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  1. @Babayega Haha thanks mate but it is not mine (unfortunately) I've found it on the internet and decided it was worth sharing with you guys. Quote from my original post :
  2. @Retrofly Indeed, the modifier doesn't interfere with any ground handling functions (at least it shouldn't) and while you are airborne brakes are not really bothering you ; )
  3. I use the modifier button for IO (S4), and for UMD (FLAPU and FLAPD), you can see this in lines 23-24: // setting buttons for changing sublayers and layers SetShiftButton(&Joystick, S4, &Throttle, FLAPU, FLAPD); but in the end I don't map specific functions to UMD only IO, example in lines 37-45: // [I] Instruments, navigation markers / [O]Briefing MapKeyIOUMD(&Throttle, SC, PULSE + Instruments_Navigation_Markers, //IU PULSE + Briefing, //OU PULSE + Instruments_Navigation_Markers, //IM PULSE + Briefing, //OM PULSE + Instruments_Navigation_Markers, //ID PULSE + Briefing //OD ); I tried to put coomments before every mapping saying what layer does what. example: // [I] Instruments, navigation markers / [O]Briefing Layer [ I ] shows/hides instruments/navigation markers, while Layer [O] shows the briefing.
  4. In general it is better to buy it off website but for some countries there are benefits as the price is considerably lower, for example on Steam in Russia you pay 38.87% less than on the website. Also some people might have accumulated some funds on the Steam wallet, which can be spent on the game, no other benefits are known to me.
  5. Pretty much my thoughts, I would love to get an expansion/patch to all these "little" things with implementation of some planes missing features, which would improve general "sim" side of the game. But again I don't play that much and understand there might be many people bit bored with current planes/maps as they have flown them in every way, hundreds of times.
  6. Thanks, I am also very happy with the results, plus I saved almost 50% (141.92€ to be precise) comparing to the original price.
  7. @Sokol1 @jaygee485 @SevenFifty @Raptorattacker Ok, took me longer than I thought but finally have finished it! Thank you guys for the support : ) I had some major problems with extrusions, I had to wait for four separate shipments as every time I received one there were some problems with it... At some point it appeared that I will need additional clamp spacer so I used piece of beech wood (additional 2x10€ saved). Here are the photos:
  8. And when something goes wrong, does the 'Pause key' allow you to 'skip the whole intro again', as I believe this is the main issue for OP?
  9. AFAIK There is no such option, but I would be glad to see it in the future, during some missions it might be discouraging to fly to the action point 30 minutes, just to to fail 10 times in a row.
  10. Hoping for either Pacific or North Africa.
  11. @taffy2jeffmorgan In my opinion curved screens help with immersion, it's not a huge change but when you use 2-3 flat screens and then change to one curved, you will notice the difference. For me the main benefit is not having the edges in the places where separate screens connect to each other. Curved monitors usually use different ratio like 21:9, which in my opinion suits simulators (flying, racing) really well.
  12. Well many people might dislike that kind of (self) promotion, but you can't deny that in the end it might be beneficial for the game/developers.
  13. Update. I am kinda struggling with plate cutting, as every company I ask requires drawings in .dwg/.dxf format, since I am not cad user and never have been, I need to ask around for it (maybe there is someone here who could help?), if will not find anyone who could make those for me I will need to cut those myself (with basic tools, thus worse effect) but guess that will be much faster than learning the software.
  14. Little update. I could copy Monstertech's solution more or less with my current aluminium extrusion supplier (I would have to change universal connectors for angle connectors and that's it I guess) and that would cost me (shipping/tax included): 2 clamps (same as Monstertech) - 46.49€ 4 aluminium plates - 8.24€ Aluminium extrusions + accessories - 63.88€ Which in total gives us 118.61€ for a pair, so less than a half I would need to pay when buying from Monstertech (241.57€). But since I am waiting for the second extrusion supplier's offer I decided I might pay little bit more (5.54€) to my plate supplier and he will provide me with additional steel plates (5mm thick), which I could use to build less adjustable but much cheaper mount, I would use bessey clamps (46.49€) + hotas aluminium base plates, which in case of hardware chance could be replaced (6.57€) + steel plate mount (5.54€) + 12 screws (2.5€), which would give us total of 61.1€, which is two times cheaper than my extrusion build and four times cheaper than original Monstertech solution. So since I need the clamps and plates in both solutions I will order them now and check the steel mount if it will work and look ok, I will stick to it saving lots of money, if not I will proceed with the extrusion build, which still is way cheaper than buying it from the shop.
  15. Well the design is nice but it's really simple, there are only two/three things requiring more than hand tools and that is tapping, cutting the extrusions, drilling the holes for universal connector, that's it, once you have it you can do everything on your own (except nice looking base plates ; ) ). I am trying to keep it as close as I can to the original design, as I am using Warthog hotas which weights a bit, I am trying to avoid future damage, also I am curious about the price difference, if it will not be significant I will simplify the mount. @Raptorattacker Guess my wife cares, I am glad she's not complaining about all the peripherals I have on my desk already, as everything is open for visitors eyes and making good looking "workplace" is fair easier/faster and entertaining than refurbishment
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