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  1. How do I go about applying? I'm not too proficient with the P47 currently, but plan on spending a lot of time in the P51 when it is released.
  2. I just encountered this issue beginning on Tuesday. For the first time since I bought the game in March, I encountered an issue with the game not launching. The loading bar was static and would not move. I tried to launch the game several times, even after restarting my PC, no dice. So I uninstalled, and reinstalled the game. It launched with no issues. So I figured the problem was solved. I get on just now tonight, go through and redo every single one of my keybinds and setup all the buttons and switches on my Warthog HOTAS and get every axis how I had it before. I do a couple test flights with different planes just to make sure I have everything how I want it. Then I go to my graphics settings and set my graphics settings to Ultra (which my new rig is [or at least was prior to Tuesday] more than capable of handling and running at 144fps) and restart in order for the changes to take effect. And surprise, it gets stuck at the launch screen once again, making everything I spent the better part of a couple hours doing all for nothing. Is this issue happening to anyone else? It's frustrating how it seemed to happen for no rhyme or reason and I am not about to uninstall and reinstall just to experience the same issues. I could understand if I was running a cheap desktop that I would run into issues, but there has to be some underlying issue that has just popped up that isn't on my end. PC Specs: Motherboard - ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero GPU - 2x EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition CPU - Intel Core i9-9900K 8-core 3.6 GHz RAM - Team T-FORCE XCALIBUR RGB (4 X 8GB) 4000MHz SSD - Samsung 970 EVO 1TB & Samsung 860 EVO 1TB HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB
  3. I would rather not see Free Hunt removed as I've found there to be a varying amount of activity. Of the three I've done they've yielded decent results. My first one the flight leader and I bounced a formation of IL2's with I-16's as escorts within 10 minutes. The second we got bounced by MiG 3's from the clouds within a minute of crossing the front lines, and the third yielded some shot down MiG's and destroyed AAA. Could perhaps the option for the density of the front-line activity have something to do with how often or quickly enemies appear and how many? (Those were not from this career mind you. That one I was sadly shot down after 5 months and 174 kills lol)
  4. I've just noticed this bug while flying the Yak 1b, I accidentally took the rear view mirror as part of my loadout. While flying at approximately 4k meters, I see the sun in my rear view. However, the sun looks like the moon and gives zero glare compared to when physically checking your six. This negates any advantage a Luftwaffe pilot would have had by coming out of the sun. Why use the sun at your back when a simple mirror just eliminates it. I have yet to see how this is with other aircraft that have rear-view mirrors. But this should be fixed.
  5. My favorite is a tie between Hs129 and Bf109G-6. The Hs129 because when I was 12 (Hard to believe that was 18 years ago now) I was given a box of old, but still new in box models from my grandfather. It had everything, Mustangs, Spitfires, Thunderbolts, Corsairs, you name it. But the one that jumped out at me just because of how different it was an old Hs129 kit made by Airfix. It was the first model I ever assembled, painted and weathered. (Picture of the exact box art included). Bf109G-6 because when I got into buying 1:32 scale Corgi WWII models, all I was buying were Spitfire Mk Ia's, Hurricane Mk I's, P-51D Mustangs and Bf109G-6's.. My favorite WWII aircraft from the European theater. And since the P-51D isn't a collector's plane in the series, it would go to the 109G-6.
  6. The current DM makes planes seem too fragile. While it's nice to see a foe's ailerons, rudder, flaps or horizontal stabilizers fly off, we don't necessarily need all that as frequently as it happens to see we've hit the plane. We have the very obvious sparks and smoke from HE rounds hitting the planes as well as the many bits of small debris. Now of course a 20-30mm cannon will do far more than a 12.7-13mm MG which will do more than a .303-7.92mm. But the current DM makes rugged aircraft like the P47 look like a pussycat when hit with anything above a rifle caliber MG. Then again, I've even seen an AA MG34 manage to rip off a P47 aileron. Some great DM just for the sake of having a visual cue because people can't see other obvious signs they've hit an aircraft with gunfire.
  7. The AI, while improved, is still hit or miss at times. In my Hs 129 career, I've had MiG 3's barely shoot me up from behind just to zoom past then slow down and fly straight and level like it's my turn to shoot them, and I happily oblige by sending them straight to the ground. Another instance (and for whatever reason it only has happened in the Yak 1b) twice I have been behind a 190 in a Yak 1b in career, and some trigger happy Ivan shoots me from behind killing my pilot just to get at the 190. Because of this I no longer play with the mode where when you're dead, that's it and the career is ended.
  8. I cant speak to the 21:9 ratio as mine is 16:9, but my MSI 32" curved screen monitor is great with this game, in fact every game I have. I got it for $150 brand new when I was building my PC and have seen them for double what I paid. I wanted a 4k monitor, but 1440p isn't bad, especially with the high refresh rate.
  9. My wishes aren't all necessarily Luftwaffe, but more German, European Axis, Finnish Ta 152 Me 410 Brewster F2A Buffalo IAR-80/81 (And if or when the Mediterranean theater gets included) Fiat G.55
  10. I just realized I posted this in the wrong sub-section as well 🤦‍♂️
  11. I was curious to see just how much of an affect wind has on aircraft. This is only a small sample of one out of the dozens of aircraft we have in the GB series. I took the S.E.5a out with a full fuel load, four Cooper bombs and an Aldis sight just for conformity's sake. I know that cross winds will affect flight paths by pushing you off course on bombing runs and landings as I've encountered many times throughout my He-111 pilot career, however The S.E.5a manages to maintain a top speed in level flight of 127 miles per hour with either no wind, a ~55ft/s direct head wind and direct tail wind. Is this something with FC still being early access and perhaps flight models aren't fully completed? I've yet to try this with any of the aircraft from the Eastern Front series' where all three games are fully completed.
  12. I noticed it got worse after the update. I was playing QMB before the patch and right after installing it and it got annoying. Targets were never called out until I was airborne prior to the update, now it's constant as soon as the radio gets turned on during engine start up, and non stop through taxiing, takeoff and cruising to different target areas.
  13. It has gotten out of hand with this last patch. If I start up a quick mission now with any targets, you'll hear the spotter yammering non stop about enemy tanks 2km to the east, then 1km, 2km, 3km, 4km as you fly past. It's ridiculous how this was even left unchecked with the latest patch. Before this last update, all I'd get was the pilot requesting taxi to the runway and getting confirmation to taxi and then take off clearance after starting the engine. Then the spotter calling out ground targets as you flew into the immediate area, now the radio chatter has gotten annoying to the point I'm strictly flying the WWI planes.
  14. Loving the updates, and new aircraft. I was really looking forward to the 262, but after flying it for a couple hours, I'm just "meh" about it. Not saying it's terrible or anything, I just love flying the 190A-5 and 109G-6 too much to really learn the intricacies of the 262. Perhaps I will change my tune about it in the future when we get more Bodenplatte aircraft and the Bodenplatte map. The current airfields that can handle the 262 with a full fuel load and bombs for takeoff are few and far between. It would be better if we had an option to choose any airfield for quick flights and I'm not savvy enough to use the mission editor currently. I am in love with the S.E.5a though😀 Seems very forgiving with my hands at the controls, unlike the Dr.I or Sopwith Camel
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