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  1. It's going to be a blast when the hurri is released. Time to watch the turner's and burners vs energy fighter specialists to come out and play!
  2. Then you should know the developers have talked about that in many other threads. There are issues that affect four engine bombers like development time, stations, cost, and other factors. I'd link it but if have to hunt for it too.
  3. No disagreement here friend. Perhaps a modder will do this someday. Perhaps it will come with the envisioned infantry that someday might be developed as part of tank crew, or even something else altogether. Then again it might not. But it's a fun idea to play with theoretically. There is rock/paper/scissors gameplay to be had with tanks, planes and (soon) mobile AA. Let's see what our community can do with it.
  4. No, but as you can see from @Control_Freq's post above, and as I alluded to earlier, this type of development is another peice of a puzzle that MAY get us there one day. Combined arms provides opportunities for gameplay beyond flight simulation alone. Think big picture. I hope someday we can. I don't know the overall direction of this project beyond what we have collectively seen, but developments that enhance play opportunities for us, AND also might attract "non-traditional" players to our genre, expand the product's mass appeal, imho.
  5. Hitting a plane spawning on an airfield from a distance like that would be quite a feat. So would coordinating ground fire from closer batteries from a given observation point. Of course the rules of a given server might also prohibit such behaviour, as is their perogative. On the other hand, I'm sure there are folk who would welcome a challenge like you describe. I'm sure it will ad another dimension to play.
  6. Just want to point out that Jason stated this was the work of a third-party that was contracted to deliver this project. The cost of each module is (for me) $9.99 CAD. That's it. Each addition to the overall project is just that; an addition. The work of a third party fulfilling a contractual obligation has nothing to do with the work of others in different areas of Great Battles development. Why are we talking about other areas of work and getting ourselves upset about it? Planes? Great! Tanks? Cool! Mobile AA vehicles? Cool! If past is indicative of the future, we know this team will work on all areas of our sim in an ongoing fashion like they always have. I have faith in this team and its vision.
  7. In a different product at another time, I've seen entire squadrons of players solely devoted to providing AA cover for planes over mission objectives. One of whom in particular showed an extraordinary level of accuracy that was both respected and feared. The developers are giving us the toys to play with. It's up to us to find ways to use them.
  8. Welp, thanks for pulling yet another rabbit out of the hat Jason. Your team never ceases to amaze, even when you tell us something is coming. A round of hearty back pats to everyone involved. Thank you.
  9. *Tries frantically, but kia'd everytime*
  10. Quite a lot of information there! Thanks for the exciting update.
  11. Yeah I don't know if it's a driver or firmware issue but I get it too.
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