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  1. Thank you team for continuing to provide us with planes, planes, planes and moar planes. Thanks for all you do. Of course you can count on my purchase.
  2. That was a fast update! No rest for the wicked around here. Looking forward to the new clouds and rendering distances. Tank crew sounds exciting. I have a vision of the future where tanks and infantry battle below and aircraft fight above them on these gorgeous maps. You'll never get rid of me then. 😄
  3. "Check six Gunter! Sherman looking at you!"
  4. As another wwiionline veteran, I am also excited to see this. This patch is so big and there have been so many tweaks and improvements it's really difficult to fully appreciate. That's a good thing. I've flown 38's, 262's (hey they are available on maps now), ponies and tempests, as well as enjoying the Arras map in some ww1 action. There is still rearm/refuel, a myriad of mods for the new planes, corners of maps, various cities and landmarks to explore... Tanks in those cities... I guess I'll have to quit my job to be able to experience all of it....
  5. Thanks for this update. It's looking very polished and the news about increased rendering is definitely something to get excited about. I wouldn't be surprised it this feature alone propels the series forward. So much to see and experience in this patch. Thank you.
  6. Another budding controller designer - thanks for sharing with us. Looks awesome. I look forward to learning more as you share your progress.
  7. Nice to have, but probably more trouble than it's worth in terms of development and for server admins. Plus Luke holds the main reason over my head like a sign, or post, or something.
  8. I lost mine as well. Edit; it wasn't a big deal.
  9. Shots are looking epic. The six view on that 38 is going to be awesome.
  10. I really like it. I like the use and arrangement of the peripherals. This is my setup.
  11. That's a sweet setup even if it is unpainted. Clearly a labor of love.
  12. 5.0 looks visually like it's really making strides. It's starting to look like the overall project is finally coalescing into what TF had envisioned. Bring on the VR! (I know, premature).
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