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  1. Nice work Happy. Thanks for the update. I'm really looking forward to being able to try this mod. Thank you.
  2. VR on a motion sim, with a 262.... somehow I doubt you will want for activity when all set up. Man.... so wish I could see it. I hope you and your crew have a blast. And if that's just you, moreso. S!
  3. Motion sim huh? Jesus these are the days I envy what you guys do for a living. Hopefully we get some shots or even video from the booth. I wish I could be there to see it. I hope you knock more than a few socks off at the expo! I'm sure it's going to make an impact. 😊
  4. Kwiatec no!! I'm sorry to hear about this and for his family and friends. Sad news about a great community member. Thanks for sharing the sad news. Godspeed.
  5. Someone HAS to do this. I'm too far away myself. Good luck!
  6. Interesting discussion. I honestly hope we get to find out sooner rather than later. I'm sure we all have ideas of just how the 262 "ought" to handle in turns and at speed, but with most of us only having the 1946 version as experience, I expect many will expect a version that is more or less similar. I am excited to see the 1C version of this iconic bird. Thanks for everyone's comments so far. S!
  7. Any chance for a link? I've just had something similar happen with a long time career. Glad you got sorted out. S!
  8. Touche I hate discussion boards sometimes - I can misinterpret things sometimes - please accept my apology for misunderstanding - it was an honest mistake. Thank you for the clarification. I am sorry.
  9. Good question. It's not like we are inflexible. We've done it before. We are a small squad atm in Il2 BOX. Some of our membership still fly other sims. Our active membership here just isn't that high. We usually have about four to six on during squad ops, with very rare exceptions where we might have like eight. The other thing is, and this is important - Ogg is speaking as our C.O. regarding squad ops during squad nights. Of course we like to stick together, but again, we have had several members fly allied. Even I do it from time to time. We do, however like to stick together as much as we can. There usually are not that many of us on at any given time at any other point. We would likely be in pairs or threesomes at most (just the way our numbers seem to be during non squad times). Look, this isn't a problem unique to our group. Others are affected negatively by this as well. They've posted about it. I wasn't the first one, nor was Ogg, and I doubt we will be the last. Don't tell me you don't get discouraged when you can't fly for whatever side your buddies are flying on - especially if they are squad mates. I'm sure we could split up if we wanted to, but honestly, I bought this game to fly with my friends (and maybe even make new ones). I bet there are alot of you who did that too. Maybe that's part of the vision for the server - to encourage people to fly both sides - and again, that's fine. Just sadly, it's not good for our group. For us as individual players, it might be a fun distraction, but it likely won't become a focus for us as a squad for that reason. And for us, that's too bad. There's a lot to like on TAW. Again, I REALLY like the concept of the server. It's a good model in many ways. There are some flaws though, and some of them are pretty damned impactful. Of course, we don't have to fly here, but we love the community, the opposing squads we run up against, the mission logs, the website, etc. Even participation in this discussion and watching the ongoing development is nice. Hat tip to the host for taking this on in the first place.
  10. No one from my squad wants to stack a particular side. All we want to do is fly with our squaddies in JG51. You know, the same as you with your squad. I also think that enough people have commented on the 3 deaths thing for people to understand it is not only my squad (or a particular side) that has issue with it. I'm also not the only one who does not like being forced to fly for one side or the other. I am grateful that the hosts of the server have made adjustments to it so it works better for all. It is my wish for this server to be successful, because I think in many ways it is visionary. Just having an online campaign at all is wonderful and I wish the hosts and our collective membership success in it's implementation. Your personal attack isn't welcome, warranted or clever. I'm not "projecting" anything. We are not interested in overpopulating the server in our favor. We are not interested in forcing people to change the rules - but we do give feedback - and I am well aware the hosts don't have to make use of any suggestion unless they choose to. I have stated emphatically that before the more recent changes, I was not interested in playing a server that punishes people for playing because they didn't "win", for example, to the point they cannot play. I don't think that is too difficult to understand, even if you don't agree with it. Your post reads like a troll. You draw conclusions that are false and self serving. I don't think "don't let the door hit you on the way out" can be misunderstood, nor can the tone of your post. You respond to arguments I have never made. I have every right to be here, and you have none to speak to other members this way, regardless if you agree with them or not.
  11. I'm surprised no one commented on this suggestion (that I've seen). Personally (whatever that is worth), I think this is a really good idea. It would give everyone a purpose on the server, and more targets for the l33t among us to intercept. On the other hand, I also wonder just how you get all the folks registered an opportunity to play, given the server can only accommodate so many players at one time. Without the 3 life rule, I suppose there is the potential for the server to be loaded to capacity a lot of the time. Thoughts?
  12. I'm looking forward to reading the first impressions of the 262 from the user base. I will be flying it as soon as it's released, but I didn't fly it much in the old 1946, and that is the only other example of it appearing in a "modern" simulation I am aware of. I'm betting some of you know this plane very well, and with all the work that 1c has put into this bird I am sure there will be things more experienced users will notice before I do. I expect a challenging time flying her. Oh baby! This should be a treat!
  13. Absolutely beautiful. I'm in awe of how far you've come with your designs in such a short period. Is that all a single controller to the computer as well? Marvelous!
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