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  1. Thank you. Is this modified or.. Because it looks like the pic is photoshopped to put a sight in front of thw guns Or is this a screen from FC? Now looking harder it seems less photoshopped. What plane is that?
  2. Oooh very interesting I want to look them up now. I actually thought you were referencing a Russian unit. That WAS a great match up. Theres a guy called Fishyyy on youtube that has some good Il2 46 vids. Especially the multiplayer ones where they hunt bomber swarms ( one where theyre flying German jets against Soviet Tu4s IIRC) Hope youre well btw Gaming sometimes can lead to interesting historical discoveries. Its interesting to me to note the Russians seemed to compose squadrons by type but also mixed but only planes from the same maker. E.g. Lavochkin only squads in the Kuban, squadrons that seem to only fly lend lease, etc. I guess its really not different than other countries but its still interesting to see as it seems many squadrons flew Laggs, La5s, FNs, then La7s etc. Or Yaks yak1, 1b, yak 9 etc.
  3. I agree totally. When they finish BP itd be great if they coild work on visibility of aircraft at distances. Thats the number one flaw in this game thats apparent to me now. The 2nd other thing Id really like to see is the "bubble" of activity around a player be expanded (as an option) or perhaps done away with if your pc could handle it. I dream of the day you could say wandet 75 KM off course and still bump into trains or enemy flights. Last night on the Stalingrad map I was flying a Stuka to hit a bridge. I missed and was flying home. Right before the front was a German AF (this is in the ring of death phase). I was disappointed to do 3 strafing runs. First on the planes. Seeing dirt kick up underneath the plane models which apparently were see through. I tried strafing the buildings too. Same thing. Very odd. Never saw that happen and it made no sense wasnt far from the target area. To contrast in Moscow near my target in a Mig3 I got bounced. The airfield I hit was strafable. Idk
  4. Reflector sight... On a WW1 plane? Whats going on in the pic
  5. Whatd they fly (away from my computer now and not really in a position to search) JG26 ever since I read Caldwells excellent book about the "Boys from Abbeville" when I was much younger. For the US the 357th FG. Because they were a really good FG with their mustangs. I dont recall the VMF # of the Black Sheep squadron either but of course theyre a favorite for me.. Because of the colorful exploits with Boyington
  6. I gotta say radial engines look good to me? Yeah inlimes have nice lines to but the 190 and the F4U always looked good to me. Bearcats, zeros, and A1 Skyraiders too. Also just knowing the benefits and my preference to using the radial engines in game has swayed my opinion too. Its so much easier to deal with cowl flaps and thats it.
  7. oh thats Bo?! I cant believe I disnt recognize his voice I watch his stuff. Btw have you seen the UBoat early access streams? Looks promising. I was shocked the other to finally see Sheriff and Bismarcks face. It must have been old videos of theirs but back to back was surprisjng for me
  8. No thank you really Im good. I Pmed you. As I said in my PM thank you but I seriously also never want anything else gifted. I mean seriously when I get random "player xxxx" on MP seeing my name and telling me to go beg for airplanes and how I should get a job (from people who dont know me? Lol) enough is enough. Plus Im sure theres new people out there who need planes more than me. Thank you again really though
  9. No it doesnt matter. Lets be serious its about the same as shooting down a P40 with a Fokker DVII 😛
  10. Ah you saw it too? For some reason the vids of him with that dude as his gunner are just gold. The back and forth between him and the gunner is great especially sometimes the gunners sarcasm goes over DerSheriffs serious German mind. i missed that it was a K that makes it that much more awesome. Early in the vid if you remember guys are just augering in trying to slow down and gun down the U2 like idiots.. But when he gets that 109 he gets greedy and actually starts maneuvering and turning. And .. Shoots down a 109K. He is that guy I guess the server chat guys must have known by then he was tooling around in a U2 because the chat ERUPTS when he shoots down the 109. Hehe
  11. Thanks. Im gonnna check out PWGC later. As a mod is there anything else I should download with it? How does it compare to career mode? The listing of call signs etc sounds very promising. ill look it up but if you have any recommendations Id like to hear them To be clearer if you have the time - could you maybe name some things career mode does better and things PWGC does better?
  12. Personally Ive found this. The engine RPM you have to be careful with because theottle changes etc can easily push your RPMs and break your engine. i keep my rpm at just under 75% maybe up it to 79 or 80% in a serious fight. The rest is use of the throttle. The manifold gauge - always try to keep it between the green lines and not exceed 40' or whatever. In a fight goto 40 or slightly above, maybe even some more. Be VERY careful going to 100% because itll push waaay past even take off power and your engine will just plop out. The cowl flaps make good emergency speed brakes as well (somewhat.. Tgey slow ya down)
  13. Idk. I think we.d be better with all servers. I do admit other servers have been friendlier than WoL where Ive meet some really cool people and met some really bizarre jerks/people wanting to talk S about me there over stuff on the forum (LOL) Tis the nature of the internet
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