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  1. Quite sad too hear it is postponed again. For me there is nothing I am waiting for more than PTO in Il2. Some are wondering why are people mostly writing about Japanese aircraft and hardly anyone mentions US machines, I think it is linked to current in game roster of allied planes being much more interesting than numerous variations of BF109 and FW + few other planes. Maybe it is my personal thing but I do not get hyped anymore hearing there will be next BF/FW version, as we already have tons of them. I understand that modification require much less work than completely new plane but most importantly it is also much less entertaining than the new plane. Regarding fidelity, I want the planes to behave as close as it is possible to real ones but I think it is worth to mention that most likely I would not be able to tell the difference (except for the exterior visuals/armament) if the would be entirely fake. PTO for me is not only the planes but (maybe mainly) the setting, the ocean, the Sun, the islands, the ships, I would not even need to start off the carriers, starting from the airport surrounded by the jungle/sand/water would be as nice. Different setting should also make it possible to create some new ops, or at least use them more often like missions against ships, escorting some of friendly boats, combination of water + land targets etc. It does not have to be Coral Sea or Midway, I would also be very happy with already mentioned The Papua and New Guinea Campaign. Maybe I am just bit bored with European theater (however Kuban was really refreshing), as would welcome African DLC as well. I know it is getting to CloD but again might be just me but I do not play that much to split over multiple sims set in WWII (meaning that most likely I will never buy CloD), to be honest would be really nice to have both teams working on GB and CloD to work on one product (although it is probably not possible) rather than 'compete' with each other or doing redundant work (like making same planes separately for two games). Often we hear that it is down to limited resources (Jason spending his own time/money on finding information regarding Japanese planes), team working on Great Battles being small, etc. I wonder if kickstarter or similar ways of finding additional resources were ever considered. Niche products (and I believe flight sims count as such) strongly benefit from crowdfundings.
  2. Thanks for the reply, for now the biggest issue I have is the hid guardian as the rest seems to be doable to mimic TARGET functionality. I'll check the discord : ) Just out of curiosity what are you using instead of JS? Thanks but already seen it, although it is very nice there is not much about hid guardian.
  3. @reschke No problem mate, glad to hear it helps : ) If you have any questions regarding the script/gui feel free to ask.
  4. @Sokol1 Well that's bit of a necro but since I haven't get the answer I'll bump it, hope you don't mind ; ) Do you have any better solution for this? It sounds much better than map physical button to virtual button, then map virtual button to particular function in the game. Not to mention the second option kinda prevents you from mutliple configurations for different planes. It doesn't seem to work on my PC, I check all of my stuff, then unplug/plug the usb hub and still everything is seen in the Control Panel : (
  5. @Babayega Haha thanks mate but it is not mine (unfortunately) I've found it on the internet and decided it was worth sharing with you guys. Quote from my original post :
  6. @Retrofly Indeed, the modifier doesn't interfere with any ground handling functions (at least it shouldn't) and while you are airborne brakes are not really bothering you ; )
  7. I use the modifier button for IO (S4), and for UMD (FLAPU and FLAPD), you can see this in lines 23-24: // setting buttons for changing sublayers and layers SetShiftButton(&Joystick, S4, &Throttle, FLAPU, FLAPD); but in the end I don't map specific functions to UMD only IO, example in lines 37-45: // [I] Instruments, navigation markers / [O]Briefing MapKeyIOUMD(&Throttle, SC, PULSE + Instruments_Navigation_Markers, //IU PULSE + Briefing, //OU PULSE + Instruments_Navigation_Markers, //IM PULSE + Briefing, //OM PULSE + Instruments_Navigation_Markers, //ID PULSE + Briefing //OD ); I tried to put coomments before every mapping saying what layer does what. example: // [I] Instruments, navigation markers / [O]Briefing Layer [ I ] shows/hides instruments/navigation markers, while Layer [O] shows the briefing.
  8. In general it is better to buy it off website but for some countries there are benefits as the price is considerably lower, for example on Steam in Russia you pay 38.87% less than on the website. Also some people might have accumulated some funds on the Steam wallet, which can be spent on the game, no other benefits are known to me.
  9. Pretty much my thoughts, I would love to get an expansion/patch to all these "little" things with implementation of some planes missing features, which would improve general "sim" side of the game. But again I don't play that much and understand there might be many people bit bored with current planes/maps as they have flown them in every way, hundreds of times.
  10. Thanks, I am also very happy with the results, plus I saved almost 50% (141.92€ to be precise) comparing to the original price.
  11. @Sokol1 @jaygee485 @SevenFifty @Raptorattacker Ok, took me longer than I thought but finally have finished it! Thank you guys for the support : ) I had some major problems with extrusions, I had to wait for four separate shipments as every time I received one there were some problems with it... At some point it appeared that I will need additional clamp spacer so I used piece of beech wood (additional 2x10€ saved). Here are the photos:
  12. And when something goes wrong, does the 'Pause key' allow you to 'skip the whole intro again', as I believe this is the main issue for OP?
  13. AFAIK There is no such option, but I would be glad to see it in the future, during some missions it might be discouraging to fly to the action point 30 minutes, just to to fail 10 times in a row.
  14. Hoping for either Pacific or North Africa.
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