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  1. Aaaaand purchased. Hope I can map those tank controls better now... Regardless... A-8!
  2. Beazil

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    Oh I hope that Flying Circus and IL2 share the same engine and are cross compatible projects. My shame if that was already discussed. Thank you for taking the mantle of the best team in flight simulation I currently know of. Your team's projects are a delight. Thanks for doing what you do so well.
  3. Beazil

    Introduce yourself! Be brave! S!

    Ugh! Who let this guy in here? Hey Plank! I'm assuming you are the same fellow I know from the BGE forums. Good to see you made it!
  4. Anyone here a vive user? Edit: Okay, well, it works and looks nice. I'm having trouble with a double image and zoom though - currently reading threads for a fix...
  5. Beazil

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    Stick around Axe and welcome aboard!
  6. Beazil

    Grass Experiment ( Flowers )

  7. Beazil

    A Quick Message from Jason

    Thanks for the update Jason. Here's to things being as smooth as possible *toasts*!
  8. Beazil

    DD today?

    Lets face it. Spaceghost's balls need a separate thread, lest they continue to dip thither and yon.
  9. Beazil

    40% Off for Victory Promo Codes Launched!

    Yay! Ice cream! Yay! Aircraft! Yay! Ice cream aircraft! :D
  10. If you were not doing this for the other maps I hope this becomes a new.standard for you. Not that there is any issue with the others but these new shots look very nice and the speed that you delivered them in is truly impressive. What a great job team!
  11. Beazil

    graphic design

  12. Beazil

    beta testing???

    /thread. Going to read the rest now.... but I'm inclined to cut these guys a large amount of slack, considering the work they do and under the conditions they do it. It isn't for the money I'm sure. I'll shut up and read now.
  13. Haven had a chance to play the new update yet but wanted to say thank you. Ill report back post 1st play.
  14. Nice button box and thanks for posting. Any construction shots for other aspiring builders? Thanks for the thread.