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  1. Hello, For some time I have been looking for a desk mount and I think that none of the well known options satisfy me, be it Foxx Mounts - quite expensive, $175 + shipping to Europe. Monstertech - ridiculously expensive, €212 + €48 if you want it black (that seriously killed me) + shipping (~€30). Virpil - price is fine but constantly out of stock, takes way more space than the previous two. So decided to build my own basing on Monstertech/Foxx Mounts design, and here comes my request, could any of you owning the non extended Monstertech mount, measure the width and height of used aluminium extrusions (both vertical and horizontal) and groove's width and the diameter of used nuts. I am attaching picture with mentioned dimensions in red, to make it easier. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. TrueGrey


    @fury1ord Dzięki za niewiele wnoszacą odpowiedź rodem z elektrody, ale jak już się pochwaliłeś to może podzielisz się skąd dokładnie kupiłeś i czy był to Nyogel, bo jedyne co znalazłem to Newgate Simms £26 za 100 gramów plus £20 za przesyłkę : )
  3. @LLv44_Kanttori One more question, what is the weight of the throttle console alone, as I wonder if it would work with Monstertech table mount?
  4. Well, there is never enough Thanks for the answer, anyway for everyone who wonders which is a button and which is an axis, you have it described nicely here www.kanttorinkone.com.
  5. Why something for Luftwaffe if we gonna get Pacific? But if it had to be German I would prolly pick Me410.
  6. @Sokol1 Will give it a try then, if won't work gonna get my friend to buy Nyogel in US ; )
  7. @Sokol1 So I started to look for Nyogel 767a but apparently at least in Europe to get it, you have to pay around 40£, which seems to be some serious overkill. Do you have some other recommendations, what you think about Super Lube silicone grease?
  8. TrueGrey


    Cześć, Polecacie jakieś dostępne na rodzimym rynku smary, które dobrze współpracują z kontrolerami? Niestety powszechnie polecany Nyogel 767a czy Super Lube nie są powszechne w naszym kraju.
  9. @LuseKofte 30 degree is almost level bombing Even on the left window there are markings for 40-70 dives, so I would like to be as close as I can to reality. To be honest I am not bad with it, when it comes to dive bombing ground targets but bombing naval is different story, missing them by couple meters with no damage all the time...
  10. Does contact altimeter finally work or is it still not implemented? Also does anyone have any nice video about ju 88 dive bombing, as it seems I always drop bombs too quick?
  11. @No.615_WickedFox Skin looks great, would be grateful if you would post it on mega or mediafire!
  12. @Tom_Weiss Hello, could you reupload/correct links to the skins, as none of them seem to work?
  13. @raaaid If haven't already started skinning planes, you should
  14. Porn acting level. That I can respect, I hardly finished the entire trailer 😄
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