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  1. All I know is if the P51 comes out at all like the Dora than Ill do well in it and be laughing my way happily to the bank on that Not being snarky but how do you have any idea of *what* the p51 *will* be like? Sure you could put out how the plane performed in real life but theres already some issues that have nerfed previous allied (especially US) planes and if they dont do a 150 octane fuel option or other expedients people have thrown in; or if they just nerf it, then its what we have whether or not its how it *should* be. Im hopeful, but Im near certain the Tempest will kick ass and all the previous Brit planes havent suffered as much as say US planes. The Lightning I just love and I wasnt expecting to ve a superplane anyways. Interested to see how it flies vs the *other sims* p51. Im not a pilot but the other sims P51 does feel a well made flight model etc. The guns damage is modelled crap though and it feels like your puttin around in a p51 in 2019, not the 40s. Anyways dearly wololol that they kick us an airplane.
  2. Yea. What everyone else said. Id basically throttle up, flaps down a notch, set the trim up a little.. When throttlingbup hold brakes then let go when you get to 100 and press boost. If you still havemt gotten her in the air by this point reading the other comments - After releasing the breaks gain some speed. When you get around 50 km/h (when you stsrt having even a tiny bit of control over the planes control surfaces) *carefully* nose it down a tiny bit to try and get your tail off the ground. This has helped me in lots of planes to gain speed for hard take offs. When you nose forward *CAREFUL* you want to hold the plane in that neutral/ on 2 wheels run up until its fast enough you start climbing. Ideally you wont be pulling back and lifting your gear- you ll just suddemly realizr your plane is airborne and it comes up smooth. Couple other things. With certain planes etc and weights its really hard to get airborne without flaps. Theyre fine to use; but make sure you rememver what flaps do. I.e. create lift and slow the plane down. You basically want flaps in very soon after you rotate to gain extra airspeed - but be careful if youre just clearing trees or something as Ive had my plane "fall" several feet with flaps being taken in. And dont be discouraged. Keep trying at it - the HS is actually a lot of fun to fly once you geta hang of her but she never had much speed. In an ironic way its vaguely comforting because in a HS 95 % of a sortie for me is "xxx at 300 km/hr" Why? Lol itd be foolish to go slower and the HS just cant do better otherwise mostly
  3. Oh man on TAW i had 2 verrry sketchy and close take offs yesterday. One was a fully fuelled 111 for transport. I really thought I was dead on that, lifted off and was sinking, I literally had trees higher than my altitude and then I hit the tree line with probably inches to spare. The next was a Ju87 with a 1000kg bomb - on a rough airfield without a long runway; I was getting pretty concerned .. I survived take off but not that mission. Bombed some tanks, pulled out of the dive; left turn hard, just as a Mig driver was intercepting me and making his own hard left turn from the opposite direction. Brought new meaning to the phrase 'the merge' with me
  4. Oh. I just seemed to recall there being a key binding for feathering engines that Id used before on a 110 and also A20 ISTR the same.
  5. Id rather anything new and 'tangible' over n00z but who am I
  6. I thought we already could feather mutlti engines??
  7. Oh man its nothing I literally word for word posted almost the same thing you did. Txt characters dont do inflection well. Cheers
  8. He said he was kidding.. He actually flies the 110 alot and well too apparently. I made the same error
  9. True there was a fire but at the very end. Seriously at least 3/4s was hits of some sort. It was hard and fast enough I thought it was a fighter that bounced me. I wasnt tarrying - i had dropped a 250 on the enemy arty (you see at top) which had no AA. I was making back for friendly lines to start a BARCAP for an incoming strike and apparently on my run out from the bombing I flew directly over a Russian tank unit. One that I ironically bombed in a 110 the sortie before. Karma via AI
  10. Downloading now... Wonder what it is. Not huge so prolly nothing we wolololol'd about.. Then again..
  11. Fun morning dojng ground attack. Apparently I triggered TF out of the red AAA AI I present to the community for your bemusement the stats from my last mission - please note the several hundred flak hits in about 2 seconds - I seriously have not had a new asshole ever torn like that - if you look at a mission yesterday I was chasing a dumb Il2 and had 3 seperate Il2s chasing and shooting me 1 i16 doing the same! And I lasted much longer LOL https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=20587&name=Sublime I really hope my buddied throw awsy my furry pr0n before they send my effects back to wiesbaden =p
  12. The P40 is one of the best strafing platforms in game IME especially for early war
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