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  1. JG51_Beazil

    DCS news

    Information on this has been difficult to find. Just the original announcement, and that's pretty much it.
  2. Monday updates. Gotta love it. Ty team! ,😀
  3. JG51_Beazil

    Tank controls are ridiculous

    I haven't bothered with tanks yet because of the control mapping setup, but I'm looking forward to have the controls available to set up in the control setup options. Thanks for the joy to key suggestion though.
  4. Lets hear a review from an il2 user! I'm waiting for mine, and likely will be for another month or so.
  5. JG51_Beazil

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

  6. JG51_Beazil

    calculating sun distance from tolepmy experiment

    Proof right there.
  7. JG51_Beazil

    Are their any Canadians here?

    Don't ever do that again.
  8. JG51_Beazil

    calculating sun distance from tolepmy experiment

    "Our order does not deal in pig$hit!"
  9. JG51_Beazil

    Let's talk about ping

  10. JG51_Beazil

    Terrific Video

    Nice vid! Thanks for sharing it.
  11. JG51_Beazil

    Are their any Canadians here?

    Lol! Need a hug and a warm cocoa? Thunder Bay. Minus one bazillion plus wind chill. I think Nunavut might have us both beat though. Stupid cold ass country. Edit: Welcome DocJMB!
  12. JG51_Beazil

    Are their any Canadians here?

    I got to visit that museum two years ago. I got some fantastic pictures.
  13. JG51_Beazil

    vive/VR texture/model warping

    I also have a Vive and am doing a massive Windows update atm..... Will let you know if I run into the same...
  14. JG51_Beazil

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    I think it would have to be coded into each building. It is coded that way for the tank maps but not the main game. I imagine that while Jason said it was possible to do with the mission editor, to bring that level of damage fidelity to all of the previous maps was not a current task for the team. At least that's What I got from his comments.