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  1. Hello Hexpod, Pleased to hear you know the theoretical underpinnings. If you are interested, the documentation of the UDP-API can be downloaded from our website, including the syntax. For now, we have only implemented a solution for HTC Vive. If you have further questions, you can contact us directly of course. Best regards, Team Gforcefactory
  2. Hello Hexpod, Congratulations with your system. Looks great! The UDP-API can provide the platform positions at 200Hz. This information can be used by the VR headset driver to cancel out this position. There is no mismatch due to platform inertia, because we can read out the exact positions of the platform; no magic here ;). Best regards, Team Gforcefactory
  3. Hi Alonzo, Thanks for your kind feedback. Motion cancellation in the video works with OpenVR-InputEmulator. We have built solutions for Oculus earlier, but these were difficult to maintain due to Oculus software updates (a common problem). To further support motion cancellation our system now provides a UDP API by which software motion cancellation can be built by third parties (so, no tracker required). We have already an implementation for Vive in beta. One of our customers has used the API for the combination Oculus/Unreal. Another customer is currently using the API for a solution for Vive without tracker. If you happen to know other solutions, we are all ears! Best regards, Team Gforcefactory
  4. Hi All, Just came back from Flight Sim Expo 2019, Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Jason for the wonderful cooperation! Here an impression of the 1C Game Studio booth. Best, Team Gforcefactory .
  5. Hi all, Today we have tested IL-2 Sturmovik on our EDGE 6D system. Note we did not yet do any tuning; just applied the standard settings of the system. Comments are welcome :). Team Gforcefactory
  6. Hi all, We have just successfully implemented 6DOF motion support for IL-2 in our EDGE 6D system. We are very excited this great title has now full motion support with VR! Thank you 1C-777!! We cannot wait to experience this great adventure with you! Best regards, Team Gforcefactory
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