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  1. Ooh thx. Look im clueless on parts. With vr what do i need to run this and dcs well at arnd 1500? Is it doable? Monitor can be skipped as can dvd rom. I dont know whats impportant besides basic shit . But i dont know how they interact etc.. advice would be appreciated.. well further advice lol I havent made a comp since y2k friend. I agree its maybe cheaper and def more customized but itd suck to lose 1500 bc i dont know what im doing. I dmt want making this comp.to be a 6 month project. I may only have 6 or 12 mnths left before i cant game anymore which is why my broke ass is doing this. But yeah if I xould assemble one I would. I DO NOT trust myself to do that Hey dude thanks for taking the time.to assemble that. Im gonna save that build. Questions What if anytbing can be shaved off price? Is this vr capable? BecUse this looks like my choice more and more Hey dude thanks for taking the time.to assemble that. Im gonna save that build. Questions What if anytbing can be shaved off price? Is this vr capable? BecUse this looks like my choice more and more i can delete the dvd rom Now most sites have many more parts. Am i missing a section or are they unneeded? It also warned of conflicts with wattage?
  2. i ordered at a local - microcenter and the cost was insane SOme of the stuff I obviously DONT need, yet Im unsure what I do need Im sorry to do this to you - but any idea of a template for a 1000 or 1500 usd comp (1k Infinitely preferable) tower and THEN VR (ill add vr seperate) ? thankks this was very useful My god, ( btw this is mostly for the other sim ) theyre all about 1500!!! For 1 grand, then a VR, how bad performanc are we talking? for example alineware isnt a custom build. but they got a good rep... Theyre going for 8 something rn alienware aurora ryzen edition 10 1g - anyone know if this is a good choice?
  3. thanks guys! gotta read later EDIT I MEANT 1k LOW 1500 IDEAL 2k TOPS I WAS Fd UP OR SOMETHING SRY !! USD let me add I have track ir but want vr it doesnt have to look amazing I want decent looks and good frames AND SOMETHING TO LAST problem 1 some have heard me say i may not sim anymore soon this is because I may be homeless / couchsurfing in 6 mnths to a year. Im not asking for sympathy this is a result of life choices and mistakes when i was young. so why buy a comp if this situation is impending? well I wasnt. but the pandemic unemployment is.. generous. And.. you only live once. Ill never be able to play VR il2 or f14 again. so frankly Im saying 'f it Im going to do something for myself' ill admit - the 7k i got initially was the most money i ever have had at one time. ever. and im 35. Im an epic f up. i dont even know what to do with it! only after 1 month did I order a used hotas ( lol ) and 2 dcs modules. Im burnt out on Il2. I was gonna get the yak 9.. but I cant justify it to me. I wnt fly it rlly tbh. the spit ii may be diff. If im arnd for BoN ill do it when the P51C is out Heres what I angled for before my rant - i use a laptop now a.. tower I probably could mostly make myself. I havent in decades but I did before And I know i can upgrade it more easily. OTOH I may have to put it in family storage if I have nowhere to live. this is tempered however with the doubt Id carry my precious laptop around - homeless/ Being homeless is HARD on your posessions obviously. I doubt a comp- even in protective cases etc, would survive more than a month of true homelessness. Anyways please all - Ill deal with the 'building om fire' but while we burn to death, shall we actually burn (tower) or die from smoke (laptop)? other advice welcome Ok I wont lie - I smoke a lotta weed. god only knows if I was drunk too last night , idk WHERE 700 came from I MEANT ideally 1500 ABSOLUTE TOP 2k (And Id be PMing you asking if you knew if theyd trade a testicle or kidney for 200 off) the game runs decent now with trackir, at medium to high settings. dcs on lower settings runs.. decently... but its a laptop and a few years old thanks man. Idk wtf was running thru my head but 700 was WRONG i meant to say 1k low, 1500 ideal, 2k absolute TOP (and someone would need to convince me, as in like 'this will work in 5 yrs and has a warranty for 2.5' ill add I got a used cheap hotas.. on the way. I need to know what requirements a rift s needs. I didnt even know before you needed a certain speed to run VR. I need a new mike too I think - or I somehow disabled my headphones mike. -shrug- nothing super fancy but I suspect way better than my 40 dollar logitech 3d pro I make use of now. more buttons cant hurt. id like to add that we have had words in the past though I like you personally, and I appreciate you acting like it never happened
  4. I REALLLLLY was hoping theyd ignore flyable fighters and FOCUS ENTIRELY on B17s and 24s. Still the original was FANTASTIC. And we need this. Il2 WILL NOT HAVE 4 ENGINES. i hope im wrong but. and my god.. what did we do to our menus look at a YT vid of mighty 8th. it looks like your on an airfield the briefings.. all of it amazing. immersive down to the recon clip. even if nothing was new just updated graphics and features itd be worth it. nothing anyone says is gonna change my mind unless they say ( GAIJAN TOOK OVER) or something thanks I wasnt aware . as far as 'right section ' my mistake but general discussion seemed apt..?
  5. I mean.. who cant be pumped And dont get upset fellas this aint il2.competition Totally different areas. Theyve basically all but said for sure we wont see 4 engine bombers and frankly I think MP needs to stay away from fighrers this time. I know this lll prolly get moved thoigh.. but seriously who isnt excited? In thhese days with these graphics?? Plus theyll have B24s?? Hell just being the squadron commander was a joy. The different functions - the grainy recon tape with flak.. Drool Ironically much of strat ww2 bombing is eeaply boring otherwise but.. i csnt help it. I want
  6. You foolish fools! Its OBVIOUSLY b17s and b24s that are flyable. Cof cof (anyone notice.microprose is remaking the mighty 8th? And u can fly b24s in the upcoming version!!!)
  7. That makes me very happy you like it
  8. Pls remenver cliffs of dover aint for everyone and the newer il2s are muuuich different. Dont judge il2 battle fo stalingrad on wards as theyre totally different than clod
  9. It looks like I have a cliffs of dover key.. anyone?
  10. No no thank you guys but i didnt post this for kudos. I did receive a lot of help from some generous people. Indeed theyve mostly turned me down on my offers. Ive been able to help someone out though. If any of you above need help pls msg me next sale. Im not rich at all, but life is too short for worrying about paper
  11. Got a laptop and am not THAT pc savvy
  12. If anyone whose ever helped me or offered to help me needs something please msg me and Ill try to help you guys. The messages that werent inadvertently wiped will be gone through anf sent to indiviuduals the next couple of days.
  13. Thats what ive been leaning towards. But im legally gttn the covid relief and second its a ridiculoys amt of money to me Third the fact the 2nd stimulus check passed in the house.. if that passes ill prolly cave. Otherwise i appreciare your advice it wasnt what i was lkg for but was perhaps the wisest and what ive beem doing irl. Ive been sort of in shock. I bought an oz of you know and got my som a bunch of online nonsense they likke now and cash apped my mom money.. but it was like a few hundo. Youd think id have gone nuts. It doesnt feel real. Thanks i rlly appreciate you actually remember enough about my background to realize that to me any of this will likely end up beinf put in some family members attic while im couch surfimg or homeless for temporarily in a year. I havent heard good things about the f14 one though. Honestly if i got input id get a warthog fot hotas OR the copy of a fw190 joystick because its the coolest thing ever. Actually yes i would def do that. Maybe rudder pedals since. This joy wont twist. Ugh idk abt throttle then either. Hmm. See my 40 dollar joystick this isbt abt cm i play f14 dcs il2 box.. my next best is uh1 slick / casevac flyinf. They say u need pedals ive won contests stick only (twisty logitech sidewinder 3d) Look this is abt - Buildinf a desktop so its not inordinarely expensive yet not insanely complex to get excellent graphics and everuthing else. It doesnt need to be a eniac of the 2020s but wtf we are going big. Every one i know whose simmed wirg vr said trackir is nothing and refuses to go back. I was born in 1985. My generation was basically promised by you old ppl we.d have this 20 yrs ago. I want my vr sexbot already wtf! I demabd vr capability. How bad are we getting on the price now? On the comp whats a ballpark though friend? Thats rhe real meat! Dude varies wildly. Ideally 2gs absolute max, 1500 would be lovely. If it was like a life changjng comp i may go to 2500 if thehy pass the next corona stimulus
  14. Im getting some government help since covid destroyed my employment. Thank god theyre helping. Soo im tempted. Hard. To get a desktop, vr, and a new joy. Whats the best balance of price, ability, etc? Im not gonna be cheap but itd be nice if the comp doesnt habe to be a 2g comp.to run vr..? Suggestions on deals and whatnot? On equipment? If you guys need a loose budget ask. Ill figure it oit. My laptop works.. but its getting old. Its not evem supposed to run il2 and dcs im told lol. It does though. But.. this is my chance. Also anyone whose helped me in the past that would like some help msg me. You know who u are.
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