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  1. Wheeeeee! I was going to suggest much less fuel in those birds. Full fuel the pony does not handle well at all.
  2. Trouble is there is the issue of confirmation bias. A video like that (where visual issues show greater damage on the 109 in this case than seems plausible for it to be in the air at all) will only serve to rile up those who believe that there is an issue with a particular plane. In this case our friend the E7 is the example. I can hear the arguments of its over performance coming already. And to be fair, there is definitely something (amusing) up in this vid. I'm pre disposed to think it was a visual bug, but I would ask questions too.
  3. Also noteworthy is how he crashed and died. It was amusing watching him fly with no control surface I could see, but I've seen stranger things!
  4. Not at present. I run the same resolution in pancake mode. The UI works fine and you can do everything you wish, but it is stretched in the UI. The developers have stated in the past they wanted to address this but it hasn't happened yet. There was a time that triple monitor did not work, but thankfully this was addressed.
  5. I think MS will eventually make a cfs. Big deal. You can look at it two ways I suppose. On one hand the MS juggernaut comes along and sweeps away all competition, and provides us all with the "perfect" wwii sim. Is that really so bad? *cough, cough*. This is making tremendous assumptions for the sake of the discussion. On the other hand, unless they are going to buy out the programmers and managers from their current employers, where is even M$ going to find those folks? Past performance is indicative of future performance, generally speaking. M$ tried this before. It didn't work then. Why would it work now? I can load up a game of BOX in a matter of less than a minute. DCS, a minute or two more. MSFS? Jesus. Shortest load time was about ten minutes. VR performance is meh. I'm just not seeing a real threat to anyone other than maybe your War Thunder crowd, but I think they are safe too, given what they offer as well. If anything, I think a MS wwii sim would just bring more people potentially to the smaller developers who are more involved in their communities, and have more to offer, IMHO.
  6. My condolences Irish. Been a tough year for all. On the other hand, thanks for the additional colourful reference. I may steal it in the future.
  7. Looks nice, but my dilemma involves the pricing. I already have an MCG pro on my gunfighter. Why on earth would I want to spend 275 USD+DHL+import taxes for a metal version of something I already own? Offer me a trade up or something. Make this worth my while. Otherwise I really don't see a reason to invest that much, but to each their own I suppose. Lol says the guy who'll probably pick one up if he finds the $.... /sarcasm. ,🙂
  8. Merry Christmas Jason and all forum lurkers alike!
  9. CCC that's a nice effort and endeavor. Love Andy's post here.
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