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  1. Oh regarding (your?) comment about IPD; I set mine at minus 2 for rendering, so I set my IPD at 58. I have a wee melon.
  2. 5k+ all the way. I won't reiterate my comments from another thread, but fov makes all the difference.
  3. Interesting. I've had a 5k+ for about a year now. One of the most satisfying purchases I have made. I had the luxury of upgrading from a vive, so it was an easy choice and one I don't regret in the least. To the point I would never use a 100-ish degree field of view again. I thought for the price the artisan would have been a good choice, but again I'm anti low fov. I don't like the horse blinders that come by default with other headsets. I am honestly shocked that noone else is making a wideview headset besides these guys, but here we are. The headstrap is not great, but it is (more or less) the same as the one I got with my original vive. I have a rigid audio strap on order for mine and a comfort kit, which is probably standard on newer models. The best thing I do for comfort is double up the foam. It works in the meantime. Plus with each software release things get better. I went from a 90hz display to 144hz via software and firmware updates. Never got that from my Vive. I'm not being a Schill, just sharing my experiences.
  4. Have a look at the Pimax Artisan. You just need a single basestation for seated games.
  5. I have two x65f's. I dug one out recently and this allowed me to use it with this sim, using both throttles, the saitek software, and all buttons recognized. It's important to REBOOT afterward for it to work. S!
  6. That is a huge list of updates. Ferdinand, Razorback, in-game comms (!?), cloud silhouette changes,..... Wow.
  7. Two kinds of (VR) user: those who use it, and those who have yet to have the right experience. Having said that, just because a sim doesn't have VR, doesn't mean it's not worth having. I've played and enjoyed Cliffs of Dover. Supporting this team is a given for me. The intention to add support for VR asap has been stated by the team, and I believe they will do it. If I were a betting man, I'd suggest it might be similar issues to what made it a pain to play in 3d, back in the day. That and adding VR to a title this far into the engine's development has proven to be a challenge for this same team in the past. Makes me think it might not be as simple as I've even stated. They are finished the content it seems, or are very close to it. Why wait to release it if it's done? I think they've earned a purchase for the content itself. Besides, if the install base of Blitz is large enough, the expansion will have a good chance of selling now, and giving this team a cash injection they could probably use at this point. More blah blah from me.
  8. Jollyjack, Thank you for posting that educational and informative vid. Salute sir.
  9. Oh, I'm headed there eventually, I'm just curious to know how it goes, particularly with regard to your performance in this sim. Anything else is bonus.
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