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  1. Okay, that was beautiful. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for last week's video and for this week's update. I agree with another poster - the seat in the new yak looks comfy! Thanks again team. You really are the best at what you do. S!
  3. Yeah. It turned out to be a bug. If I used the old pimax version with the new firmware I can actually get wide view at 144 Hz. However the image needs a lot of tweaking. If you use the "proper" updated pimax tool with the new firmware you are limited to small and normal in 144hz. I have a 5k plus and I guess it is a 203 revision, as I am able to get 144 Hz. If you have a 202 version or lower the new firmware will be different.
  4. Out of context, that's sigworthy stuff right there.
  5. Got it figured out. Also just got a pimax update to what appears to be 144hz wide mode. Looks amazing. Tweaking (twerking?) now! 🙂
  6. So did you mount pedals and stick to the seat so they all move together? Wow!
  7. I've been messing with right shift plus left and right arrows to no effect. Guesses as to what I might be doing wrong?
  8. It makes the Tante Ju look like Rambo by comparison with it's single 7.9mm turret.
  9. Pictures and thoughts when you can please kmac. I hope the setup and integration are as smooth as possible. Enjoy!
  10. Thanks Jason! Can these be used to gift to a new person who does not own the game yet?
  11. Ah yes! Unarmed transports! I'm sure I will enjoy shooting them down. Well, probably going to collide with them several times. Advanced apologies to anyone I ram in my zeal when they become flyable eventually.
  12. Doubtful my friend. I'm sure "dem fitties" will continue to wreak Havok as usual. S!
  13. I'm 95% sure they did. I recall Jason saying they wanted to add infantry assets for Tank Crew at some point in the future as part of the overall project. ....or maybe it was another user suggesting it. Regardless, I reserve the right to be 100% full of #$@* in the event I got this wrong. 🤪
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