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  1. You might find this thread helpful. It appears that there is some file keeping the "default position", you might want to check it whether it resets/gets redownload.
  2. Yes, except that I don't use this button (FLAPU and FLAPD) for flaps and just for changing layers ( + cockpit lights) UMD (Up, Middle, Down) are three additional layers in T.A.R.G.E.T. so they work as modifier.
  3. It is even worse if you have bought stuff from Steam, as not everything is available there (some campaigns, no clue why though), then you buy something here, then some day you come back to Steam not knowing you own it etc. This should be definately reworked, I am aware that it might not be possible to integrate it with Steam properly but both platforms should be clear in two matters: - You should be able to easily distinct what you already have (already works on Steam, so official shop needs a fix) - Everything should be available both in official shop and Steam (
  4. Thanks for the reply. Ok, so it seems the AI problems and mission failing (for unclear reason, hopefully they don't expect killing all the enemies on your own) are mostly related to these missions only. I usually play scripted campaigns, so maybe it's connected to this mode then, will need to check it out. Regarding Köln, there are only problems with visuals (can't really tell the difference between the runaway and surrounding fields, and taxing. In my case they were talking when taking off, when landing and getting
  5. Hi, I came back from a little break since last summer and since I bought Bodenplatte wanted to try it out. Usually I start with the "Missions" first, therefore I went for the top one (BF 109G14 - Defensive Patrol) First was bit surprised that I'm starting knee deep in the grass but well, maybe Reich ran out of lawn movers at that time, then I tried to taxi to the 'runaway' and that was horrible, with tailwheel unlocked it was close to impossible to turn right (I used +1 stabilizer, 20 degrees flaps, rudder with turn brakes, stick pulled back), but apparently I wasn't the only one
  6. Photoshoped 🤪 Some people who bought the game on Steam put badges manually in their post "footer".
  7. Since you are using Thrustmaster, you can also set your configuration via T.A.R.G.E.T. system in different files and depending on the plane just load the configuration you want to use.
  8. Well, maybe it's just me but frome time to time I do the same 🤪
  9. Well as far as I know the game doesn't need Steam at all, if you bought it off the official store. I have everything on Steam, so can't confirm that though.
  10. Well I know I shouldn't answer with a question but since I can see you own BoS, BoK and BoBP via official IL store, can't you just use their launcher?
  11. It is 126.44€ (VAT included) per black mount, so stick and throttle combined sums up to 252.88€, without shipment of course. It is worth noting that the color makes quite a difference in price, as silver mount costs 103.24€ (VAT included).
  12. Thanks : ) Well I've never been into US tax system but probably you are right, and yeah with higher taxes there are some benefits like mentioned free universities or health care, just to mention the most obvious But if you compare the Monstertech mount to other stuff you could get here for 250€ (~ price for both mounts without shipping) it seems pricy.
  13. @Dagwoodyt I was considering similar solution but it would be harder to "hide" such a mount, when it's not needed (unfortunately I don't have a designated place just for flying )
  14. @CeeTooYou are welcome, wish you good luck and have fun : )
  15. @CeeToo Hi, you shouldn't have many problems to get everything in Germany, as most of the stuff I bought from the German company , here is my "standard" answer to this question:
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