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  1. JG51_Beazil

    Kurfürst fans?

    I am looking forward to the K4. In fact, I'd love to see more 109 variants in the sim ranging throughout the conflict, as I would look forward to variants from other series too. Like more spits, hawks, hurries, 110s, 210s, 410s.... ad nauseam. I want it all.
  2. JG51_Beazil


    I actually get crashes in this game a fair bit, but with every release they fix old bugs, etc. Not the developer's fault as we change hardware and update drivers etc. But depending on different settings through trial and error, I get crashes playing in VR. I'd say make tweaks with caution, but one thing I found caused more crashes for me was letting steamvr decide my resolution. In my case it set it to 200. Even at 150, my game will crash so I have to manually set it at 100. I also get a darkened canopy if I use 4k skins and vr, but that doesn't appear to be causing my crashes. Lol, hopefully someone can help you better than I can. So far I can only nod empathetically.
  3. JG51_Beazil

    11-11-11 1918: No more War

    Sorry I missed it but really nice write ups and pics, thank you.
  4. JG51_Beazil

    Moscow a no fly zone.

    I keep hoping that turns out to be the pleasant surprise that was referred to in a recent dev update. Anytime I lift from the field just west of Moscow, I seem to be flying toward it. It looks really nice, and I always want to fly over it, but alas, "Turn West,you are leaving ing the Combat Area" message comes up. Someday.
  5. JG51_Beazil

    Il2 BOX - Kill Cam - In Stalin We Trust !

    Nicely done and well flown! Thanks for posting!
  6. JG51_Beazil

    Issue - seat position changed...

    Luke, you sir are a saint. Thank you very much.
  7. Hi all. I must be using the wrong search words, but I am having a problem, specifically with the A5. I somehow managed to change the default seated position to something... er, wrong. Long story short, is there a way to reset this? I can center the view to the gunsight, but I cannot put my virtual pilot back in his "original" position, nor have I been able to figure out which key map it would be. Thanks for the help, and sorry for what is likely a "dumb" question.
  8. JG51_Beazil

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    I really don't want to derail this thread anymore than I already have. It's a great update and I'm sure we are all looking forward to it. People can do whatever they wish on their servers.
  9. JG51_Beazil

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    You do realize my comment was tongue in cheek right? But on the other hand, do you want me to decide how you should fly and with what equipment or would you rather make that choice for yourself? Assuming things are historical that is. But I suppose that should be up to the player to a degree as well. Who am I to dictate how others play?
  10. JG51_Beazil

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    So... We like 1.98 for the K4, as long as we can't access it during the campaign or in multiplayer maps...? Makes sense. Why include it then? I am one of those folks that actually likes the idea of using variants for different roles, and I sometimes question the logic of limiting armaments on multiplayer servers for that reason, but that's another discussion. Regardless, these four planes will make fine additions to my virtual hangar. Cheers!
  11. JG51_Beazil

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Well this is an encouraging update! Im looking forward to all the additions. I can see myself shooting the same AAA emplacements over and over again if I can't tell they are dead. I wonder if this means we will be able to cause damage to some tanks and vehicles we were not able to before? I'm also excited about the new netcode and improved stability. Actually there is a lot to look forward to in this update. Thank you for the new information.
  12. It shouldn't worry you at all. I built a pedestal that I mounted my gun fighter with extension on and you get a lot of throw from the extra length of the extension. One spring broke one week and after I replaced that one the opposite axis broke about a week after that one. Probably just due to wear and poor mounting of the springs on my part at opposed to any fault with the design. A quick disassemble and replacement of the springs and I was good to go.
  13. Hard center cam (30?) and number 50 springs on each axis for me. With extension. I've broken a spring on each axis recently as well, but this was easily fixed. I'm considering adding more springs in the future, perhaps a 20 or 30 on each axis.
  14. JG51_Beazil

    A Thought on Pricing

    You know 777 researchers it's planes, tanks, geography and history too right? I don't even want to start talking about DCS's development cycles.... Bottom line; don't buy it. If you'd rather spend 30 to 80 dollars US, per plane because you can click buttons with your mouse instead of pushing a key or joystick button then do whatever floats your boat. Likewise, you can grind to your heart's content for free with War Thunder if you prefer. If you don't believe you should pay full price for the product then wait for one of the many sales where you have the potential to save 40 to 50% on Great Battles titles. You probably spend more on a night out than you would on one Collectors Edition purchase, which gives hours and hours of entertainment for less money. Instead someone made this thread complaining about how much the modules cost. Really if you can't afford the game then you shouldn't be looking. If you can afford it and you are just being a pain in the ass, well, stop it. Its disrespectful to the developers. Rise of Flight indeed. Its not like the team has been working diligently for years on this engine and each title released. No, apparently all there is to this flight SIM development thing is some wiki-fu to collect information and a little gimp export to put the planes in game. So simple a chimp could do it. /sarcasm Why is this a thread again?
  15. JG51_Beazil

    SteamVR Motion Smoothing

    Not yet, but thanks for the tip. I'll try it out later when I get a chance.