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  1. I wonder if this is on other russian planes the sights look really similar. Btw since I got trackir my god Russian sites are ugly to me. Something is appealing to me abt the German "solid block" versus the pedestal legs.
  2. Yeah just like the bendix etc. Seriously I advise humans to always take these. Theres no penalty and it can be reaaaaally useful flying at 30 feet.. lol Also some slick guys hit change radio channel to the other side and allegedly itll home in on radio AF beacons Fyi if you see "bendix" its the same.
  3. @RedKestrel since you seem knowledgable can you pm me? Its about this and sounds odd. You will understand why I wanted to discuss the next part privately.. (nda..)
  4. Ok something REALLY weird is going on. I remember quite well how it worked before- yet now only BoM BoK ans Kuban show up. Also before I was flying 190s in Kuban early 42. Everything for 42 is kuban unless I missed something. Ty for your reply I also seem to recall US and Brit campaigns being playable.all thru 44 not starting on 9? I wiah someone would just do all map axis except a tiny bubbble witb airfield to simulatw a preinvasion area
  5. Yes ghz. Regardless of minimjm specs I run at high graf and get 60 fps. These problems are very depressi g. They all happened within 1 hr of acting normally! And whats odd is i played a sea dragons mission fine... 😕
  6. Well ok I let it run 5 minutes?! Its NEVER taken so long!. Ok ill give it unlimited time but I got a bad feelin Mission logging wasnt enabled thx Lets see if it works It worked you were right abour the time. Thanks. Question - it seems a lot leess availability is around! There used to be LW kubam campaigns in 42, all sorts of stuff on rarely used maps. It seems all gone???
  7. Sure I uave a dell inspiron Its always ran fine Win 10 250 guz cpu intel core i5 7300 8 gb ram 64 bit x74 based prcoessor Nvidia geforce Track ir.. Im far from an expert friend what else? Pwgc when i click accept mission just endlessly gives me the circle "wait" thing
  8. Ooh thanks Thanjs it worked! Now i uave to figure out why I get an endless waiting loop when I click "select mission"
  9. Pwgc HELLLPPP Installing latest version Insal java Says its not installed. HEEELLLP
  10. Il2 starts fine. Career mode began fine this am but crashed. After that selecting it takes you to pilot selection or creation. Exvept the list is never populated, the circular waiting sign endlessly spins until you force close the game. Hard resets and everytning else has failed. Yet the game consistenly begins. Scripted career, mp, and sp, and qm all seem to work. I mean the lists populate. I got work and wanted a quick mission. Doesnt seem likely now, desperately hoping I can fly tbis long ass Sea Dragons mission(9? The one you fly all the way up.to by Kerch following the coast line. Titled back in service) Ill happily llay pwgc but career mod had its uses. Id like to add if anyone genuinely is curious about fixing this this is a problem that seems to recur with me over time the game seems to degrade, oddly.
  11. When I play online I use TAW for my benchmark of realism. Of course Im just a flying victim especially a2a. My few truly successful sorties wete A2H 110 strikes. Id be interested if TAW did BP planes how Id feel in p38. I managed to bring a couple stukas home but the only plane Id even get a 50% survivalrate ( what with the insane flak too) was that lovely 110. And she got me back a few times with a enngine loss over target which is about the worst case. That canopy is just death if someones shooting at you especially deflection. Skip the backplate armor and youll see
  12. Well I do think it happened a couple of times. If you search Mark Felton Productions
  13. Yeah you seem to have got it Some tips I use I dont have the best stick so I reuse keys As in my oil and water rads are on my hat switch I will also control inlet and outlet cowl flaps on my hat - planes with water rads wont have cowls so it works. Some of the buttons dont really need a joystick button. But it depends how many you have and this is just IMO For like the P51 since I let the rads be automatically controlled (you have to turn it off like real life for manual) I use my hat for a gunsight. The game has no problem with this. It also works with my trims - domt forget trims are different for German fighters than other planes Also for the P47 only theres a turbo control you can link the turbo and rpm to throttle though.
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