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  1. One caveat. The newest Windows update 1903 did change the WMR scaling for the Reverb. If you are using the beta branch of WMR for Steam you should leave SS at 100% which gives you the native resolution for the Reverb. Only tried DCS so far but the clarity is way above the Odyssey and Vive I had. Will try some Il2 today probably.
  2. Is there a way to disable the propeller by default? I couldnt find a setting for it.
  3. 10.5 fixed the cloud issue. No more cut-outs. Zooming in and around the clouds causes no issues. Thanks, man! (in VR, using Odyssey)
  4. No noticable difference between 10.2 and 10.2b for me. My Nvida settings are below:
  5. SSAO ON/OFF, HDR ON/OFF have no effect. Will try clous low/high now and different presets. Cloud quality has no influence. Disabling the cloud fix (LCTRL K) does the trick tho.
  6. Hi Fenris. I just installed lefuneste mod 10.1 via GME (deinstalled 9.5) prior. I pasted the startup.cfg settings per instructions from the start of the thread. Zoom kinda works - everything is closer but not really bigger. But I am getting weird cloud cutouts - like transparent shadows of the cockpit. I posted a picture in the lefuneste mod thread. Any advice?
  7. Hi lefuneste I just installed 10.1 via GME (de-installed 9.5 prior). Zoom works as advertised but I am also getting the weird cockpit shadowing cut-outs of the clouds. Any advice?
  8. The standard seating position in the A8 seems very low. In VR I have to lift myself from the seat to see anything.
  9. Hey Fenris I just used your settings (copy/pasted everything and installed the mod). I pulled SS in Steam VR to 140% is that correct now? The hidden info says yes but your comment point to SS at 100%. To get rid of the jaggies I use ingame AA is that correct?
  10. +1 for a better VR zoom. In my personal experience zoom does not induce sickness at all. We are on the verge of 2nd generation HMDs which will mean higher resolution but also higher GPU/CPU demand. VR opitmization for the engine are inevitable. Please be ahead of things!
  11. Greetings aces I've just recently started to seriously fly in VR. At the moment I am doing the BoS campaign on Expert difficulty and I tremendously enjoy it. I am planning to to earn my wings in multiplayer. I am looking for like-minded VR pilots that fly during European hours. I am located in Switzerland and usually can come online 8pm GMT+1. Hope to see you in the virtual skies. Kirin out
  12. Nemesis' video leaves no room for speculation. The current view in the 190 is much too restricted. How this could be changed though is another question. There are many great ideas - and maybe we even get realistic refreaction modelling in the next generation of sims.
  13. Got the system up and running. Getting smooth frames at highest settings so far. Now I gotta configure the HOTAS and learn those planes!!! Looking forward to take the skies!! Kirin out
  14. Thanks for the help guys. Notably I did what mprhead suggested before reading his post... I ordered a R9 280x (seemd the best bang for the money - also according to Tomshardware) and upgraded my RAM to 8GB and Windows to 8.1 for the time being. Once the final game is out I will review the performance and maybe upgrade to the next generation of CPUs. See you in the skies! Kirin out
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