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  1. Thanks for the update Jason and team. You guys keep us coming back for more. Salute!
  2. Or at least someone oughta poke around.
  3. So you don't want a c wing spit?
  4. Nvidia Surround or something else? Go in game. Set resolution (fullscreen) to say 5760x1080 (assuming 3 1080p monitors with no bezel correction). Restart game (it will force you to). Profit. Menus and images will be stretched, but usable. There is no "fix" for this that I am aware of. You can fully use the game this way and enjoy the much wider fov. The bomber interface is a bit goofed too. The developers are aware of this issue and will fix it whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  5. Wittman isn't wrong. Better than 303's or 7.9mm, less effective than 20 mm cannon, but better trajectory, longer travel, higher velocity... Edit: there were/ are advantages/disadvantages with the munition, I guess was my point. /shrug
  6. /Thread. There are certainly some advantages like trajectory that the .50 cal has over other munitions... Whole other discussion tho, but this is/was pretty much my understanding of why the US continued to utilize the .50 as it's main armament.
  7. What a great update. Soo many things to take in. The tail fix will hopefully please everyone. The new spit looks formidable and I bet it's a blast to fly, but I'm giddy to fly the 410.
  8. This is exactly the same poo flinging reason to stay out of these discussions. This forum is becoming toxic. Edit:. Now I feel like a jerk. Creep is an awesome forum member who contributes tremendously to discussions. Accept my apology for using your post as THE example. There are no sides in this discussion. Let's just one it down so we don't get it locked. S!
  9. Add me to the list of folks occasionally running into this issue. I don't know what causes it, but it seems to me that switching bombing modes seems to sometimes make this happen. Once it starts it doesn't stop until I disconnect from a server. Wish I could give more information Rapidus. If I can grab a vid next time I will.
  10. I did something similar on there and the guy with me dropped second. I got one building. He got 27. Same spot.
  11. I still like my "🍩" idea. We could have been rich! Thanks for solving the mystery and for the update! Should be cool to see this feature implemented over as the work unfolds. S!
  12. Thanks for the update. I was wondering what the Naval component might look like. I wonder what other ships we could see.
  13. Ms406 and/or dewo. If we toss BOB in then add the E4 when proper. Same with E1. Love it.
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