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  1. Afaik, there is no restriction for using a hat to trim. I use a vkb modern combat grip for a stick and it has a combination hat (analogue/digital) I use for the same purpose. But that hat (strangely for a hat) has two modes. One analogue and one digital. You have to press on the hat to switch modes. I mention this because my trim only works in the correct mode. Is it possible your throttle is similar in this regard? I'm just guessing here. Otherwise I'm at a loss. I hope you find a solution and hopefully someone with the same throttle can offer better feedback. Good luck.
  2. That's what I was referring to. It read to me like a contrast. Of course I'm just tuning into this discussion so I will shut up and allow your conversation to continue. Sorry for the sidebar.
  3. I'm pretty sure he was referring to the pilots of 109's during the second world war as not being old men incapable of turning their heads to check six. As you were.
  4. Nice to hear! Post a review of your new hardware when you receive it! I'm sure lots of virtual pilots here would love to hear your experiences for when they are looking for an entry level setup. Thanks for sharing.
  5. This reaction is priceless. TYVMICDP!
  6. Relic. Wow. Thanks for sharing that.
  7. I take alot of things hard. Can I has a hug? Back to the original poster though, you will find this is an excellent community with some fantastic people. Just give it an honest go. You will likely enjoy your time here. At least, I hope you do.
  8. My sarcastic side wants to tell you to go fly that other sim at $50-100 per aircraft. Demand your refund. You shouldn't even try this sim as it is clearly beneath you. Don't waste your time. Leave while you still can. Good thing I don't post sarcastic responses.
  9. 1. Yes 2. Not really, that is unless one looks at it like a p39 or p40, that are likewise a challenge to fly but are capable in the right hands of wreaking Havok? And thank you for your comments. 3. I feel the same way about the FW A series when outfitted for ground attack (or just without alt on its opponent). I expected the 47 to be a better dogfighter than it appears to be, but I'm not very well versed in it and do appreciate comments from you pilots who understand this plane better than I do. Back to the subject at hand, the P38; I'm certainly not as competent in this bird as some of you, but I enjoy it when I can and find it a capable dogfighter.
  10. Apologies for the aside, but how is the 47 different from the hawk in this regard? Curious to hear your thoughts on this.
  11. One guy. In our squad. Shot a chute once. Now it's all of us? That's a pretty wide brush you are painting us with. I didn't and do not defend the behaviour of the offender. It was a cheesy and crappy thing to do. But we are also individuals, just like the rest of you. One does not speak for us all, and one players actions do not define us all. Carry on.
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