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  1. That already happens when youre Pk'd by your thousandth AI gunner
  2. Again though all communications were thru *email* I posted a screen of one email here. Its grammatically correct. They all were like that. Want more screens? And none taken you werent a jerk like some.
  3. Thats fine - and whats that have to do with the post? Or did you suddenly feel the need to come to this post of mine of many and tell me? Or not pm me? Or would you rather I not post? Sorry gonna pass. You can always block me. The idea you're pulling me up and knocking my posts grammar for no reason apparently now (at first you were using the support angle now you just want to say this) is insulting and very rude. I didnt realize you policed the forum or I had to pass a grammar test. This conversation isnt going to be productive whatsoever, so Im not going to carry on with you. (Hope you can read my gobbleygook - pls do just put me on ignore we have nothing to talk about)
  4. Except I communicated with support through email. I wasnt aware you had read my emails? Please then telll me about my grammar on those, typed on my laptop since I needed to produce computer files anyways. And your point is what exactly? I cant have an opinion because you think the grammar of my posts is bad? Interestingly support never asked me to clarify *anything* and no one has said they didnt understand what I meant when it came to threads where people actually tried to help me. To me this is bizarre - its like your trying to argue Im being an ahole or cant speak my mind.. because the grammar of my posts here? When Im talking about an email.exchange and already adressed the issue of typing better on a laptop? Let me get this straight - youre defending people for theiretically not understanding me perhaps or being confused who never once claimed to be, who I dealt with successfully before and communicated with fine now; on an email exchange you never read; and attacking me based not on anything but the grammar of my posts which this thread isnt about; and thats about the sum of it? To be sure you see my reply - interesting to know you either read the emails I communicated with support with, or they didnt need the freakin rosetta stone to need my posts because it was through email. Rosetta stone.my ass. Heres an example..plenty more where that came from. Theres a huge difference between how I write casual forum posts with a cell.phone and large fingers (and constantly policed for it) and doing business or talking about a tech problem As you can see you do not need the "freakin rosetta stone"
  5. Well for one I didntnhave any way of knowing. What else I expected...? I dont know. I think I was very fair to them. I said they were fantastic in the past. But I can show more emails. For exame.the msinfo files. They just keptnsatying "its wrong" not how it was. How am I supposed to make heads or tails of "its wrong"? If it wasnt there stuff causing the problem of course then it wasnt their fault.. however they easily could have said "we xannot figure this out sorry we think its on your end" and that would have been the end of.it. I also had a strong reason to believe it wasnt a video card or dricer issue. I wont go into it here. But it was VERY stronf evidence. That I still cant explain What am I supposed to tjink when they are telling me x y and z but nit saying its a suggestion. After all I emailed them for instructions on how to fix. Another example : somethings wrong with your trackir. Nothibg further. Not maybe get drivers. Not you can see whats wrong here. Not even how they know or whatever. Fuether I never acted ridiculous or called names. I even emailed them after they hadnt responded to.my last couple of emails at all and explained how I solved the problem to help future people. I find it ironic how much people.will jump onnyou when your strongest language was "disappointed with' i even got a pm fron a respected community member implying since I dared open this thread the support team wouldnt want to help me. What is this attitude about anyways? Frankly it doesnt feel healthy. Probably was registry but as I made abundantly clear on all.my.posts I have been out of the loop on computers since the mid aughts On issue 2 I type most posts here on a cellphone and theyre not as important at all as tech support msgs I know goto Moscow. Again I said they were excellent in the past. So was their English. They didnt seem to habe English problems now either. I typed all my emails to them on my laptop - the vast majority were very grammatically correct. Further on every exchange with them Ive asjed if theybunderstand what I mean; or if Im being confusing. Also lets be real here - if youre going to sell products to the english language world, im the age of google.translate and english being like the worlds 2nd most common language, its not a very good excuse to claim english isnt your first language. You shouldnt be selling a product or at least be saying english support will not be offered. Again everyone needs to understand that polite criticism is different than ad hominem attacks. Further we all are allowed an opinion last I checked. This also is a discussion forum last I checked. I apologize but no one had informed me that any criticism of 1C was verboten and Id basically get jumped all over for a mild and true observation.
  6. Actually I just solved this problem. I dont know specificslly what did it as I reformatted and reinstalled evwrything from nothing basically. However I would like to add they didnt say they couldnt help further or anything - they simply havent responded to my last 2 emails in several days. Idk.
  7. I finally solved the problem by totally reformatting my.comp reinstalling everything and updating all drivers..
  8. Ok I reverted and reinstalled. However I cant seem.to force my nvidia card to be the global card. Does anyone have any ideas?? When I select the nvidia control panel and try to select nvidia as the global default it says it cannot do this?
  9. That looks like what I want but Im still having weird graphical.probs with my laptop monitor. I need to reset it all
  10. Thank you. All thanks. Now lookit. I think Ill have tondo a factory reset thinfa are a mess. However Im doing it fornthe graphics cards. Is there a way to revert your graphics cards to factory settings just them?? Anyone pls? See my last post pls See my last post pls
  11. Thx but I only want one to show up or it just to mirror. Whats weird is I tried turning my integrates gpu off to force nvidia to work. It did it... well disabled it. And now the optiom to enable disable is permanently greyed out and the comp started acting wonky as all hell
  12. Holy hell. I really did something to my display monitors. I cant plug my hdmi in my comp thinks I have dual screens and I dont. So it uses my.laptop and a flatscreen. What a mess. I disabled the integrated csrd and it wont let me undisable it. The options just off. Im going to have to goto extreme measures it may seem. Like reverting to factory settings Idk
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