, features to complex. Benefits: The benefits of such a manual would save players alot of time if they had a question, concern, or needed a reference to look at while ingame they could simply press escape and go to the field manual and look up the subject of interest and get some information on it be it understanding what something does and why, which would also list the associative key you set for a certain function. Why chase and search for things, a new player to the game unless they are forum savy, and are apt to research, wont otherwise seek out information unless they were serious enough to do so, thats not to say they wouldn't but if there was a field manual already in place then that could be a good starting point, considering that the actual manual to IL2 is on the forum, and not a copy in the game's directory.
  10. Type of improvement: 5) Interface Add more tool tips to controls in key mapping like what's currently setup in custom difficulty premission. Explanation of proposals: For new and regular pilots alike, it would help those who are not to clear or understanding exactly what a key does, or how it works ingame, having a brief, or short laymens terms description when you hover your mouse cursor over a key could clear up confusion as to why or what something does. Being new to the game i find it rather difficult to understand what keys do what exactly ingame, plane terminology or physics of the plane is something i am still learning, but to better learn what functions keys perform, we need at least a small description with an associative reference, otherwise one has to do some searching outside of the game be it through video, references, or even asking questions on the forum here about a key or some function. Have an option to turn tool tips on or off. Benefits: Making the controls & key interface (controls & options) more intuitive and user friendly for all players regardless of their flying background, or experience in and out of IL2.
  11. Make sure you have set the player, and be sure that any units placed, basically anything with AI in it like a vehicle, plane, or ship is linked. Anything not linked wont show ingame. Lastly be sure to save the mission name with missionname.mission and save it in the C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Missions From another post in this section: Also from the Mission editor manual page 192: Mission Start Problems Cannot Find a Mission in the IL-2 Sturmovik Singleplayer Missions List If you save a mission but you cannot find it in the IL-2 Sturmovik singleplayer missions list, check the following: • The mission name in the "Name" field of the Mission Properties Dialog (pg. 208) may be the default ("My Mission") or it may be the name of an old mission that you copied to create the new mission. The Name field value is shown in the IL-2 Sturmovik singleplayer missions list. If you leave the Name field blank, the mission list shows the mission file name without the .mission suffix. • You may not own the version of IL-2 Sturmovik with the map being used in the mission. • A singleplayer mission may have "Deathmatch" selected in the "Mission Type" drop down list of the mission properties. Select "Single" instead. • You may need to refresh the IL-2 Sturmovik cache files that store mission names. To refresh the cache files, do the following: 1. Close IL-2 Sturmovik and the Mission Editor. 2. In your games folder, under the data subfolder, delete the files ctreecache.eng and mtreecache.eng. Important! Be careful not to delete other IL-2 Sturmovik files. The cache files are rebuilt when you start IL-2 Sturmovik. Note: If you save an existing mission under a new name. You can avoid the cache problem by changing the Name field in the Mission Properties Dialog before you save the mission.
  12. Omg! Such a simple fix, i was looking at my controls, track ir, nothing worked, i had no freaking clue as to why TrackIR was not centered. I had the software part setup and configured profile and everything, works great, then i get ingame and im staring at the back of my seat 😄 then to look anywhere i literally had to turn my head away from the monitor. Thank you so much for this small insight, saved me a long invested headache. Just to note, for those newcomers to the game i first tried track IR with m & kb, and it didn't seem to work at all only when i switched the input control to joystick did track IR work. Cheers!
  13. Thanks for info guys, i actually only started playing for the first time yesterday even though i bought BOS, BOK, BOBP, & FC v1 in April during the sale, was waiting for my track IR to show up, and was working on my controls i think i need to reset the controls to default and try track ir again and see what it does and how it responds, then set keys accordingly. I figured The F1 cockpit view would be the only thing Track IR would effect and not anything else which is fine by me, also good to know that either mouse or joystick are not required. Cheers!
  14. Hey guys, digging up an old topic, but i figured i'd ask here since its about Trac IR. As per the title i tried it yesterday and it didn't work, need to test it again, but a question comes to mind i wanted to ask is since im currently only using the mouse/keyboard as input not joystick (even tho i have one), does TrackIR only work with joystick? Both green lights on and nothing, so idk if i need to configure it for IL2 or there is a setting for pilot head movement this is overriding it, anyone have any ideas?
  15. Your referring to the Henschel Hs 129, or the Grumman J2F Duck which im guessing would be the Duck (J2F-6)?
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