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  1. Yes I remember that and I asked them for the reason you were getting ban votes with no response at all. Was the main reason I voted for bans back on them on your behalf. You are one of the scariest pilots I've ever come across and I lost count at how many times you shot the shit out of me. But I saw this as an advantage for me to try and improve. I remember the first time I ever shot you down and it was a huge milestone for me. I still shit myself when I see you coming toward me though. You are an extremely great pilot and I for one thank you for making me try a bit harder. I remember seeing you on my side and I thought "thank god he's flying with me and not against"..lol. Now I miss seeing you no matter what side your on. One can only get better trying to compete with skilful people such as yourself.. I salute you serial killer and you have my utmost respect.
  2. I worry as another guy I know was banned as he is really good. I don't want to be banned. The pilot I'm talking about shot me over and over and over and I myself thought that he may have been cheating but in the end it just meant he was better than me. But yes he was was banned in the end. I asked why everyone was putting a ban on him and never got any responses. I have much respect for this pilot and it was sad to see.
  3. I have been flying in the EU 1CGS multiplayer server (I think that's what it's called) for some time now and have learnt allot about dog fighting etc. I think it's a great server. When I first started playing M.P. I have to say I really sucked, getting shot down by everyone as I didn't have a clue about plane performance, Energy, situational awareness and generally trying to avoid bullets etc. etc. I got to a point where I nearly gave up and threw in the towel after getting blown out of the sky over and over, although I had noticed I was improving a little. But that wasn't enough so I withdrew from M.P. for a while and started practising in quick missions to try and improve my aim and above all my flying. I flew until it hurt. Joining M.P. again I noticed I was a bit better and started getting some points on the board (at last). It was a very satisfying outcome for me knowing that the practice I put in was paying off. Even after countless hours I am still learning something new every time I fly. That's what I love about the IL2 sim and thankful that it exists. However there is a dark side to becoming a better pilot, I have now been called a cheater and a hacker by at least 6 others in the game and even had others voting for a ban on me, the most recent just a few nights ago. Even though I still get shot down very regularly from better pilots who can outfly the crap out of me. I will continue to fly and hopefully get better but it really sucks how people can take away all the hours I've put in to become a better pilot by calling me a cheater. The only good outcome from it all is that I suppose it's a bit of a compliment. I wouldn't even know how to cheat and if I knew how I still wouldn't as it just defeats the purpose of playing this sim. I wouldn't even know how to tell if someone was cheating although I have seen a few weird things in my time. My question is what do I do. If I keep flying I most certainly will get even better (I hope) but will this just lead me to getting ban votes by even more people. How does one become a good pilot without being accused of cheating. I wish the devs had a way of weeding out cheaters. If anyone is cheating in this sim I would say they are only cheating themselves. To everyone else, respect and salute.
  4. Thanks, I've been playing on The Unprofessional lately and it's great to see more numbers but sucks a bit to be limited to one server. Love the low ping on T.U. and thanks for having this for us all. Cheers
  5. G'day My second post in this forum is concerning my ping rate in Australia on the WOL server. I have started to get into this server and have been doing my best to keep out of trouble with friendly fire etc. and help my team as much as possible. I am still not the best at dogfighting as I still keep getting people on my 6 because of my bad situational awareness. But I am not too bad in a bomber. Anyway since the last update I keep getting disconnects. Strangely usually in a bomber and usually just after I drop some bombs or just before touching down. Nothing worse than getting a HE111 up to altitude and then "BAM" gone. Or getting some good kills and dropping out just before landing. Before the update I never really had a problem, only on the very odd occasion. Is there any way the Devs would know why this is happening? I love the teamwork and feel I am a positive to the side I am plying with but sadly I have been just opting out lately. My ping when joining is usually around the 400 in a red block. I know this isn't good but like I said it never troubled me before the update. Any suggestions as to what I could do or is it just a matter of being stuck in the land down under "far far away" from the rest of the world.
  6. I have only been flying on 2 servers. WOL and EUded. WOL has been impossible since the last update though, keeps dropping out so I have been suspended so to speak. The EU is good for a dogfighting session but in Australia it is usually early hours of the morning to find some decent numbers in the server. Usually about 20 or so.
  7. I've never had a ping overlimit until the last few updates. WOL is now becoming a very frustrating server to play on for me. Nothing worse than going out on a bomb run and get disconnected just before landing. Very annoying to say the least.
  8. Definitely JtD, I will get around to it soon as it will be good to analyze how bad my flying is...lol Great info and thanks for the reply...Cheers
  9. Yes I do Bullets, it was Paul, might be Paul 310?. Very good pilot. I've been shot down by him more times than I can remember but this is also teaching me to become a better pilot as well. He pulls off some really insane maneuvers..I didn't want to mention names on this forum because of privacy or whatever but I have the utmost respect for this guy.
  10. I know what your saying gimpy, I never get in a turn fight with a spit. I should have rephrased my question another way from the beginning. If 2 planes are at equal E approaching one another in a head on fashion at equal altitude, it is my understanding that when one of the planes turns to chase they will lose E and there is no possible way they can rapidly catch the other plane? I have never seen this before with anyone.
  11. Thanks for the replies. He was only very slightly gaining at about 3k behind me. I pulled a 180 and headed straight back towards him , by the time we crossed paths at level altitude I was pretty much at full speed. There is no way he could have pulled a 180 and retain enough energy to catch me (very quickly I might add). If he had pulled up before we crossed I could see that he may have an advantage but he turned after we crossed. I just found it very strange. In fact it's haunting me a bit. I will download tacview from your advise and study future scenario's. Love this game and love the tactics. Live and learn I say.
  12. G'day I was on a multiplayer server last night in a BF 109 F4. A spitfire was chasing me down a long way behind me. I pulled a low G turn and headed straight back at him at pretty much full speed and at the same altitude. After we crossed the spit did a 180 degree turn. Even though he did a complete 180 he still had allot more energy than me and caught up to me very quickly and eventually shot me down. I have played this game for some time and this is the first time I have ever had a plane pull a 180 and still have more energy than a 109 at nearly full tilt in a slight descent. It would be fair enough if he had an altitude advantage but this was not the case in this scenario. I can not for the life of me work out how he achieved this. Any thoughts?
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