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  1. Getting crash after crash after new update every time I select an aircraft or tank. When I get the loading screen to the aircraft set up screen the game crashes to desktop 100% of the time and is now unplayable.
  2. I'm having the same issue as well. Just updated and constantly crashes to desktop after plane/tank selection. I'd rather not have to go through and set up keybinds again as well as back up the several hundred skins I have just to reinstall everything.
  3. Looking for a decent P-51 group based in North America, preferably East Coasters, that maintains a presence online in the multiplayer servers and not in Co-op missions farming AI kills for their "kill board"
  4. I've noticed it as well while flying low over Stalingrad. I'm not very familiar with many of the famous landmarks in Stalingrad or their locations, but that one jumped out at me. Did the devs also include Pavlov's House?
  5. It's likely due to the physiology as others stated. Yesterday I had an instance where after a couple successful diving and slashing attacks on a Pe-2, my third attack resulted in his wing shearing off and flying all over the place right into my starboard wing and taking it with it. I was at about 2000m and was able to pop the canopy, but the speed and flat spin wouldn't let me bail after multiple frantic presses. After cutting the throttle back completely and being able to "straighten" the plane out using lots of rudder was I able to finally jump out at about 1100m, which seemed like an eternity fighting with my 109.
  6. Is there a TeamSpeak or Discord the flights meet up in and organize? I would like to get into something like this since I can't really join a FC squad full time. I wouldn't mind flying an Entente plane, especially the S.E.5a, if the Central Powers have more flyers.
  7. I've been playing the Battle of Rheinland career both as a Mustang and Tempest pilot, and the Bomber Escort missions seem a bit stupid. The bombers always seem to be flying at 6,500 feet in broad daylight on cloudless days. It's like suicide as you're well withing range of all sorts of AA fire and the fighters are diving down on you negating any advantage your fighter would have. The same goes for the fighter sweeps. At least in the PWCG your fighter sweeps are being conducted at 17,500ft. It's like the low altitude Eastern Front fighting has just been trasnsplanted to the Western Front and was called a day. Are the Devs planning on fixing the altitudes at which these missions occur or should I just stick with the PWCG?
  8. P-51 w/ K14 gyro sight, extra ammo and a 250m convergence. Set the sight to 275 yards, wingspan to 30-32 and it's devastating in a dogfight. Works like a charm. I'm nowhere near as deadly with the Tempest, and if I have the strafe ground targets with the 51, just press a button twice on my throttle and there's a fixed reticle to use and can be used in a pinch in a dogfight should a Lufty appear. I don't get all this talk about people thinking the .50's lack some punch. Just practice and find an optimal convergence for you preferred engaging distance to where they just hammer the hell out of the fuselage, cockpit, engine or wing root.
  9. I was watching something earlier, about the time you posted, Khalkhin Gol and thinking that would be interesting with early war Soviet and Japanese planes. If Wildcats, Brewster Buffaloes, Avengers and Dauntlesses as well as Carrier Ops were out of the realm of possibility, that would be one I'd like along with the Mediterranean
  10. That is a valid point. I'm wondering if this should perhaps be done privately with willing squadrons with the mutual understanding of not flying other squadrons skins on public servers where they are present. I know SCG make their's public and I use them exclusively offline in career, never online, just to make the German flights seem more authentic. It would be nice if every Joe Blow in IL-2 that downloads available squadron skins had that understanding, as there would be nothing as annoying as seeing a fellow "squadron mate" flying near you and form up on him, but it's a typical flyer just using your squads skins and it could crate confusion. Perhaps whichever units are willing to participate, we could set up some friendly competition or cooperation with them in online servers to fly with, or against each other? Just a thought.
  11. While I've never made skins yet and all my attempts at it fail (as I'm a computer illiterate when it comes to GIMP and the .dds plug-ins) I would say it should be. If a couple have been released with camo paint on the upper surfaces of the wings, It should be more than doable to add wrap-around invasion stripes. Basically any sort of custom paint is more than feasible. Your mind is the limit.
  12. CripesA'Mighty and CripesA'Mighty 3rd would be nice, as well as Lil' Margaret and Upupa Epops
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