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  1. when you start using the hood ornament on your VVS lend-lease Buick as a gun sight to hunt down all the Luftwaffe BMW's and Mercedes during your daily commute When also on your daily commute, you pass slower vehicles as fast as possible, not because you are annoyed at having to slow down, but because if you stay behind him he will get you with his tail gun for sure ...and those are just the driving related ones!
  2. ...and he told me a family friend had just dropped something off at the house so my dad could help her sell it. He asked me if I wanted to come by and look at it. Usually, I would be kind of meh about these things, because usually with my dad it would just be an old power tool or something like that, but this time something told me I should go. I am glad I did: My dad said the friend told him it was left outside for a long time, and sadly it looks like it: Everything inside is in much better condition though!
  3. I've always had a thing for the F-4 Phantom II On a side note, the FH-1, the first Phantom, seems kind of Forgotten:
  4. How's this for a forgotten bomber? He-177 Greif - It was actually at Stalingrad - its payload was comparable to US and British heavy bombers, but it was faster - It was a heavy bomber designed to have dive-bombing capability - it had interesting engines - it had very interesting armaments - it was not very reliable - Allied test pilots found flying captured examples scary - It could make for some interesting missions - Given its reliability issues at the time of the Battle of Stalingrad, shooing it down by simply leaving it alone and waiting until it caught itself on fire could very well prove a valid tactic for Russian pilots
  5. Ilya Muromets sim?!??!?? Have I died and gone to nerd heaven? If anyone heard the way I've just screamed, they'd say that 13-year old girls scream like me
  6. aww man I so would have contributed to the kickstarter if I'd known about this sooner. poopings!!1 real life is do dammned annoying sometimes.
  7. And when you don't know what you are doing, LaGG is still dangerous... but only to yourself! I made my sig back when I still couldn't quite figure out takeoffs and landings in the LaGG... now I've got that stuff down but multiplayer has shown me it still applies!
  8. I am trying to be a LaGG Pilot
  9. Oh man I probably spent more time replaying that map than I did in the entire campaigns of some other games! I would do unspeakable things for a new H&D game (That was true to the other games of course, not like other series that lost their way like R6)
  10. haha, that's one of my favorite episodes. So is there an award for the first person who hits an enemy with a ricochet? I'd go and try, but as you might have guessed, I still have to get the whole flying part sorted out first...
  11. I also played for the first time tonight and I have to say I was very impressed as well! Since it's still in Alpha, I was fully expecting to run into major bugs, even preparing myself for the possibility of disappointment due to the game being too buggy to play at all, like other Alphas I've played, but none of those things happened! Everything seems very solid for an Alpha build. I hope at some point I can help the team by reporting some problems, but so far I have nothing to report! One thing I noticed after having a crash while trying to take off... and naturally deciding to fire my cannons out of frustration... are those... ricochets?!
  12. RIP, Many thanks and eternal gratitude to him! Always sad to hear another WWII veteran has passed away.
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