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  1. Cool, ok heres another question, now if buying TC by itself and then BOS later which im thinking of doing, does TC come with access to the editor where you can build your own missions, or would i need BOS or one of the other IL games to have access to the editor? Lastly is the Prokhorovka map designed for tanks in terms of foliage, terrain, view distance, graphics ect,.? i watched a video about TC and i forget what map the guy was talking about but he said all the maps in IL are designed to be viewed from like 500ft in the air, not from the ground for the sake of the planes, is this true or are the devs going to be updating and or building a map specific for tanks but still have that quality for planes to admire the view from above?
  2. I dont own the game but plan on getting BOS and TC soon, but the issue from what i been reading is the ingame flight recorder correct? Why not use an external recorder like OBS https://obsproject.com/ a free program that is continually updated, i use it in my own videos for Iron front: Liberation 1944 and Arma.
  3. Would this work for Tank Crew or is this specifically for planes?
  4. Or here: Tanks Encyclopedia http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/nazi_germany/ww2_german_panzers.php
  5. Hello, new to the forum and to the IL series, the Tank Crew game/module has grabbed my interest, a question: If i dont own any of the IL games, i can purchase the Tank Crew game here: https://il2sturmovik.com/store/tank-crew/ i was wondering being a digital copy which says so on the picture top left, my friend told me that "if you buy tank crew you get il2 Stalingrad too" Is this correct? Does the price reflect that so basically Tank crew is about $20 and the rest is IL Stalingrad which on steam is about $50 so both games are bundled together then i see there is a discount for $10 off.
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