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  1. I dont use VR but it DEF helps me with the 3 new planes ESPECIALLY. The other planes yes and no.. depends. My memory could be playing tricks but I want to say some early war russian aircraft have weird instrument lighting and it almost throws me off a little. I think Im misremembering
  2. this is actually really useful for all 3 new BP ac but the P38 has the most cramped hardest to read cockpit. it does wonders to hit l (default) and turn instrument lights on. even during the day. try it, youll thank me
  3. Must not have downloaded the very latest version. The version I have only has p47s. Gotta see what the version is later. No biggie Im certain I just have an old version
  4. You sly one you... You know thats not what I was after 😛
  5. Ok followedi nstructions didnt work. Im gonna extract the actual contents of ALL OF BOBP EAST and drop into mods if not I give up! LOL thanks P.S> I REALLY dont get it ! I got All the GWX stuff working in SH3. Its not like Im new dude thanks so much unfortunately I cant even replace the soviet with a p51 or 38. I really just want a p38 career.. lol Yea no dice actually seven maybe u can help me I had to enable mods derp all my settings got reset pita So I start up ONLY 3 planes avail Po2 A20 and Spit 5 I check germans and ALL BOBP planes ARE available... so somethings going right and something isnt! ya Seven how coculd I do the option of US vs VVS? That fascinates me. If I was better at mission editor I wanted to make a camapign based on Glantz' essay on 'how the axis could have won ww2' about a ww3 scenario where the east and west fight for a few weeks. I was thinking first campaign in rhineland would be P51 at first -escorting B25s hitting marshalling yards, switching to p38s to strike more and more red army tanks etc. 2nd campaign VVS LA5FN and Yak1Bs Option 2 was studying some of the real life engagements over VIenna etc where P51s vs VVS mis ID.d and dogfought my editor skills ARENT there though
  6. Thats where I may have rlly messed up thx lemme retry. Id really like to fly career mode (as sad as that is..) just for some.. I like berloga and online flying but sometimes Idk it doesnt do it for me. Question..... Would this method allow..... substitution of say FC aircraft? i know Id be facing WW2 aircraft but it coud be useful Way behind to lines or for low risk missions to look for bugs
  7. I found one on here. have you found one? if not Ill share you mine. Im no ace but it works just fine with this and *the other game*
  8. If anyone can help Im useless with mission editor I can promise you this will *DIRECTLY HELP FC* Can anyone make FC scenarios in Arras OF ANY TYPE Variety is key! Diff setups, planes, whatever you want please! Ill also take WW2 missions with the new 3 gladly @Gambit21 *cof cof* if
  9. me too. I literally wont take that stupid round mirror. I feel like Im checking my damned lipstick. that rectangular mirror just.. works for me.. speakin of mirrors.. how come they never caught on in the Luftwaffe?
  10. On further thought no this bothers me... I got pwgc working. Jsgme in the past... Even dropping files direct lydidnt wrk. Help woudl be appreciated!!
  11. Yes as far as settings. I HAVE noticed the %s in between the milestones you mentioned are where the cutoffs to make your engines smokeless are. Ok so it affects the engine. Not as much as 30mm mk 108 does If I wanna get im and out or am flying towards distant comtacts Id rather not have the twin smoke trails always. Thw mustangs engine smoke "twins" look *exactly* like the doras
  12. Hmm Ill have to check more as others said they saw deceeased performance. No doubt if I thin it out enough youll audibly hear the engine weaken etc but the levels Im talking about (surprisingly.low - 28% etc) the engines seem to run fine as ever. At least as long as my qmb test fights would last (admittedly 5-15 min)
  13. Ahh i see. Thank you for your quick response Whats odd is when I start js it doesnt see any games or mods. Is it bc I havent turned mods on in game? I think i got it friend ty No.. No wait my stupidity is boundless. Ive gotten jsgme to work before..wont work now. I dropped the entire zip into my data folder... It did nothing lol. I think ill leave well enough alone the careers arent that far off. Ill harass gambit21 for more missions
  14. How can I install this w.o jgsme? I cant make it work...?
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